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Wednesday 23 May 2018

Because God Wills It

I can not apologise enough for my absence, so I'll make do with what I can say: I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I have left so many of you hanging for so many years, even now I still get the occasional comment on lonely old posts, wishing I would post more. The truth is, I have been in despair for many years. In fact my adult life thus far had been nothing but disappointments, failure, desolation and despair, from job prospects, to debt, to health concerns to finally breaking my pride in half and accepting medication for depression (I do not feel like myself at all when I am on them, but so long as I am cognisant of the difference I feel I can manage it), but these last three years have been the worst in my life. I used to love to write and have aspirations to become a writer, but all of my desire and imagination have been drained out of me over the past three years that writing anything other than occasional instant messages seemed daunting, days stretch into weeks, into months into years and it all starts to bleed into one another and its all I can do to find something to be a time sink. So, in so many words, I have not been terribly productive as of late.

However, in spite of everything, this is actually a post about some good news.

In spite of everything, in spite of George Soros funnelling money into the pro-abortion campaign through NGOs, despite Facebook and google banning any advertisements regarding the referendum, despite the ENTIRE political class of this island throwing themselves in wholesale behind the abortion referendum, despite the incredible corruption of our health minister sitting on the board of a contraceptive and abortifacent big pharma company by the name of Femex (Or something simarilar, I forget its exact name. Video courtesy of TheDon, a right wing Irish youtuber) while starting the ball rolling to liberalise abortion to make way for obvious profits for that industry in this country, despite caterwalling and wailing by feminists inside this country and out and despite entire families being split down the middle on this issue...

We're going to win.

Our enemy's own actions betray their fear. Their attempts to demonise the 'shock' posters the pro-life sides put up to show the reality of abortion is a desperate attempt to cover up their effectiveness. Their posters demonising potential pro-lifers as being right wing extremists is only convincing people to become right wing because of the abortion issue. These self same posters, plastered all across this country in a desperate attempt to deny visible space to the staggering pro-life campaign posters everywhere, shows that despite having all the power in the world (quite literally) in their corner they have to run to catch up with the sheer weight of the pro-life campaign's determination to sway people to love their children and prevent their de-humanization and genocide. The censorship online by Facebook and Google are a direct response to the pro-life campaign's canny understanding of online meme-culture and advertising, desperate to limit their reach, doubtlessly prompted by our governmental cretins. We are seeing demonstrations by the thousands in even liberal areas of Dublin city, easily our most liberal city on this continent, and extreme division amongst Irish citizens working abroad that was not present during the gay marriage referendum. And to cap things off, the pro-choice's much vaunted uniformity amongst the medical class, who they are desperately trying to convince us that they support the law change when every professional indicator by said professionals is the exact opposite of that statement, was utterly destroyed live on National television, when a pro-life Gynacologist (I cannot remember the exact title you give a doctor who specialises in pregnancies, please correct me in the comments if you happen to know) absolutely humiliated the pro-choice professional by stipulating that the baby was fully formed before 12 weeks and that he should go back to college if he didn't know that.

It seems my prdiction has come true, they will do it again because they hate you.

And it seems the pro-civilizational element on this island has taken that lesson to heart, and is not afraid to bloody its nose in fighting back. Pile this on top of the widespride acrimony of the Irish public against the political class in an issue that is far from uniform amongst public opinion and a fierce pushback from conservative elements that had been cowed by previous media blitzkriegs in Lisbon II and the Gay marriage referendum and we are likely to see not just a victory, but a victory by an uncompromising margin. I take heart in this because the average Irishman is repulsed by the notion of abortion, it goes against his very spirit as an Irishman, now take that and a much needed 'fuck you' to the political class which by now the public has a pressing need to express, as well as the uniformity of the political class defanging the usual tribal and clannish nature of Irish politics meaning there is no division over party lines amongst the public to play them up against, its a situation of the public vrs the politicians. And on the most obvious side of things, the pro-life campaign is endlessly positive with many posters of smiling women with happy children on their hips:

Meanwhile the most positive pro-choice picture is usually some feminist claptrap abnout choice:

Meanwhile the most negative posters of the pro-choice side is usually an inflated or outright lie of a statistic regarding the amount of women who go to the UK for abortion, or the much vaunted bogeyman of backalley abortions of which I don't think there has been a single case for in this country. Ever. Meanwhile the most negative pro-life posters are of the very real remnants of aborted babies and how they are treated and cut up. The Truth is ugly, the Truth is harsh, the Truth hurts the monsters that deal in lies which explains the ferocious backlash against it.

The countryside vote, the usual conscience of the nation, will all almost certainly vote no, its the fact that the liberal urbanites of the country will be so divided on the issue is why I think it is doomed to failure. When the liberals cannot get the cityfolk on their side against the countryside in a matter, their prospect is doomed to fail.

And what is more, they have set the grounds for the collapse of the media narrative bubble the mainstay of the Irish public has been trapped in for decades. The entire political establishment, lock stock and barrel will be discredited en masse for the failure of this vote, the damage control and vitriol that will ensue in the resulting acrimony will only harden differences and resentment of the political establishment and the explosion of dissident views into the public sphere as a result of the referendum with the solidity of the pro-life question being the touchstone of this new political coalition that will arise as a result of this conflagration. We might see not only the failure of the left in this referendum, but the birth of a new Nationalist Right Wing in this country, a concept and a force our establishment has no adequate defence against, no cries of racism, misogyny or Islamophobia will be able to scar or scupper it, not from the mouths of villains who hate the people that elected them. It might end up creating the strongest right wing movement this side of Hungary.

Take heart, the division and acrimony you see today is but a foretaste, but it is a neccessary suffering to endure if Ireland is to have a future tomorrow, families arguing and falling out with each other is exactly the sort of thing that SHOULD happen over such a harsh issue. The condoning of the murder of children IS something worth disowning family members for, what is more, opposing it is something worth being disowned over. Your master will see that stood you witness for Him against father, brother, sister and mother and will not forget you.

"Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn ‘A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household."

Hold fast, do not give up hope, look the enemy in the eye, and know he fears you. There is light at the end of the tunnel and to paraphase a valiant American, we have not yet begun to fight. I will leave you now with an interview by the inestimable Dave Cullen interviewing the leader of the National Party regarding the issue, for your own enjoyment.

Deus Vult agus Slan go phoile.


  1. Bravo, bravo, bravissimo!!!

    Thank you for returning, I always check here for updates.

    Also, I'm sorry for your struggles, I have them too...but we must fight on, we depend on each other more than we realise.

    On a sad day for Ireland please take heart here:

    1. We have a core of 30%, enough to elect a catholic & nationalist party.

    2. We now have more in common with unionists up north - a grand Christian coalition is possible.

    3. We have fallen now as far as is possible - the only way is up.

    4. Our enemy is revealed and arrogant - pride comes before the fall.

    It's like being 5-1 down in the last set of a tennis match, we have no option but to be single-minded and give it everything we got...!!!!

    Please contact me if ever you need to chat about anything, you're always welcome in Cork.

    God bless Ireland and all of us,

  2. Keep fighting mate. You write with passion, fire, and soul. All qualities which are desperately needed at this time.

  3. not directly on this topic, but a posted a comment on your "Restoration I: Hibernie Rex. Imperator Scottorum" post, that you might like to see,

    1. I have seen it yes, it might take some time to respond to it.

    2. okay that's fine, see your response whenever you do respond

  4. Keep up the fight, good friend. As a fellow monarchist (and someone who suffers from many of the same woes) I applaud your great efforts in the good fight!