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Sunday 30 August 2009

Euro Wars V: The Lisbonites strike back

And just to annoy you, here is a propaganda images done by the Youth organisation of Fine Geal, one of Ireland's Largest Parties.

Classy guys, real Classy. As someone with a great deal of interest in the field of propaganda... this is both insultingly lazy work, crass and borderline, to use an American term, lame.

Ok, about time I posted something political relating to Ireland, and I still have to make that post regarding the Prince of Monaco's visit to Ireland. But before that let us take a gander at this little thing called the Lisbon treaty. And to let you all know how nuesiatingly hate-filled I am for this naked power-grabbing this post shall be posted in a shade of European Blue. Sickened? No? Dang.

It should be noted that before I go on here, I first became aware of the lisbon treaty, (and essentially how invasive the EU has been in Irish affairs, right down to new parks on city corners. Seriously I can name one and take a picture of the stone that proudly states how a european commission helped fund it. Little white dove in a halo of stars on a blue field background image and all.), via a religious newspaper when on a whim one day I went into a Dominican church for the sake of a prayer or two. Hey, free newspapers, I was hardly going to complain. And it was here I found scathing remarks regarding EU policy as a whole and outright condemnation of this treaty which until then I had never heard of. Now this was wierd, I was a political Sicence student in School so current affairs SHOULD have been my forte, apparently I failed in that regard, but nonetheless I never heard of this treaty not in mainstream newspapers, nor in the news on the television, or even radio.
At least not until a month before the referendum itself. I had to actually look it up online. Before I go off on a tantrum regarding this, all you need to know what I discovered and the dots I connected relating to the politics of Ireland and the doubtlessly bribed parties, (When have you ever heard all the parties in ANY parliamentary system stand shoulder to shoulder so friggin unaminously? Bar Sinn Fein, but they aren't the target of my ire in this post) as well as the blindness of the people themselves regarding their 'superior' system of governance and unwillingness to challenge something that seems so inevitable is what finally caused me, in a fit of youthful rage, abandon my Republicanism, and embrace one of the few political ideologies I found not to be full of lies and self-delusions, Monarchism. Slowly I might add, but it happened.

Now on to the real issue. The second Lisbon Treaty Referendum. I knew it right from the moment it was announced that Ireland voted No in a landslide margin. I was so bloody happy to hear that and it slightly, Slightly, reaffirmed my faith in Republicanism. But I knew a second referendum was going to occur, this was only reinforced in later months as europhiles, (Pro-EU Europeans, not the continentals in general, most of whom probably hate this treaty as much as I do), began to throw fits when the topic of Ireland's No vote was brought up, I knew it when people started talking about how the Irish 'Voted Wrong' and I knew it, when EU big names started coming to Ireland and give our governmnet's leaders a good talking too, because they at least knew they weren't fooling people in open speeches. Except for Angela Merkel, but then again, its Angela Merkel....

Now the treaty's threat to my country's national identitity, sovereignty, control over its armed forces and such forth goes without saying because it affects every country in the Euro-zone, so I'd only be wasting ym breath doing so, (or rather, typing fingers), what should concern my readers most, who are mostly monarchist or monarchist-inclined, is that this treaty is NOT a friend of monarchists. This treaty further pushes the leftist egalitarian mindset, socialistic and cultural acid and overall Poison that is killing our Western civilisations, it will strip the Old World of its Princes and Regents, Kingdoms and Principalities just as certainly as it will eventually bring all the Old World under a new, centralised Empire, but not one that respects the identities of its component parts and uses them for its own goodness, one that crushes them and forms them into a cultural conformity we are not built to be used to, to bring us together to crush our diversity, in the name of equality. And more literally the lifestyle of the Modern European, that of servitude to state above all else and small families, (altough I would not be surprised if this Euro-state survives into the next century, families will be done away with, and with it, civilisation as a whole),
meaning more declining birthrates for us to replaced with foreigners who have no rights to our collective inheritence. No true Monarchist, wether you are merely a cultural Monarchist or an actively politcal one, Briton, Frenchman, or Belgian, should support this treaty, and as such, this is one reason why I do hope my kin in the Republic of Ireland do vote. And vote No.

I've stopped being angry, unfortuneately, I used to enjoy being angry, it was fun, now I've fallen partially into apathy, a place I don't want to be. But luckily we have this treaty to deal with, so expect your humble Servant of the Cheif to remain angry for at least the rest of the year. Maybe you'll get a laugh out of how pathetic that is, and slowly realise that you should be angry too, and then feel shame for not being so.

Pay attention Americans, this'll happen to you next.

Thursday 20 August 2009

CFTHF - The Irish Monarchist is not a total idiot afterall...

CFTHF titled posts from now on are for posts not directly related to Monarchy, Politics, Ireland or other events of import and apply directly to the Servent of the Cheif directly, (AKA me), to alert readers ahead of time to skip these posts in search of more important ones.

I have reported this in more candid and teenage language in some other places, but because I want to keep this blog half way respectable in light of parties interested, I'll be breif and to the point. I have hence received results from ym A Level examinations I had completed earlier this summer and can now inform Ladies and Gentlemen present that I have passed with a degree of satisfaction, the results where not as great as one could dream, but most certainly better then my cynical mind was expecting. With regards to my university choices, I have gained an unconditional offer for my back up choice, which I do not neccesarily want, but my first choice is still undecided. So I am taking it upon myself to go straight up to Belfast, Kindly knock on the university's proverbial door, and request to sort out my University ills in a kindly and gentle manner.

All else fails I'll boot the door down and take the class anyway. I jest of course. But don't think I hadn't considered it.

Scratch that last part, turns out I checked, through the mystical power of the aethernet, that I have been granted an unconditional offer from the University for my first Chocie which was Law with politics.

As I have always believed, God has a wonderful sense of Humour, and laughs at the cynicism I have been veiwing through my mind with by answering my prayers in such a spectacular fashion.

And I have learned that, via my friend MadMonarchist, that his Serene Highness, Prince Albert II of Monacco is making plans for a visit to Ireland. I shall do some research into this myself and have a newer, more revelant post then this current one you are hurting your eyes to read, up later on tonight.

Till then,

Slan go Phoile.

Thursday 13 August 2009

Monarchist Propaganda: Le Monarchiste Militant

A piece of Monarchist propaganda I had completed today. I pointedly decided to make the soldier figure wear a gasmask, whereas in popular culture the gasmask is a symbol of decay and disease, I use it here to symbolise it , in conjunction with Monarchy, as breath of fresh air from the poisonous clouds of Republicanism, Socialism and the ills of today's normal society. You are free to determine what interpretations you like from this piece, as well as this you are free to use this piece without my permission or even with Credit to whatever end you wish, even to alter it if it suits you, this is a propaganda piece, not something I own.

Slan go Phoile

A question for the Counter Revolutionists

While wondering about how I was going to start off this blog and reading several other people's blogs, this question which I had thought of before came to my mind.

"How is nobility defined?"

And no i do not mean the philosophical tripe regarding the nobility of one's spirit, or attitude or state of mind. But instead, The Nobility. In the past, there was one key characteristic of noble families, especially in Britain. They were the landed gentry/classes, and had extensive properties. As such this meant they had all the money they would ever need or want, thus, in theory eliminating the want for more, so that instead of working to increase one's income one worked as the Father of the people in your area .

Now I ask this question to Counter Revolutionaries because we all seek the revival and reinstitution of Monarchy, everywhere. And with Monarchy, comes the inevitable Noble families, (or to the egalitarians out there who cannot stomach such filthy and unequal language coming forth from my typing hands, "The old Money", or "The Elites"), who will gain recognition within the system as important. Now in today's world, anyone who works hard enough for it can obtain property for themselves, I see no reason why this is a bad thing, my own father worked hard all his life from a large family who had very little to his own small family who have much. The problem here is that if they are noble because they are landed gentry and have been so for a long time, how can this work intoday's world where a Large capitalist may own more land then a minor nobleman? From that point on does the Capitalist, provided his family own the land for succeeding generations become noble? Does the minor nobleman lose his titles as a result? Please remember I ask this in the context of Modern day Monarchical system.

Slan go phoile

Wednesday 12 August 2009

First Post for Irish Monarchism

Hellow and good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. I have started this blog as I have, over the years, moved from my position as an Irish Republican to the relatively unheard of political and in some peoples' opinion, pyscologically questionable position as an Irish Monarchist.

And before you ask, I am not a supportor of the British Monarchism in Ireland, I actually have my reasoning worked out, but to put it quite simply, I do not support British Rule in Ireland as in short this entails supporting the poor and downright malign treatment of the Irish by the British Government which acted in the Crown's name over the centuries, and while I am not an Irish Republican, I am still an Irish Nationalist, (and to everyone concerned, yes there is a difference if you bothered looking), and it would offend me on a fundamental level if I did. I do not hate the Crown, and I do not hate the Monarchs of Britain, I hate their governments which acted in their name.

Oh and I am quite aware that there is a surprising amount of support for Irish Monarchism from the Irish Diaspora around the world, but I am, as far as I am aware however, the only Irish Monarchist who was born, raised and still lives in Ireland.

This blog will of course be detailing developments and events in the media and the world over regarding Monarchism, but I will also be posting tid bits of my thinking regarding monarchism and its place in the world as a viable alternative to Representitive Democracy and Republicanism at large, as well as my opinions on socio-political matters, and ultimately, use this blog to help promote the idea of a native Moarchy in Ireland to my fellow Irish and all interested parties.

Gia Duit agus Slan Go Phoile.