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Thursday 23 June 2016

One good night

I never thought it'd be Britain that'd be the first to break the link in the chains binding Europe.

They probably still won't be.

The leave campaign may flag and fail this night. It may succeed and my faith in the fire of mankind's soul will be reignited, to flicker and flame but one day more. Those that pretend to the throne of God over man will likely not honour it, certainly there is no constitutional rule in Britain that they should. Indeed I still suspect some trickery yet to be pulled at the end of the day, or some flat denials of the vote, or some legislative tricks to stymy or halt or stop it altogether. At best it may result in simple a pro-leave future PM, but with a staunchly pro-remain parliament to contend with.

I, for one, do not care.

I have been in despair for months on end, I have suffered years of hopelessness and this night, this one solitary night, as the markets crash, the economists and vampires of the world shuddering in fear, the dreams of the damned teeter and threaten to fall and spill their vileness before they poison us all, I see the enemy tremble.

And that is enough for me to sleep well one night more, damn the consequences.

God bless you all, and slan go phoile.