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Monday 31 August 2015

A Weak and Vacillating age

My apologies for lack of updates when I have said I would seek to update more. I cannot begin to recount the number of draft blog posts and false starts that clutter up my account but I feel I must start somewhere because at the end of the day, I have two choices: either admit defeat and close this blog or continue it, even if it is fruitless. And since I am loathe to surrender I must commit to the latter.

As such I will now try to turn my attention away from commentary for the time being and get back to what this blog was intended for, the theoretical proliferation of Monarchy as Government and societal organization, with obvious and rightful evidence on Ireland and Ireland's situation, albeit, non-Irish who wish to take from my words and thoughts what they will are free to do so, as a pan-monarchist I must admit the strategems for monarchism in Ireland may not apply universally because everyone's situation is different. It was when I lost track of this and focused my outrage on the scandals of the Irish Government and the failings of the Church and the whoring of Europe by the European Union did I thus lose my way. There is nought I can do about the world as it is but let it suffer and rot, I must focus on Ireland before I extend my care to my beloved brothers and cousins in Europe and beyond. I cannot be blamed for this, it is the reality of the situation, though it hurts me every day to look across the Mediterranean and see the plains of Ninevah burn...

Of course I will still on occasion make passing commentary but it must be restricted to a minority of the posts on this blog, not a majority.

To this end, I will seek to start a short series of blog posts considering the strengthening aspects of Monarchy to a society in comparison to the democratic model overall and in particular how these benefits apply to Ireland. I also seek to do a series of blogposts on the acknowledgements all mature monarchists must intellectual accept as the failings of a monarchical system (both theoretical and actual with historical examples) and how best they can be mitigated within compromising the monarchist spirit, so as to better monarchist and counter-revolutionary thought.

This is important since years ago I met many a new monarchist, wide eyed and full of hope and love of all good things see nothing but good about monarchy and thus did I become wary of these very same people becoming jaded cynics in the future, and become bitter about monarchism. Mayhap this is because my own journey to Monarchism was made through the yellow tinted glasses of a cynic who had lost faith in everything and had attacked monarchism before discovering its fundamental honesty with itself as an idea and the human condition in general. All monarchists, but especially those who are zealous for the cause of counter-revolution MUST be prepared to know and accept these failings, not just so they can do battle with our detractors and the vile revolutionaries who despise civilization and all that is Good, True and Beautiful. But they must know them so they can answer the questions of their fellow monarchists, many who are not of the intellectual bent and rely on the aid of others for their edification and strength.

We must recognise the dangers of propaganda and rhetoric, more importantly its misuse of these vaunted and ancient forms of wordcraft and idea formation by the revolutionaries so as to better combat them.

For the enemy, despite their everpresence, is weak. There is nothing of substance in their bile, all they have to their credit is their dedication to their cause. But there is nothing of the stuff of heroes in their spines and already the cracks are showing, already at their moment of greatest victory over all the world are they splintering, Like a bronze colossus with feet of clay it will not stand for long and the beast will fail. The only question is will we have the tools and the strength to rebuild the walls before the wolves come.