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Sunday 5 August 2018

A Declaration of War

Forgive my laxity in posting, my despair eating away at me, and my lack of followup after the Referendum. I was shocked, angered and more than willing to hang a few people from the lampposts of O'Connell's street. I sincerely doubt any of the Republic's founders would judge me ill for feeling so. Despite that, I will cut to the quick of the matter:

Any man, whatsoever his ideology, who is against abortion and for Irish babies is my ally, and I can work with him towards the end of a free and healthy Ireland, be it a republic or otherwise. I care not if the man is communist, republican, or a fascist, Catholic or Pagan, I can work with all to this end. In the same vein, whatever man, whatsoever his faith or politics, who is for the murder of Irish babies, whether he be a veritable saint in his daily life, a monarchist, or if he has discovered the cure for cancer, he is my enemy.

In this there is room for forgiveness of the majority of fools, after decades of indoctrination, despair, demoralisation, badgering and secularisation, were convinced, against their own doubts perhaps, that abortion was somehow 'compassionate' for the woman involved (whether or not she wanted it is another thing, let us not get distracted by the dark roads women of other nations face when it comes to impossible scenarios where everyone in their lives encourages their abortion for the sake of their livelihoods, as if motherhood were a curse and not God's work through human co-operation). In this respect, I will willingly engage in such persons to convince them of their folly and perhaps save their souls.

There is no longer any time left for pussyfooting, beating around the bush, or sitting back in spiritual arrogance and think the natural catholicity of the Irish people, their infamous stubbornness and seeming invincibility to change to foreign whims to carry the day. That day in the Sweltering Summer of 2018 has shattered that illusion, has shown us the weakness of our race and nation, which our enemies have cultivated and exploited. There is no time to sit down and wonder what is happening, or how the Church has fallen so far and so fast, how Ireland has changed so rapidly in a mere 30 years.

If you are still asking these questions, you haven't been paying attention to the last twenty years of this reality.

But for the sake of those only just now waking up to the true scope of the evil we face, I will share with you a video of a fellow traveler, a great man who I had the extreme privilege of meeting at a Latin Mass, a one Roger Buck, whose books I cannot recommend enough. And how himself coming to realise the true, awful, horrifying extent of this evil is adamant himself to explain it to us all in the best manner he sees fit.

World trends always seem to hit Ireland last and usually the hardest, its been this way since the Celtic invasion of Ireland in the mythic eras beyond recorded history. Right now one may be inspired by hope at the rising tide of nationalism, re-traditionalisation and religiosity in Europe and elsewhere. I tell you solemnly, those are not accidental, but the result of hard work, persistence and prayer.

We here in Ireland have no right wing media. Our media infrastructure is so uniform and monolithic it would make Herr Goering blush, and Stalin's Pravda sit down and take notes. We do not even have the pretension of a dissident media, like the Americans have with Fox News. Our news is corporate, our government is enslaved to foreign NGOs, megacorporations and Brussels, and our current Taoiseach is a Gay Indian.

We have no friends, only enemies.

They have all the money, all the media and the strength of their bubble is so intense that most common Irishmen have little to no knowledge of even DISSENTING VIEWPOINTS on worldwide events. And our media is canny, refusing to give time of day to those movements, people or events that threaten their strangle hold, and if its not reported, the common Irishman will believe its not that big of a deal. Its why most people have not even heard of the National Party, let alone know of their views, or even knows what PEGIDA is even about, but everyone knows about Trump's two scoops of Ice Cream.

We have to do better.

We have to call out our Bishops, to use our position of laymen to demand filial piety, to demand our Bishops do something, to challenge them if they veer from the doctrine and the dogma. ONLY THEN, will the good priests and good bishops feel there is enough support for them to voice dissent. The Church is infiltrated with communists, masons, atheists and yes, a cabal of homosexualists and their pederast and paedophile friends. Lets stop pretending that isn't exactly the problem here because it is. The Church of Course is not wrong, it is merely being run by sinful men. More organised, and perhaps more sinful men than it ever had corrupting its structure from the inside at any point in history. But it is such.

We have to protest, to demonstrate, to ask our American friends for help and advice on organisation large scale rallies and demonstrations, and how to keep out media false flaggers and security concerns, Antifa has slowly cropped up in Ireland. We need to agitate, we need to be angry for the sake of God WE ARE IRISHMEN! FIGHTING IS IN OUR BLOOD! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WEAK KNEED GENERATION AND THEIR TIMIDITY! THIS IS NOT WHY GOD MADE US!

I have to say this because of this one simple fact:

We. Have. No. Time. Left.

Our population is dwindling, our Government is set on replacing us with Africans and Muslims like most western governments in Europe right now, this is observable, provable fact or do you not see the Lisdoonvarna debacle as the Government's statement of intent the snakes in the NGOs who pretended to try to organise 'peaceable discourse' but who in the end rolled over and became Migrant outreach. The Church's Seminarians are run by Homosexuals and ideologues who actively screen out faithful men, our media is bought and sold, our representatives represent themselves all the way to easygoing permanent jobs in the Brussels infrastructure while they tax our water and throw our families out into the gutter in favour of housing foreigners.

We do not have the time the Americans had in building up the momentum of what has become Trumpian nationalism, we do not have the time to build the raw alternate infrastructure to battle the media on its own terms, we do not have the time to sit down and wait for St. Patrick's Light of Ulaidh prophecy to come through on its own. Its either a prince, a priest, a popular movement, all of the above or something else, we don't know, AND IF DO NOT ACT NOW WE NEVER WILL.

If trends keep as they are, Irishmen will become a minority in their own country by 2050, and our government will be all too happy to make this come true.


Because they hate you. They hate Ireland, they hate God and they hate Christ. So I say, I care not what it is you think you can or cant do. Do it. Start a youtube channel and contribute to the growing Irish vlogger cadre alongside the Don and others, discussing verbotten Irish topics. Start your own news blog, start sharing verbotten articles, statistics and videos on Social media, we need to start doing this en masse if for no other reason than to let all the disaffected people in Ireland know they are not alone, that there is a base we can work with. Donegal, Pride of All, on its own is a base, but I know there are more good Irishmen in Ireland so alone and cutoff by the media bubble who see whats going on, despair, and don't know what to do.

Reach out to them.

Let them see that they are not alone, that we are not alone, that Ireland still has a fighting chance. Rage, rage against the dying of the light!

And I know I am 'revealing my power level' as it were, but I do not care, we have too much at stake and I have done enough research to verify, at least to myself that this is legitimate. God bless you all, agus slan go phoile