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Monday 7 December 2015


Enough with the lies and propaganda.

Enough I say unto the media of this blighted isle, enough with your dogma, you are false prophets and brigands in the guise of friars and monks. You hate your fellow man. Your neighbor. Your children. Your wives. Yourselves. You are sick, put down the pen and get thee to rest. Your work has done its evil, now do no more.

Enough I say unto the charities that mock the Christian spirit of giving, enough with your chicanery. You take and take and take from Godly men and women, even from those without faith but who subsist on a Christian spirit that permeates their soul to love their fellow man, even if he were a stranger. You take this largesse, willingly and lovingly given, spend it on yourselves and give but pitiful remnants to those for whom we willingly gave of our daily bread so that they might eat. You are the false pan handlers of the Court of Miracles, who cause hearts to grow hard and for good men to hate his homeless brother, suspecting a spy and a thief where one ought to find a comrade.

Enough I say onto the disgraced priests. You who handle the Holy Eucharist, and deliver the very Blood of God onto His sheep that has sustained this nation through all the trails of time immemorial. You disgrace your Master by your lack of belief in Him who is and was and always will be. In your spread of heresy and subtle evils and your covering of crimes that cry out for vengeance, in your silence you who should lead the flock in prayer disgrace your holiest of offices. Repent, and preach the Gospel.

Enough I say onto the one who bears the title of Chieftain, and those under him who bear the titles as his heirs, and all the hangers on of that vile clan that sits upon the high house. You know neither blood nor water, yours is no loyalty, yours is lust and greed. The desiring of base things and hatred of all that is good and love of all that is vain. Cast yourself into exile, for you are not only not Irishmen, you are not men, and should dwell only where soever fit for only beasts to dwell. For even the wicked need a place to live.

Enough, enough, please God enough.

I want to see not a single more news article about gay marriage. I want to see not another artificially explosive scandal over abortion, where tragedy is turned into opportunity for an agenda. I want to see an end to mass migration of strangers who hate us, hate our religion, hate our culture, hate other foreigners who do integrate into our laws and everything that is not them and I know damn well there is more than a million Irishmen out there who will scream the same if they but had the balls to speak. France, Belgium, London and everywhere else can't happen here? Think somehow Ireland is special or exempt from the horrors afflicting the rest of the world? Wake up, we weren't safe when the pirates of the Barbary coast raided coastal villages for slaves, why the hell would we be safe now with the Crescent on the rise?

I do not want to see a single priest willingly preaching heresy and dissension and not get an ecclesiastical slap for it, I don't want to hear of a single Irish bishop tacitly flirting with schism and joyfully tossing letters from Rome into a bin. I don't want a single nun disdain the orders she has willfully taken on for the sake of the poison of feminism. In fact I would much rather each and every single person of the above classes who do hold these evils to heart, to single turn in their rosaries, say they were no longer Catholic, and wander off to join some heresy or found their own. Then, at least, they would be honest men and women. Bad priests are as old as Melchizedek, and will always be with us, but false priests are worse than any sinner. For they take joy in their cloak and abuse it willingly and joyfully.

I do not want to see a single a politician in the dail who is there but hates his own country. Who hates his own people and hates his own heritage. Our two main parties purport to be for Irish nationalism, indeed purport to be for it so much that the slightest of heresy on the matter was what divided them nearly a century ago. And our only serious alternative to them is one party of borderline communists and anticlericalists and a smattering of fractious left wing nothings? You can argue economics till the cow meets the plate, but what else can you call it but hatred when the government sells out its people to the banks, enslaves us to the Troika, charges us more for our life's water and then gives most of that money away to some shyster of a private corporation?

Unrealistic? I don't care. I want these things gone. Am I mad for wanting these things? I'm mad for desiring Irishmen who love Ireland to run our government? Mad to want priests to love God to stand at our altars? Mad to want to control who gets to enter and live in our country? Mad to want the absolute, bat-shit insanity that is homosexuality and every single attendant facet of that perverse ideaology to not be recognised as on par with the Nation Building union that is marriage? I'm mad for wanting more Irishmen in the world by not murdering our own children? What, I'm mad for desiring Sanity?


Enough with that bullshit.

Ireland will not survive the century if we keep hearkening to this. And the absolute insanity of it all is it does not have to be this way. Once upon a time, men were unapologetic about the Truth, one cannot scarcely imagine such a time, one is laughed at for even uttering such fallacy. No one has any idea of what such men even sound like much less look like.

Now you do.

This is the same Poland that suffered a near half century of communist evil. This is the same Poland who, so very like our own Ireland, suffered innumerable hardships and evils from its neighbors. This is the same Poland who once upon a time, in Europe's darkest hour, turned the Turk at Vienna and broke the crescent across the knees of Christian kings. This is a nation who knows, first hand what it is like to pull back from the brink, to snatch miracles from the mouth of despair. This is a nation of Christian men, who charge into the jaws of inevitability and impossibility, spit into the face of kismet and come out time and time again a nation undaunted despite it sufferings.

Ireland was very like Poland in times gone by and, in its example, may it learn that it can be so again. This is what men, tired of evil, sound like. Do you know many men like that? Perhaps you do, perhaps you know men bold enough to denounce the evils besetting the world, but who shy from such a bold declaration of faith. Who burst with pride but refuse to humble themselves so that a prince may be found amongst them. What you see are men of goodwill, led astray and lacking guidance, who want to do good but in their ignorance flail and find they can only do evil instead. How many more men of good will are simply silent because they are so isolated?

And so I say enough with the silence. Enough. I have had it with so much talk of rights of men and women and animals and the environment and this and that and everything else.

I wish to hear more of the rights of God, so I can learn, truly, the rights of Ireland.

Éirinn go Brách

Wednesday 9 September 2015

With Apologies

I must apologize for the spur of the moment blog I had written and posted the other day concerning the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe and my immediate and heated response to the news of Germany's government making insane commitments that only encourage further floods of migrants.

It was words of an angry blogger and I apologize for the lack of professionalism on my part. The ongoing Crisis, coupled with my genuine anger at the situation in Syria and the absolute naive stupidity of my fellow Europeans in this regard was too much for me at the end of a long work day. I will strive to stay on point from now on.

Monday 31 August 2015

A Weak and Vacillating age

My apologies for lack of updates when I have said I would seek to update more. I cannot begin to recount the number of draft blog posts and false starts that clutter up my account but I feel I must start somewhere because at the end of the day, I have two choices: either admit defeat and close this blog or continue it, even if it is fruitless. And since I am loathe to surrender I must commit to the latter.

As such I will now try to turn my attention away from commentary for the time being and get back to what this blog was intended for, the theoretical proliferation of Monarchy as Government and societal organization, with obvious and rightful evidence on Ireland and Ireland's situation, albeit, non-Irish who wish to take from my words and thoughts what they will are free to do so, as a pan-monarchist I must admit the strategems for monarchism in Ireland may not apply universally because everyone's situation is different. It was when I lost track of this and focused my outrage on the scandals of the Irish Government and the failings of the Church and the whoring of Europe by the European Union did I thus lose my way. There is nought I can do about the world as it is but let it suffer and rot, I must focus on Ireland before I extend my care to my beloved brothers and cousins in Europe and beyond. I cannot be blamed for this, it is the reality of the situation, though it hurts me every day to look across the Mediterranean and see the plains of Ninevah burn...

Of course I will still on occasion make passing commentary but it must be restricted to a minority of the posts on this blog, not a majority.

To this end, I will seek to start a short series of blog posts considering the strengthening aspects of Monarchy to a society in comparison to the democratic model overall and in particular how these benefits apply to Ireland. I also seek to do a series of blogposts on the acknowledgements all mature monarchists must intellectual accept as the failings of a monarchical system (both theoretical and actual with historical examples) and how best they can be mitigated within compromising the monarchist spirit, so as to better monarchist and counter-revolutionary thought.

This is important since years ago I met many a new monarchist, wide eyed and full of hope and love of all good things see nothing but good about monarchy and thus did I become wary of these very same people becoming jaded cynics in the future, and become bitter about monarchism. Mayhap this is because my own journey to Monarchism was made through the yellow tinted glasses of a cynic who had lost faith in everything and had attacked monarchism before discovering its fundamental honesty with itself as an idea and the human condition in general. All monarchists, but especially those who are zealous for the cause of counter-revolution MUST be prepared to know and accept these failings, not just so they can do battle with our detractors and the vile revolutionaries who despise civilization and all that is Good, True and Beautiful. But they must know them so they can answer the questions of their fellow monarchists, many who are not of the intellectual bent and rely on the aid of others for their edification and strength.

We must recognise the dangers of propaganda and rhetoric, more importantly its misuse of these vaunted and ancient forms of wordcraft and idea formation by the revolutionaries so as to better combat them.

For the enemy, despite their everpresence, is weak. There is nothing of substance in their bile, all they have to their credit is their dedication to their cause. But there is nothing of the stuff of heroes in their spines and already the cracks are showing, already at their moment of greatest victory over all the world are they splintering, Like a bronze colossus with feet of clay it will not stand for long and the beast will fail. The only question is will we have the tools and the strength to rebuild the walls before the wolves come.

Monday 29 June 2015


I will admit to being surprised.

I had always called that this union would fall, perhaps violently, perhaps in a velvet revolution, either way the euro would fall and this construct of those machine men, those ideologues, those golems and unmen who think but do not dream and can only paint in grey, would fall to pieces.

With the crises in Ukraine I had despaired, for it seemed, (and it still seems) that Europe's end would come from a foolish war with a resurgent Russia at the behest of these europhilic non-men and their Americanist overlords.

Yet for all of that and for all of the crises and talks and debates, it would be believed the Greeks, that irascible people of Hellas, would cave like so many others have before the paper tiger of Brussels. That they would accept the bailout on the terms of accepting more debt they could not pay in return for reward of bearing the slave collar and the wicked kiss of the lash.

I will admit, I am today, humbled and ashamed, because for the longest time I have thought ill of the Greek people. Low was my opinion and regard for them, lower still when they elected a popularist, leftist politician to rule themselves, for all his talks of anti-austerity, I thought nothing more of him than I ought of any politician, and thus did I sneer and thumb my nose.

I now stand astonished.

For the Greek people have proven, more than their riots and fury ever could, that they have mettle in them still. The past two days have been a whirlwind: the collapsed talks, the surprise referendum for the will of the people, that bane of the Eurocrats, the refusal of last minute concessions by international creditors as too little too late, the closing of the banks, the tumbling down of the markets. For all this may cost me, personally, in thousands of euros (I have savings in the Republic from when I worked there), I can only salute them and watch in envy as the Greek did what no other European did; they stood and defied the world. They in this shining moment, were a nation, a flawed nation, a nation with divisions, but still a nation of colour and character, a nation of red blood, that somewhere down there, for all my cynical judgements, there is a spark of principle. There is the beating heart of man still in the Greek

I only pray they do not sell it now at this, the eleventh hour, despite whatever may come. My God, its really happening.

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Snakes amidst the emeralds

On May 22nd the country marches to vote in a referendum. And like other referendums before it, the side not sponsored by the state is savaged, demonized and the public urged and urged with threats of mean names and disapproving finger waving if they do not vote as the state wishes.

And make no mistake, the yes vote is the vote almost every party in the republic implicitely supports, if not explicitely such as the more socialist parties.

I, being the cynic I am, am wary of the millions of dollars from American trusts poured into Ireland promoting numerous 'progressive' causes, and knowing of the apathy of the Irish populace and the utter catastrophe that is our moral and civic backbone, know full well I am preaching into a hurricane. The propaganda will likely win out, the beleagured Irish once again bullied into going the way of so many other fish in the river instead of swimming upstream like the fish of wisdom, the undecided will have the decision made for them and those who dared to vote no will be found and, one way or another, pay for their defiance in subtle, small ways that nonetheless cut deep.

But I have been wrong before, this is the electorate, after all, that did that most rare of things and exercised the proper duty of caution a democratic citizen is supposed to do when presented with an urgent vote. And for their temerity they were shamed and brow beaten and forced to vote again. But this same electorate saw the shamefulness of those who would grasp for the throne of the presidency and elected the quiet man in a brisk and surprising bout of mass wisdom to choose the humble and well spoken over the brash and the boorish, the likes of which will probably be never seen again. But this is the same electorate that voted for Divorce too. And when they vote for gay marriage which I have little practical reason to doubt, they will, in due course, vote for their rights to adoption and then, because everything else has been thrown out, Ireland will at last be an abortion on demand country, because at that point, why not?

At least, that is where reason would take me. But like I said, I've been wrong before, and miracles do indeed happen. But even if it is defeated we cannot rest easy, St.Patrick's work has been undone, and the snakes have come home to rest between the blades of grass in our fields.

Sunday 18 January 2015

Foolish Mammon

One cannot look upon the horrors of war wracking Ukraine and think anything of God can be found in its cause.

However, for all of Putin's evil and, in particular his anti-monarchism I cannot fault him from desperately scrambling to break NATO's encroachment and encirclement of Russia, from securing Crimea (which I personally maintain did belong to Russia to begin with, its transferral to Ukraine was a mistake and even if there was some funny business in the plebiscite that transferred it to Russia, that it was always going to be a majority landslide was without doubt), and for playing economic hardball with Europe by turning off the gas and refusing to buy western products, particularly food. Make no mistake, Putin closing his markets to us is hurting European economies more than anyone wants to admit.

Now we have the foolishness of America lowering the value of its own dollar, artificially bringing down the price of oil to the lowest it has been worldwide in a decade. Anyone with a shred of sense should be looking at this sudden abundance of cheap oil with wide eyed alarm, and it is another attempt to break the Russian Economy (and that of Iran's) for the sake of this new influence war where world leaders no longer care about how much they are destroying civilization in the process. For some, unknown bloody reason the west is trying to provoke the Russian bear who is sending subs off the coast of that Feminized embarassment to civilization known as Sweden just to remind people the ursine has claws and teeth still.

I stand here and watch two markets crash, the American and the Russian and have no doubt Russia will likely hit the ground first but I know all too well how this is not going to matter a damn. Russia, people often forget, is filled with Russians. And Russians don't give a damn. They will gladly endure the sufferings of crippling depression for a few short years if it means humiliating America, who they see as a hate filled enemy. And the west continues to pound the same war drum it pounded against the taliban, against Iraq, against Assad in Syria and now we are portraying Putin as some kind of Hitlerite monster.

Its almost as if we want a war.

Now do not make the mistake I am advocating appeasing Putin, I am not. Russia, historically is terrible at offensive wars against the west unless they are part of a wider alliance. Putin knows this and a war would be next to fruitless for Russia, no, Russia knows it fights best when it fights defensively and without the Soviet Union it does not have to prop up shadow wars in far flung nations to project itself anymore. If anything, Putin knows if he is going to fight a war, he's going to fight it on Russian soil where the West, historically, will never win. Its the difference between a risky gamble and a sure thing, this is why I am unconvinced at best and cynically sceptical at worst at the fearmongering of the media towards Russia, which is arguably becoming more Christian and Holy in spite of its dictatorship compared to the West and its shadow police states (remember those? And we think we're the good guys). Meaning we do not have to give Russia anything, I am just saying provoking the bear is foolish and, worse than that, useless. The Russians will endure any hardship if they see it as the fault of foreigners. Which lets be fair, as bad as Putin is, their suffering will be our fault.

Personally the Ukraine crisis could be solved with a hefty dose of Realpolitik. Acknowledge Crimea as Russia's internationally, boot the fascists out of Kiev and have the government there give legal status to the Russian language and ensure protection for the Russian population there (which is a very sizeable minority anyway) instead of demonizing them. Work out economic deals and concessions with Russia IN RETURN FOR Russian acknowledgement of Ukraine as within the European sphere. What does this achieve? Putin saves face domestically, he is known as the president who got back Crimea and their economic concerns regarding Eastern Ukraine (which are beyond substantial) are protected. What do we get? Ukraine as a Western aligned buffer state, albeit one with trade concessions to Russia but which benefits from the EU (it won't but if I get started on the foolishness of the EU's actions regarding Ukraine I'd be here all day) and, more importantly, we open up the Russian market to the European and the American markets again, facilitating trade and the flow of goods back and forth which can only ever be a good thing.

No one really wins in this scenario but you know what the point of it is? No one loses either, and a war is stopped. But no because of Europe's self destructive ambition at creating a secular, culturally myopic mittle europa and America's desperate attempts to maintain international hegemony at the cost of everything else, we will never stoop so low as acknowledge the Russians as people, Russia as a great nation with concerns and interests of its own and we will not assume Putin is a reasonable man who understands realpolitik and can make the best of a bad situation. It is domination or destruction, a total war mindset completely out of proportion to the problem at hand. We will not deal with a dictator.

Oh but we're fine with dealing with repressive Suadi Arabia, the monstrous regime in Peking and perfectly willing to turn a blind eye to the horror of radical Islam here at home.

And people wonder why I so adamantly despise ideological governments.