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Tuesday 31 December 2013

Happy New Year, Happy Christmas and other thoughts

I would like to wish all my readers a very happy and safe New Year's and hope you all had a good Christmas.

Its been a rough year for everyone, or so it feels. Abdications left, right and center, modernist self destructive programs running rampant destroying whats left of culture and tradition in all corners of the world and suddenly everyone realizes its ok to be paranoid because your government is almost certainly spying on you. Of course, being raised in the generation of social media, were posting every snippet of your personal life online for all to see is considered a virtue, indeed, a social necessity among the unthinking masses, the majority of the population has been conditioned to accept government monitoring of everything they do as normal.

In fact, it is not. Indeed the revelation of so much spying is only the tip of the iceberg, the logical conclusion of the social ills we have all been suffering from, and I will outline what that actually is.

Not long ago, I posted an article in which I issued a mea culpa for my absence and lack of posting on the blog along with an explanation that I was driven away from my duties because a pall of sheer despair had descended over me. The reason for that despair is obvious and dealt with in that post. What I did not consider is how many of my fellows it also affects. Out of the many blogs I follow, almost all of which are monarchist, only 2 update with anything resembling consistency, most of the other 20 or so have long since died off and I fear for the exact same reason this blog had been put on indefinite hiatus. Indeed, the seeming futility of raging against the world and all its terrors is enough to shake the courage of any of us, were good is rewarded with injustice and injustice is awarded with praise and cheers. The world has become a frightening, mad place.

One source, not the only source but a key enabler of almost all the evils we face in the modern and post-modern era, is democracy itself. Now, it has already been scientifically proven that democracy does not achieve its fundamental purpose: That of having the informed, engaged public consult and vote on issues of import for the day. Indeed, through rigorous practice it has been proven time and time again, all Democracy actually manages to achieve is to divide the public, encourage ideological tribalism and engendering apathy in the majority of the citizenry. It is this apathy that allows the corrupt and morally bankrupt political classes to become more and more degenerate and get away with more and more scandals to the point were now the press and media are tools of a political establishment going through the motions of partisan politics when in reality it is the same machine with interchangeable parts. This was seen spectacularly in America in the wake of the Snowden leaks, (I do not mean to pick on America in this instance, the country merely provides a good case study of what I am trying to point out). Its media immediately started smearing the leaker and trying their damnedest to ignore the content of the actual leaks, certain news websites were banned on American military bases and America started pulling almost every sneaky trick up its sleeve to get a hold of Snowden and put an end to the scandal, even going so far as grounding the plane of a foreign head of state by pressuring its European allies to refuse it landing permission and ordering it to land before it had even reached the Mediterranean.

And the people did not care. Oh certainly, there was some outrage, but where are the riots? Where are the formally recognized demands for impeachment of a president who has bankrupt his country, incites racial hatred for political gain, enables the assassination and detention of his own citizens on the flimsiest of grounds. It is the same elsewhere, the revelations and actions of America this year should have set off a diplomatic firestorm that should have destroyed America on the international stage. It only caused a few grumbles and a half-hearted attempt by the shambling, bloated corpse that is the European Union to shake a stick at America. So now we have hard evidence we all live in police states, and apparently, no one gives a damn. In fact, the courts, which I have an affinity for with my background in law one minute denounced America's spying operations as illegal, only to declare a week later it was, in fact, legal. Which shouldn't matter with all those 'secret courts' the government runs. It really is enough to make one lose faith.

And despite all this, it has only made our political masters all the bolder. The false conservatives in Britain for example, made a recent about-face on their promises to the people on regulating the impending immigration from Bulgaria and Romania, mere days before the restrictions are lifted. Once more the people of the UK are to suffer, unwanted and unconsulted and unlimited immigration straining their welfare services, housing and healthcare to further extents and drastically increase the percentage of unemployed because Britain simply doesn't have the robust economy it needs to absorb this influx. No one does! No matter how many times people say the recession is over, it simply isn't. The Republic doesn't need too much dwelling on it, Enda Kenny has been trying his damnedest to shove through as many reforms and laws as he can. The entire, shameful debacle that was the abortion bill debates and eventual passage, the brushing over of Alan Shatter's criminal threats of using Gardai acquired information against political opponents, the attempts to dissolve the Seanad and concentrate all legislative power in a single house, the Anglo-Irish tapes which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt this country was duped and sold up the river by economic war criminals who effectively convinced our country to sell itself into debt-slavery. I have said enough regarding the Irish government, it needs to be destroyed, for it is a dead thing that cannot be saved and reform would be fruitless.

But even so, in Europe the case is much the same elsewhere. In France, president Hollande blithely ignores MILLIONS of his own citizens protesting his gay marriage bill, race riots in Paris and no-go zones and ghettos throughout France where the French are not welcome and would face violent assault by the Muslim residents for daring to walk freely in their own country. Now he gets the go ahead from France's constitutional court to flat out tax the rich for 75% of their earnings. I do not care how wealthy someone is, it is literally sinful to take three quarters of a man's wages. I do not expect the rich to stay in France for long after this, perhaps not even the companies they work for, France will suffer for this foolishness for the rich will not stay. I do not mean to sound as a defender of the super rich or make the mistake of conservatives in America who shore up corporatism on the misguided belief it will help smaller companies and greater economic growth for the lower classes, it is simply the reality that society needs the rich and rich, being rich, don't have to suffer unduly when they can merely move out.

We now live in a perfect storm of corruption and vileness. The only ray of light I can see is Hungary struggling against all the tremors and tribulations thrown at it to determine its own destiny, for good or for ill, things are so bad that even the Authoritarianism of Putin seems preferable to the moral relativistic yet absolute tyranny of the west. Democracy has only facilitated this downfall of civilization, it is not the only cause, certainly, but everything I have laid out above can be traced back to the effects it has had on society. If nothing else, democracy on the national scale, needs to die as an idea. Which, at this point, can only happen when it falls naturally and violently which is becoming increasingly likely it will if this new economic bubble anyone with sense can see coming miles away bursts. Otherwise we will just stay under the grindstone forever, it is no wonder so many of my peers dedicate their time to other matters these days.

I know I started off this article wishing you all a happy New Year, and I mean it. I wish you all the best, but I would be a liar if I said I honestly think 2014 will be a good year for anyone.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

New Traditionalists

A return to the more general Traditionalist battle.

As of late I have been reading A Return to Order by John Horvat II. The book, primarily, concerns a very American take on the need to return to an organic traditionalist society and goes a long way to pointing out the underlying causes and currents that led to our current state affairs, with a particular, and rightful, focus on the economic insanity we have slowly been delving into since the 1700s. I would recommend the book as part of a wider diet on traditionalist thought and it is heartening to see the roots of the cause take root in America of all places which has never been a friend of traditionalism.

It does however; contain the amusing, I would say adorable, naiveté that one can return to a traditionalist society, more so, feudalist as the book espouses, without a return to monarchism and aristocracy. While it does not express it, the underlying implication in this book, and unfortunately with a lot of newer traditionalists I have found, is that the modern republic was somehow an aberrant evolution of traditional society, aberrant in the sense it defied the downward spiral of civilization and was not, indeed, a symptom of it. It reminds me of the charming belief of many contemporary American conservatives who believe the country's original values were the pinnacle of civilization and the downfall of America only really began with the instituting of the Federal reserve, or the sexual revolution.

This is not to imply John is new to the traditionalist scene, no, I am merely pointing out an additional underlying current I have noticed, using his text as an example.

I am, however, not particularly concerned about this, indeed I see it in the same light I see the enthusiasm of newly converted monarchists. That of unbridled and unshakeable belief in the rightness of the cause and all the benefits therein while subtly ignoring the inherent problems with all the zeal of the convert. That is, before they mature in their thought. I know this because it was exactly how I was when I eventually became a monarchist, although indeed, I had the advantage of coming to my monarchism as a cynic and seeing the inadequacies before my conversion. It involves a lot of thought and re-evaluation of what you hold dear as should any change in ideology, which is why so many of the public, so cowed by consumerism and encouraged not to think are reluctant to do so. After all it only benefits the party system is the public is divided and recalcitrant to change opinions, job security is a hell of a motivation.

So too I believe is the case with new traditionalists. Slowly but surely they might come to realize a republic on the scale of a country is incompatible with the other traditionalist values they cherish, and the living examples of such states lasting the test of time while remaining somewhat traditional can be counted on one hand, (not counting city states), such as Switzerland, although I have heard arguments to the contrary. It’s not guaranteed, after all, I did meet a monarchist one time who was so utterly convinced his beliefs could be married with Marxism. I'll let you figure that one out, as I have no answers for you there.

Granted they're welcome to try, a traditionalist republic would have certainly been the eventual result had say, the Confederate states of America successfully seceded from the USA, which while the slave issue would be eternally regrettable until the CSA's European friends pressured them into giving it up, would have been immensely interesting as a nation. But forgive me if I don't hold my breath, as that outcome seems even more radically unlikely than the restoration of a crown.

With all that said, I do recommend a reading of this book; it provides a necessary economic focus on the traditional battle that is at once different from Distributism and at the same time, complimentary. Always good to have more diversity from the modern, accepted models.

Monday 21 October 2013

On having a difficult Monarch

A question Monarchists often get asked when they make the case for monarchism is the oft cited yet poorly thought argument: "But what if we have a bad monarch?" By which we could argue all day by what we mean by bad, there have been numerous harsh rulers in human history who often brought their country kicking and screaming into either greatness or equality on the world stage. But of course they mean the tyrants, or the imbeciles, or the ones who don't know what damage they do to the hearts of their subjects and countrymen by poorly thought out words.

However to these people, and many of whom are my fellow Catholics, I say 'Well, what about Pope Francis?"

The Catholic Church and its members are facing this dilemna right now, and it pains me to say it but yes, I honestly think Pope Franciscus is a 'bad Pope'. At least, by all indications he is one. For are we all not bound to obey him? Particular myself since I did swear publicly to do so. Therefore we are faced with a great difficulty, obeying and loving a Pope whose inconsistency and flippancy is harming the faith we love. And make no mistake, it is.

Now before you fling the fire and arrows at me, I am not comparing him to the Borgias or other 'black Popes', certainly not, he has yet to prove himself a Tyrant so he does not deserve such rotten comparisons. He is however, endlessly flippant in his manner of speech and flouting of Papal protocals. He is the Pope and he may live where-ever he wishes, but the cumulative effect of flouting of traditions and, indeed, treasures of the Faith, (It pained me to see him on the balcony without him wearing the red), has done immense damage spiritually. His casual remarks about the greatest evils of the modern world being youth unemployment and loneliness of the elderly rocks the Catholic base because it is so supremely out of touch with the modern world and its multitudious failings, some of which are infinitely greater then the evils he mentioned. And of course, I say this as an unemployed young man.

This is not meant to be a criticism of the Pope as there are better Catholics then myself discussing his recent actions, but rather a preface to our real concern in this article: That is how Catholics are handling it.

The answer: Badly.

The difference has been staggering. Those who considered themselves conservative Catholics who condemned the liberal Catholics of the world for trying to shut them up under Benedictus are now shouting at the traditionalists to shut up for fear of causing dissent over the Pope's actions, while the traditionalists, who for years had been shrugging off the odious and unjustified title of Pharisee seem to be in danger of outright calling the Pope a heretic, some even openly flirting with Schism.

All the while the liberals are purring like Persian cats in the laps of the enemy and organisations like NARAL are doing the happy dance.

Pardon my language, if you will my friends.

But you all need a bloody slap across the jaw.

The Pope's actions are incredibly regrettable, although he hasn't contradicted Dogma or doctrine, but that is no excuse for the conservatives to forgive the foolishness of his recent actions. The doctrinal sanctity is the Bailey of the castle, and you should not count it as a victory that it has not fallen when the walls are tumbled, the moat crossed and the surrounding city in flames. Meanwhile, to traditionalist, I would warn that flirting too close to schism risks the same as opening the gates to let the enemy in, because when an army's heavy shock troops leave the formation, what will forestall the enemy's spears? Are you that keen on letting the line break?

Thank God we have Francis and not a Borgia, because if this is how you conduct yourselves in the face of a Pope who is merely SUPREMELY naive and, dare I say it, Childish (not childlike) in how he conducts his office, I'd hate to see how you would fair if we truly had a black Pope to contend with.

If you want to have an effect on how he conducts himself, then, take advantage of something we all know he actually pays attention to. Send him a letter, have it signed by thousands of concerned Catholics (don't you dare tell me you are incapable of doing it, a hundred Catholics with a rosary can start an avalanche) with actual ink, in their actual handwriting. Its been done before, agree to a formal letter in respectful tone, detailing the anguish the Pope's actions have caused and more importantly, ask him why he seems as though he is blind to the anguish it causes. Then sign it with everyone you know, pass it along to the next city and so on. If secular people on a site as odious as Deviantart can do a similar project, you damn well can as well. He may turn away a spiritual gift of a million rosaries, but I'd like to see him turn away a letter with so many names upon it, written in their own hands. If nothing else, we'd get the measure of the man.

As for myself, I will admit, although I am loathed to, I had misgivings from the start with Francis. From the moment I saw him on the Loggia, I had a strange, deadening feeling inside my heart, I do not know what it was, probably nervousness, but I paid it no mind, I was not going to judge a man I did not know in the slightest based on a mere feeling.

What disturbs me most, is that through reading the blogs of my fellows I found I was not the only one who felt it.

Friday 18 October 2013

With apologies to Narcissus

It has been some time since my last post and it has been for a good reason. Because for the longest while I have been under the veil of utter despair.

The reasons many fold, of course, and, to regular visitors and readers of this blog, quite obvious. I am something of an introvert, you see, while I can chat up a storm when in the right mood, I nonetheless keep alot of thoughts close to my chest including personal ones, as is only proper and gentlemanly. However, it led to a disproportionate amount of naval gazing on my part, self criticism and defeatism which conspired to choke whatever flame I had to motivate my writings on this blog. For quite some time I doubted I even believed anymore. But such is the way of depression.

Over this period I attacked myself for personal failings as well as the impossibility of saving this world, restoring monarchy in any sense were it would be worthy to be restored, or even as moderately saving Ireland from its own downfall.

Well so it was until I went to the Novena of St. Gerard Majella in Dundalk this past week, as did thousands of others. There, amdist the confessionals, the soaring arches, the beautifully vaults of the ceiling and the high altar did I make my first confession in a quite some time. There really is nothing like having a weight lifted off of you to give some perspective on exactly how silly you have been. I started to analyse exactly why I had been the way I had been.

My answer came to me as soon as myself and my mother walked back to our car. We passed by a corner bar, quite a large one, that had been shut down. Iron grates placed upon the windows and doors and in a doorway there was a pair of red slippers and an empty bottle of vodka.

It was a microcosm. The reasons why I had been in such despair in miniature form. Upon asking my mother about the bar I learned it was actually quite a popular one back in the day, and the most stereotypical of Irish bars as Irish bars get and looks about what you'd expect. Complete with the now old fashioned hanging sign advertising Guinness. The global recession had killed it and the area was poorer and more distraught for the loss. And as we drove passed newly built yet thoroughly empty office buildings I began to consider what else had been killing me silently.

The first of many instances I recall was walking in the castlecourt shopping center in Belfast. I was standing in line for burger king (fastfood being a problem in itself but one cancer at a time please), and in front of me in the line were a pair of girls no older then 14, 15 at the most. Both were wearing black jackets with a pink female figure in silhouette on its back grasping a pole suggestively. They were both attendants at some pole dancing instructor class, I saw this and my heart broke. What was once and still is illicit, erotic and shameful is now being thought to young girls as exercise and socially acceptable. This and a million other things accumulated silently but it was only now I realized that it wasn't these evils that had been having such an effect on me, but my impotency in countering it.

I am reminded of a post on the badcatholic blog on Patheos, which rages against the ephemeral and immaterial nature of modern day language and concerns. Modern morality is relativistic, good and evil are relative, which ultimate means all moral concerns are immaterial and do not ultimately matter. Therefore you must constantly talk in circles when confronting someone on a matter. He compared it to something like trying to grasp smoke or boxing with a ghost. Futile by design.

And it was this powerlessness that got to me in the end. What was I to do? Scream at the children in front of me that they were being trained to prostitute themselves? Insist in paying the shopkeeper in grams of gold for my purchases to frustrate the monetary noose around our necks? What issue could I truly solve without proclaiming myself Dictator and usurping the nation?

And so I festered, failing to look after my own well being of body or soul for such was my despair. I started this blog knowing I was fighting an uphill battle from the utter depths of the Marianas trench for a goal that was ultimately intellectual: that of propagating monarchism as a valid idea in the Irish consciousness. But all the horrors of the modern world desecrating absolutely everything sacred and beautiful, and the blunt truth that nothing but forceful emotionalism will win hearts in this narcissistic age of hedonism and vice forced me to curl up in my foxhole, shell shocked. King David had it easy, it seemed, at least Goliath could be struck.

So it would have been the end of this blog had it not been for that Novena and my remembrance of that kernal of Irishness. That stubborn, dogged, bloody minded refusal of evil. The same spark that brought the Drunkard to prayer, and the spiteful man to give to charity. Less because it is expected and more because it is what ought to be done and somewhere within us we know it. It is what brought my mother to confession even though she continues to stress to me that she doesn't believe she requires it. A strange sort of hope that confounds despair, and sunders confusion. That even now with our culture so thoroughly ravaged and destroyed by Americanism and the financial follies of the modern world, Hibernia can still be saved, body and soul. If Ireland could survive the horrors of neglect, murder, rapine, famine, torture and war through the centuries, it will survive this most brutal of drug addictions. Such is what I believe. Or else I will die.

I know not how, or by what means, but this ship will be righted and by God, it will have a crown.

Sunday 1 September 2013

Hopes and Dreams

I was watching part of the livefeed of the Dail debates for the legalisation of abortion and felt inside myself my country, or perhaps it was my love of country, dying. It is not an unusual feeling, I suppose for monarchists to feel regularly. Traditionalists too as well as just about anyone who has a feeling of just how truly empty this world has become, of meaning and beauty. We bounce back. For we dream. And for this we are denounced.

I have a friend, a good imaginative young man with whom I discuss realpolitik and the twisting turns of the river of history. With him on almost every matter of import I disagree but we get along as anyone should be able to do with those who disagree with them. My arguments with him, from everything to seeking an end to the sword of Damocles hanging above our species' collective heads known as Mutually Assured Destruction, to the Syrian Crisis are almost always matters on which we diverge. He is something of a political 'realist' or more accurately a political pragmatist. I would argue getting rid of MAD, either through a total renunciation of nuclear weapons, or the development of 'nightshade' technology or other means as to render ICBMs and the instantaneousness of nuclear oblivion obsolete. He would argue instead that this would lead to more conventional wars between developed nations with no suicide button to keep us placid and domesticated. I would retort that this is preferable to the potential obliteration of our species hanging on the horizon waiting for some damn fool or tyrant (as they will inevitably occur) gets a hold of ICBM technology and damn us all. He would argue the opposite, the guaranteed peace of MAD is infinitely preferable to the potential horrors of war and the consequences of politics. I would argue that it is not, given the horrors of war would give meaning and weight to politics and help shore up the drive for voter education with regards to who they put on the ballot and would almost certainly not result in total destruction of our race, which I view as a greater evil. He is for the status quo and will believe it always to remain such for it to change would be impossible and unimaginable. I am the radical. He the realist and myself the dreamer. At its heart it is an old argument. Would you rather be a slave whose life hangs on the whim of an unpredictable master or a free man stalked by danger and the potential of random death?

For really, its as relevant now as it ever was, if not moreso, for are we not slaves?

Our entire lives hang upon the value of meaningless pieces of paper and numbers whose monetary value fluctuates on the slightest hiccup in one part of the world. We are a city built upon a spiderweb drowning ourselves in arrogance and delusion believing that one day there will not be a storm which will sunder our firmanent of lies and crush our citadels of deceit.

To distract us from the horrors of our reality, we are given easy access to cheap non-foods that are more artificial chemicals then hearty foodstuffs cut from living and sustaining flesh, enough to fill us and make us lazy, yet never enough to satiate that truly human desire that demands satisfaction. To distract our troubled intellects from the philosophical terrors of nihilism, for almost none of us have truly been fortified in our thinking, we are distracted by constant news of the frivolities of celebrities and the farce they have made out of athleticism and good sports. To ease our troubled souls of the mortifying spiritual damage our sins have caused, we are assured we have done nothing wrong and continue about our way. We believe we are free for we are allowed to do all the wrong things, and damned if we dare to do what is right.

The free man owns himself. He can damage himself with either eating or drinking; he can ruin himself with gambling. If he does he is certainly a damn fool, and he might possibly be a damned soul; but if he may not, he is not a free man any more than a dog.” - G.K. Chesterton

Here Chesterton is denouncing puritanism and moralistic tyranny. I believe we have entered the opposite form of Tyranny, where nothing is true, and all is permitted, bar that which is true. For we are told not to dream, for we will never achieve them. We are educated at younger and younger ages about sex, but not only sex but degenerate sex. People think nothing of children sexting at younger ages and being exposed to graphic pornography as young as 11 or 12. This is our only comfort in this world, or so the people believe, to rail against it is to be as mad as to tell the tide to turn back.

We are told not to dream. To not to dare.

Every age but our own is filled with ignorance superstition and dirt. Only pagan Rome and Greece with their hedonism appeals to our depraved age, and for that we look upon those eras with kindness. Heroes do not exist, there is no such thing as a good king, the wisdom of elders and ancients is nonsense, to pursue anything for any other reason other then material wealth and comfort is a crusade in lies.

We live in an age ruled by the chains of the ephemeral, immaterial and false, yet we are denounced as delusions those who dare to dream of something real. Dead things flow with the current, living things shape it, for only a slave suffers his own ignorance and lack of ambition, a free man dreams.

Saturday 15 June 2013

The Republic is dead, Excommunicate An Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Enda Kenny has officially introduced the thin edge of the wedge into Ireland that will inevitably lead the way to greater abortion and the industrialization thereof. Followed immediately by Gay Marriage, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research and the death of the nation. He has betrayed the people of Ireland and our uncounted progeny to come by sacrificing them upon the altars of the false gods of secularism, convenience, modernism and liberalism. I curse his name and swear enmity to him and those who he calls friends.

The Republic is dead, is constitution torn, its proclamation dust upon the air, its heroes and martyrs dead in vain and slavery, degradation, and a final destruction of our identity and culture is to be our inheritence and that of our children. Those children who survive the vetting process of the modern world and/or the world of commercial genetics in designer babies. (Its already coming in other countries, do not delude yourselves it isn't coming here.)

Let the West Britons and liberals design their 'New Republic' they so desperately want, this one is dead, and so are they and so will be the bastard offspring of their poisoned minds. As for me I swear enmity and advocate counter-revolution. Peaceful restoration is beyond us now unless we desire a bastardized monarchy as bad as this republic short of an intervention by God, the Saints and His angels.

"I am a politician who happens to be Catholic, not a Catholic Politician." No, an Taoiseach, you are simply not a Catholic at all, and I call on the Bishops of Ireland to gird themselves manfully and follow through on their most apostolic duty and, in charity, chastise those politicians who have signed into law this intrinsic evil by excommunicating them from the Church Catholic and deny them the title they crave for their votes. We are beyond politics in this matter.

This is now war.

Sunday 2 June 2013

Several things

Yes the Church is a Monarchy. Stop apologising for it.

This was mostly during the election of Pope Francis but I was immensely frustrated with my fellow Catholics on religious blogs (mostly commenters) insisting on calling the abdication of Pope Benedict a retirement or some other suitably modern and republican sounding name. And some even going so far as to call the installation of Pope Francis an Inauguration. Which I guess we have no choice as no Pope since the council has dared be coronated. But it still annoys me and bogels my mind.

No I don't care how the world will react if we crown the Popes with the Tiara. No i do not care how 'out of date' it sounds. No I do not care if you accuse me of caeseropapism. Christ is a King. He is THE King, the Church is His body, and the Pope a most priestly, princely and holy regent who rules in His stead on Earth. You are subjects of a kingdom, not citizens of a republic, stop giving the liberals fuel to their most unholy fire by caving in on the monarchist aspects of our Faith because of some superstitious, modern and protestant fear of 'the alliance of throne and altar' as if it were unnatural. It isn't. Now give over.

If Britain leaves, the Republic must leave with it.

Anyone who is following British politics knows of the stupendous uproar over the Gay Marriage Bill, the Queen's speech neglecting the inclusion of a promise for an in/out referendum. The Tory party's internal revolt, UKIP's usurpation of traditionally held sectors of the demographic across the political spectrum, Labour making noise, and a radicalisation and increase in popularity of the English Defense League in the wake of the despicable murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.

Every day is a party in London it seems.

No matter which way you look at it, the in/out referendum is inevitable. If not by 2017, then at least before 2021. If Labour takes power they will do everything in their vicious little power to prevent a referendum, which is only going to stoke the fires of revolt still further. And we all know no one in Europe is truly interested in a 'reform' of the Gordian Knot that is the European Union. And even if they were, no one agrees on exactly what needs reforming and how far the reform needs to go and it will most likely ultimately end in even greater centralisation and bureaucracy anyway.

Now how it affects Ireland.

Britain is, if not the biggest, then certainly one of our biggest trade partners, and if suddenly they were to leave the union, all those lovely little trade restrictions on trading with partners outside the Union would suddenly apply to trading with Britain.

I'll just leave the knock-on affects that has with Ireland's economy to your imagination. Nevermind what will become of the North/South Border should is suddenly represent a Union land Border in Western Europe with a 'foreign power'.

Even putting aside my own euroscepticism and desire for secession from the Union that has done nothing but coerce us, keep us drunk and punish us as if we were Hitlerite criminals. Ireland would need to leave the Eurozone after Britain. It has to, the downside of remaining in the EU after a British exit far outweighs the positives on a brutal realpolitik viewpoint. The problem is of course debts. Europe would never let us go because of the debt. However if Britain leaves, and other countries start leaving (crucially, if Germany herself leaves) then the EU collapses in on itself rather peacefully and the debts dissipate.

This of course has wider implications for the world economy and bond market, which means America and China wouldn't look too fondly on the countries that 'killed Europe'

Well, too bad. We should not be ashamed of refusing to be a slave to prop up someone else's estates.

Meanwhile, in Dublin

Justice minister Shatter is a disgrace to statesmanhood and should be removed. Fine Gael is not winning any favors by backing him up on this Gardai tapes and penalty point scandals and his, oh-so-cunningly-veiled threats of using Gardai acquired information against political enemies. He is a disgrace to Irish politics and anything to do with the concept of law and justice. For that matter, get Fine Gael and that cancerous, unrepresentative ulcer that is the Labor party out of the Dail. Fine Fail failed in a great many aspects over the long period of their rule, but never did I imagine they could be the lesser of two beast. Fine Gael has broken every promise in their campaign,allowed Labor scandalous leeway in governance and pushing abortion like there's no tomorrow. I appeal to goodly and kindly TDs within the party to revolt against the leadership and reform the party before its too late to salvage Fine Gael's name, and before the Irish left capitalise on this rift in the government for the own, boundlessly unscrupulous ends.

Meanwhile, in the Carpathian Basin

Hungary continues to impress.

Readers may remember when I commented on Hungary's impressive, manful and out-and-out ballsy reform of its constitution, utilising the stunning popular mandate its nationalist government achieved, which kicked out all manner of European domination of its institutions, political, media or otherwise and removed the title of 'Republic' from the nation's official name. Monarchists such as I were immensely hopeful this means a friendlier regime to monarchist sympathisers if nothing else.

Meanwhile Europe and America called bloody murder.

You see, Hungary did all this while remaining within the European Union, dancing carefully about the laws of which it could not directly contravene and many many people accused the government of Hungary of being fascists (as always) and threatened to bring Hungary to court over its unlawful and unjust referendum and attention to the democratic will of its country. (Hehe, hypocrisy much?)

Indeed in the wake of the reform of Hungary, I heard news of popular protests and hints at the eventual capitulation of Hungary to reform again. Obviously because Europe believed they had reformed wrongly the first time around. Just like how Ireland voted wrong in two referendums. This union is shameful.

Several years later and I have not heard much of a peep, either because I am reading the wrong news, missed the memo of Hungary actually capitulated to Europe or because Europe had failed in all its bluster to threaten the Magyars.

Then I heard Hungary had banned GM crop corporations and burned many hectars worth of genetically modified crops.

Now, I am rather uneducated about GM crops myself. Having said that, as someone who has lived almost his whole life int he countryside, worked in a meat packing plant, and is well educated on the duplicity of 'mass-food' corporations. I always buy local foodstuffs whenever possible and encourage others to do likewise. As such I treat anyone 'genetically modifing the food I am about to consume with a great deal of suspicion. "Hello sir, I have messed about with the potato you are about to eat. It now has 99.9% less chance of giving you a disease and 45% more nutrition. Whats that? How can you be sure that what I have said is true and that it is the only alterations I have made to your food? Haha! Shut up and eat you peasant, I have scientists in my company. Do you want to disagree with my scientists? Didn't think so, now eat."

Other then that I am not aware of the moral, ethical and medical concerns of GM crops and would appreciate if some commenters could illuminate me. I do, however, appreciate a great many people are concerned to a great deal about GM crops, and there is always the slippery slope arguement. "First crops, then animals, then our children, then we have a Gattaca future and then after that, a Brave New World Future."

That said, what impresses me about Hungary's action is that it was Hungary's action. A government, in good faith, acting in the best interests of its people as far as it and its people were concerned. That is a rare thing indeed.

Its a long way to Damascus

WILL PEOPLE STOP POKING THE BLOODY BEAR!? Putin doesn't bluff! Russia doesn't bluff! I'd rather not see the levant go up in flames because the Israelis are foolhardy enough to bomb Russian citizens delivering weapons to the government forces in Syria. Not that I don't doubt Israel could hold its own in a defensive war with Russia, just... You don't want to meet the bloody mindedness of the Russians on the battlefield. You just don't.

Look, lets get one thing straight here: I do not support the opposition forces in Syria. Why? because they are not a single force, they are not all fighting for democracy and they are just as duplicitous, callous, untrustworthy and dangerous as the government. Or worse. They are a hodge-podge collection of independent factions, many of whom are radicalised Islamists, that are targeting minorities, particularly the ancient Christian sects in Syria. The political 'opposition government' that appeals to the west has no real influence or control over any of them. The governemnt meanwhile, is a cohesive force, with an established leadership and seeks to overall protect its civilians, minorities or otherwise, despite the brutality of the war causing many civilian deaths. And even on the issue of chemical weapons use, the only thing we can confirm is that the weapons were used and many conflicting reports that either the Government or the rebels used them. Or both, with different governments accepting one or the other side's accounts. On the sheer balance of evil, the government is the clearly more moral choice to back. Or, you know, you could back the side that has cannibals. You know, whatever.

That said however, we all know the 'Arab Spring' is not a spontaneous desire for democracy across the Arab world. Anyone who believes so is a political ignoramus. Having said that, the instigators of the revolutions that rocked the world obviously did not count on two things. The first which is genuinely surprising, is the resilience of the monarchies of the near east. "Whats that? You want reforms? Ok, I, the king of Jordan will give you reforms. Whats that? You want a republic? Sorry but you seem to have lost most of your support. You know, since I gave you reforms." The other is of course, radical Islam's domination of some of the new governments, most evidently in Egypt. Pray for the Coptics.

Sunday 28 April 2013

Wolves among us

This morning in the Sunday Independent I saw a sprawling front page spread detailing a brave Pro-Life activist's sting on two Labour TDs regarding their stance on abortion.

The anonymous pro-lifer masqueraded as a pro-choice supporter when confronting these two TDs and led the conversation towards the topic of abortion, asking the TDs about the impending vote on legislating on the X Case, (abortion available on psychological health grounds, such as suicide).

Now we all know how wondrously effective abortion on psychological health grounds has been in virtually every country it has been introduce. That is to say, not at all in terms of proving genuine psychological relief to the persons involved and how it totally avoids radical abuse of the law and further liberalization of abortion. But that is besides the point, the point here is we now have tapes of two Labour TDs admitting to an incremental approach to getting abortion on demand in Ireland, which has been successful in England (where abortion is still technically illegal but in all ways that actually matter its effectively abortion on demand because of the realities of the restrictions imposed by the Abortion Act).

The two TDs; Ms Anne Ferris and Aodhan O'Riordain, essentially admitted on tape that they are trying to use legislation on the X case as a wedge and a 'first step' from which they can go further on the issue. They reiterate it is within the Labour party's manifesto to legislate on the x case and they would not give up on it, they would pass it in order to comply with the European Court of Human Rights on the issue (who only want clarification on Ireland's current law for Doctors' sake and nothing more) but they will go further.

In fact the duplicity involved here is as sickening as it was foreseeable.

They intentionally pushed for the expert panel not for any genuine concerns, (and apparently hinted that they somehow knew the expert panel would push for more abortion liberalization), but to give cover to the 70+ Fine Gael TDs who oppose abortion strongly, thinking it would give them political cover to vote on a bill they would view as political suicide to vote yes to. From a real politik standpoint you can see the logic here, political cover is the holy grail of all politicians, but it is a trojan horse, as they revealed if they get into government next term they would continue pushing.

In fact Mr. O'Riordain went so far as to say if he was interviewed on a radio and someone asked him if he would push for more abortion he would say 'no of course not, it is what it is.' While fully admitted this would be a lie. Meanwhile Anne Ferris claimed that Labour leader an Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore had told an Taoiseach, Enda Kenny of the Fine Gael party to whip Fine Gael TDs into line on the x case, and whether or not this is true, Enda Kenny has indeed been trying to whip his party into line and faced strenuous resistance from his TDs. Aodhan even went so far as to all but call Fine Gael pro-life TDs country bumpkins, saying that if you are a rural TD then you are a good Catholic, who goes to mass and opposes abortion, said with disdain as he went on to say as he visited county Monaghan, he scratched his head, accused the people of the county of having latent homophobia and 'thought Irish society moved on.

I warned of wolves such as these getting into power when Fine Gael was looking for partners to form a government with and now we are witnessing the truth of the matter, TDs willing to sacrifice Irish babies on the altar of Baal for the sake of their ambitions and mad dreams at the expense of the damnation of Ireland.

The thing that gives me good heart is the bravery of some Fine Gael TDs and senators, some of whom have, against party wishes, visited pro life groups in America, openly opposed party whips as well as Brian Walsh, TD, who is the first to categorically state he would not be voting for abortion legislation on suicide grounds.

I can only vote more follow him.

Ireland has had its diplomatic reputation ruined, its ruling class reduced to muleing fools, its standing among nations shattered, its wealth robbed and its people taxed into literal bondage. Yet we are to believe we have more to lose if we do not compromise on our values?

Labour believes we are slaves and as good slaves we should do as we are commanded and obey, to make abortion legal and seal our damnation. Even though in doing so we will lose the last scrap of manfulness our nation can claim, the 21st century has not been kind to Ireland, nor will it ever be, if we do not stand strong now and hold to our souls we will not last the impending winter that will descend upon us all.

TDs, I back you in the name of God and Country, do not vote for this bill.

Slan go Phoile
Servant of the Chief

Saturday 27 April 2013

Dear Republicans, please keep your own mess to yourselves

Hello, you may know me as a stupid fool, and I am ok with that.

However today I have come to you with a request.

Please stop referring to republican leaders, be they presidents, premiers, communist, capitalists, freely elected or doubtfully elected, good, bad as kings, just because you do not like them. For they are not kings, you yourselves do not want them to be kings and they frequently wish to promote their images as being anything other then a king.

I know it may be a bit much to ask, a monarchist requesting those who subscribe to a group of ideologies predicated on rebellion against tyranny, real or supposed, and the manipulation of the popular masses with lies, deceit and propaganda, admittedly honestly or not, to consider our sensibilities. But I feel I must request that you cease and desist. Because you see, your leaders are not kings.

In fact they are presidents and premiers. They have always been presidents and premiers. That's all they have ever been.

Yet whenever a politician, who gets himself into power through means of whitewashed lies, broken promises, fooled populaces and handshakes made in smokey rooms with poor lighting and does something that falls out of popular favor, or runs roughshod over perceived ideals and necessary conduct of law or stately behavior, he is almost always, compared to a king, by means of condemnation.

Now I could be here all day and say in precise terms why, exactly such a president is incomparable to a king, even a poor king who acts in similar manners, but you don't care about that in the slightest. My words already have little value in your eyes anyway so why waste them.

No, I am here to ask you to stop, not because it is inaccurate, but because you are putting the blame on us Monarchist for messes that are fundamentally your fault. Indeed, I wish you to stop so that your own manhood and integrity do not come further into question, though I fear I am fifty years of republican domination of the world too late for that, nonetheless it must be stated.

Monarchists are willing to own up to every atrocity, every poor ruler in our long histories, every bad royal decision, every ounce of blood on our hands, every betrayal of world history that you believe to be our fault.

If you would but own up to yours. Your tyrants and dictators and scheming colleges of politicians and hotbeds of political intrigue and corruption are your own, every atrocity of the twentieth century past the first world war has been the result of revolution, every promise broken, every stupid mistake, every betrayal every ounce of blood is on your hands and those of your leaders.

But you will not because your not only hate history you also hate any besmirching of your systems that are slowly and assuredly crushing the soul and life out of entire civilizations and you refuse to accept the fact that your presidents are not acting like kings when they are tyrannically going against the values of your ideology. Far from that.

They are acting like presidents. And always have.

So please, own up to your own messes, if you can.

Yours sincerely
Servant of the Chief

Sunday 17 March 2013

Happy St.Patrick's Day

Happy St.Patrick's day to one and all, is féidir leat beo fada agus go leor leanaí a bheith acu!

But I have not been a happy man lately, too wired to the news, every time I seek to write about monarchical theory something happens on the news that enrages me to the point where I feel like writing about it instead, but withhold myself because I do not wish this to become a blog merely of rants on current affairs and end up getting nothing done.

But this once I shall share with you the various causes of my unhappiness in these times.

We have a Pope, a very humble man of which I am grateful, but rumblings and whispers of him setting out to destroy the good and beautiful liturgical reforms of Benedict in the name of 'humility' and, due to that, wreck our relations with the Orthodox when a reunion after nearly a millenia of division seems so close to hand, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople will attend the installation mass for the first time since 1054, I pray the Franciscans His Holiness has put in charge of liturgy will do well. I love the man but I have my fears, I want reform but not of the Holy Mass.

Across the waters in Britain the Queen who is in ill health, may she receive a speedy recovery, pledged to sign a charter promoting equal rights and especially emphasizing the rights of homosexuals within the commonwealth. Now we can all argue about the motivations as to why she would do this, including speculate who in Britain's ossified government pushed this forward for her to sign but at the end of the day the pledge was nothing more the rubber-stamping the laws already in place in the commonwealth and in Britain in particular. Its a shame that the Sovereing of England has been reduced to such a puppet status, but then again Ireland can't really talk, our President is in the exact same position in terms of power and ability to wield it.

And of course the wars and rumors of wars, Syria, Korea, Algeria and other parts of Africa and the petty and shamelessly public bickering between diplomatic giants over these issues.

But of course, the majority of my Ire is always reserved for my own country. Our government is a den of snakes and liars and troglodytes. From the shameless pre-arranged propaganda campaign of the Salvia Halapanivar scandal by pro-abortion groups to try to strong arm Abortion legislation unto the Irish Population and the diplomatic shame-talking down to us by India who right now should be busy trying to clean its own house to save what's left of its face all the way to the political kowtowing and scraping at the feet of a foreign institution in Brussels and Strasbourg and holding out the foodbasket for crumbs from the tables of the Troika and IMF. Shame, shame on our institutions of power, shame on our politicians, shame upon our willingness to 'admit' we voted wrong with our referendums, the history of Ireland after joining the European Union is one of scandal, waste, cowardice and shame.

And even after all this and all the evidence and pressure, (and I am pleased, threats of excommunication) our TDs are still going to try to vote to enforce legislation on the X case and enforce party whips on TDs who are apprehensive of going against the people's will on this matter, and here in the north when finally, FINALLY the party's move to put an injunction on that horrible horrible abortion clinic, which seeks to exploit Northern Ireland's strict conditions for legal abortion for profit. Sinn Fein, the 'party of nationalists' who are 'opposed to Abortion' yet 'do not seek to limit a woman's choice' allied with the greens to prevent the move to limit abortions to only be carried out by the NHS when they meet the criteria.

I demand their heads on pikes! I demand their blood! Traitors and vipers, the ones who made me turn from republicanism in disgust and dismay continue to show their marxist colors by favoring the murder of children in favour of ideology, let history and God judge them as they are, for how they have acted shall now echo in terrifying halls of eternity.

People who read this blog regular know I am rarely this openly violent in my attitudes but this is violence worthy, this is anger worthy.

And even after all this, not even the simple joy of St.Patrick's day can lift my spirits just a tad.

Slan go phoile.

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Habemus Papam!

Pope Francis I was not what I was expecting, I don't think anyone expected him.

I will take this opportunity to pray for His Holiness and swear my obedience to him.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

The Silly Season and Democratization of the Church

As far as I am concerned, anyone within the Church who argues that it should become more 'democratic', especially with the election of the Pontiff and the Appointment of Bishops is, in my mind, a Heretic. Not just misguided individual but an actual heretic preaching heresy who must be brought to recant and reconciliation. Usually because the people who do think the Church needs democratization often preach it as if they were firebrand revolutionaries.

To go into exactly why I believe this, I cite the past 40 years of Church history and the absolute failure of both Catholic and Protestant communities in using 'Youth Movements' to try to stir young people to be enthused about the faith, only for such actions to flounder, imagine if the entire Catholic Church was that? Only trying to appeal to 'demogrpahics' for votes, dividing us into theological-political camps moreso then there already are such structures, even among groups that agree with eachother nominally, they Church is a Billion strong, this kind of thing is unavoidable. But if you want a more relevant reason why democratization is bad, I refer to you the 'Silly Season' which is the media frenzy leading up to the sedevacantic period and the Conclave.

Every pundit, every media outlet, every mover and shaker of this fast past, wired information age we live in is absolutely scrambling to try to convince people about 'who' the next Pope should be, what criteria should be used to select the Pope, and preaching doomsayings about the Church being destroyed if it doesn't get with the times. You know, what they've been telling the Church for the past century through every fad and era the rest of the world has gone through, forgotten and made fun of by now. Which is the fate this era is inevitably doomed to in its own time. Trying desperately to convince the people whose votes actually matter in the selection of the next pontiff, the college of Cardinals, God Himself, you know, those guys, that they should elect a Pontiff who meets their worldview. Or else.

The kooks, the conspiracy theories, the outright lies and vehemence, the Pope could not have done a better move to catch the media off-guard then to mention his abdication in such a surprising manner and thus expose their malicious natures and to emphasize my point. This is the reason why the Church must never be democratized. Ever. If for no other reason it should never be democratized so that monsters and sub-human filth such as these never have power within it. Ever.

Now don't get me wrong, the media is right that there is careerism, rivalries and backroom politics within the Church, some of which is downright, old school, Machiavellian shenanigans by some of the more unsavory clerics (and more then a view Modernist heretics) that loathed Pope Benedict XVI during his reign.

But this move, I think, on Benedict's part, will turn out to be absolute genius.

To give context to what I mean, consider what His Holiness worked towards during his Pontificate. Ecumenism and making trips around the world and trying to help the Church recover from the seemingly unending Clerical sex abuse scandal. (a scandal I am happy to report seems to be dying down in Ireland, to the point where new and seemingly unheard of accusations are being scrutinized more thoroughly for unscrupulous motives, and there are ALOT of these now) But he also made motions, some very visible and controversial, to reunite with the sedevacantist community, particularly the society of St. Pius X. There are rumours circulating about that one of the uses the Pope is finding for the recent abdication announcement was to use it, amongst other things, as a smokescreen to deal directly with the SSPX, obfuscating the Church's actions from the media and keeping the more politically minded wolves within the Church occupied with something else to keep them out of the way. Indeed apparently a new offer has been made but I haven't heard too many details. Whatever the case, Benedict's legacy won't be immediately obvious, but I am willing to bet money it has far, far, reaching consequences.

And, truth be told, Benedict is much too smart a man to simply leave the throne cold, as it were. No, he has appointed ALOT of Bishops and made ALOT of cardinals, 'Packing the College' as it were, with men he believes he can trust. Benedict is a nice man, immovable yes, but he doesn't quite have the ferocity that, as a young man, I hoped he would have had when he was made Pope, he may not have the aggression and strength of will needed to storm through the corruption and rot in the old halls of the Church and take this hate-filled new world by the horns and snap its neck. The next Pope, hopefully, will not be the mountain Benedict was, but might in fact be the Hurricane that I at the least, think we need. For that reason my money is on the papabili who are under 70, but you probably shouldn't put your money where I do, I've been wrong before.

Sides, trends are the media is demanding the next Pope be Black or Asian, as if anyone gave two rats asses about American Race Politics outside of America, but say they get what they want, Arinze, or thise other fellow I've heard about get the Office, or event he fellow from manilla, or the one from Sri Lanka become Pontiff. We'll see the media rejoice and produce headlines along the lines of "Crusty old religion of men finally gets over institutional racism, next up, Lesbian-priest marriage gay abortion yay!" Only to be devastated when these men turn out to be just as Orthodox as Benedict was, (hopefully more strident and aggressive about it to boot), it would be satisfying in the extreme to see these talking heads flounder trying to attack the Pope without seeming racist. Not that the media itself has ever stopped being racist, ever, but still.

At the end of the day, apparently the official line as to why His Holiness did not have a Papal coronation was, supposedly, because they didn't have time to organize one (I seriously doubt this is the reason but I won't object), especially since the conclave for his election was unusually short. This time, they have had a month's notice plus the conclave itself, they have no such excuse this time. I hope they have a Papal coronation, that would make mine, and every other monarchist thinker out there, time much easier. Or harder. depending on how outraged republicans the world over are at the Pope having a coronation. Man, it would be awesome to see him crowned with one of those tiaras.

With Regards to Prophecies
Right, I suppose I can't really avoid touching upon this.

In truth, with regards to the prophecies of St. Malachy and the infamous 'lists of Popes, I'll say only a few things. If it is real, (questionable), the list is certainly not a list of all Popes there will ever be, probably a list of Popes before a great chastisement or calamity, secondly, we're already screwed, because the only person who matches the criteria of 'Peter the Roman' is the current Cleric appointed to basically 'stand in' for the Pope and his powers during the conclave. His name is Peter, he is a Roman. Sleep well tonight.

The Prophecy of the coming of the Great Catholic Monarch: Remember when this did the rounds on Monarchist blogs? Its been getting more and more popular over the years and I for one am inclined to give a bit of credence to it, if for no other reason then a lot of Catholic Saints and Mystics have been spouting correlating aspects of the Prophecy or, if nothing else, parroting points. And I do mean a lot. Though I doubt that the next Pope will be the last Pope before the coming of the great chastisement that is to be succeeded by three days of supernatural darkness and the coming of a Great Roman Emperor of Frankish descent (keep an eye on those Capet branches), indeed, if certain prophetic deductions hold that Benedict is to be 'the last Pope of this age' then I say rejoice. Because that almost certainly means that the age of Daemonic sabotage (which is supposedly a century of daemonic infiltration of which we are only now seeing the consequences of) that Pope Leo forsaw and the age of Modernist Heresy is almost at an end. There is absolutely no downside to this other then Benedict himself will no longer be il Papa.

Monday 11 February 2013

Abdication most Holy

So there I was coming home from a successful job interview ont he train, coffee in my hand, another one of my 'blood and thunder' novels that I shamelessly enjoy upon the table. I open up my phone and go to a news app that came with it, (I have always hated phones until I found I could check my emails and news sources on it, otherwise they can go to hell), and see the Pope has decided to abdicate.

I promptly spit up my coffee in shock, luckily no one was sitting across from me.

Yes two abdications at the start of 2013, not a good beginning in my book, and I certainly wasn't expecting to see another Papal conclave in my life so soon. But so it is.

I have to admit, I adored His Holiness and his dedication to tradition and orthodoxy and, most prominently, his steadfastness when dealing with those within the Church,t he Careerists and the outright heretics and I'd be lying if I didn't suspect dealing with these elements where part of the reason he decided to abdicate, breaking 600 years of Popes dying while in Office.

I will be looking forward to the doubtless tirade of questions, speculation and outright, tinfoil hat wearing, lunacy conspiracies surrounding the lead up to the Papal conclave. If anyone has any information on who might be considered 'papable' I'd be glad to hear it.

Slan go phoile.

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Everyone is a Fascist Pig

Now I am not saying I am a Doommonger...

But I am a Doommonger.

Hope you all had a good and safe New Year's and I PROMISE that I will get back to good ol' Monarchical Theory sometime this year, but Ireland has been in the news alot recently and its kinda hard for me to outright ignore all the scandals.

The Savita Halappanavar fiasco, the crisis pregnancy center scandal, the Northern Irish Flag controversy and how it made an economic bust of the Christmas period for Belfast city...

Oh, and Ireland is set to have a spin on the President of the Council of the European Union.


(NOT the President of the European Council, they're not the same thing. Brief rundown for our non-Euro readers: Th Council of the European Union is effectively the upper house in the EU Legislature, equivalent to a Senate or House of Lords, the presidency of that position is what Ireland has inherited. The European Parliament is just that, the lower house. The European Council is a rather unique decision making body with no legislative power that nonetheless decides "the general political directions and priorities" of the European Union, a pseudo policy making body, THEN you have the European Commission, the Executive body of the union similar to the cabinet. All four bodies have their own presidents. If this sounds like an unnecessary amount of steps divorced from the national decision making authority then you are correct and it is intentional, the Union ceased to be a mere trading bloc a long time ago.)

In the midst of this crisis or that crisis, my own doom-mongering over the absolutely terrifying debt we owe both as Ireland the nation and collectively as a continent, I seem to have been proven consistently wrong (me and my more extremist eurosceptic compatriots). Which is laughable because kicking a lit dynamite down the road doesn't prove the alarmist wrong about the fact that it is, in fact, a lit dynamite and time is running out.

The Americans found that out rather starkly this New Year's with the threat of the fiscal cliff which they have now completely, and unequivocally solved... by kicking it down the road.

What does all this have to do with this post's title? Well it has to do with the reality of the situation. I talked with a few friends, one in particular who studied economics in secondary and has moved on to studying politics in tertiary, the European single currency and by extension the European Union as a whole cannot exist in its current state indefinitely and must either decentralize and risk turning into a loose confederation and the destruction of the single currency or centralize so completely as to effectively destroy the traditional nations of Europe as extant entities.

But of course reading this blog you know my opinions on these matters. But herein lies the looming cloak and dagger.

We know the European Union as an entity and its supporters would never, except perhaps with the threat of nuclear annihilation, ever give in and allow the Union to be dissolved so we are almost certainly be going down the centralization route as we have been for the past while.

But if we slip into realpolitik for a second, a question emerges: So what? This is a question painful to a patriot's ears when faced with this prospect. But in realpolitik this would stabilize currency and the security of the European state and probably lead to economic recovery if not prosperity and, as far as realpolitik is concerned, a good thing has happened.

Too bad it disregards the necessary totalitarianism involved.

Europe is too vast and too diverse to ever be a true unitary state, the only reason other huge federal states such as the USA and Mexico and Brazil can exist as they are is because most of those states share a common lineage and history in their foundation I'd hate to say it but those states where 'constructed' before they began to grow whereas most European identities and cultures were free range and grew naturally if violently, their colonial past makes their integration and acceptance of federal unionism slightly easier (even if the Americans would never admit it). If we look to other huge unitary states towards the east, namely Russia and China, we see the frightening totalitarianism of China to keep it all together and the rather authoritarian federalism of Russia (obviously Russia is the much more preferable country but hear me out) Both these unions have such a huge variety of cultures, languages, traditions and religions within them, even their dominant ethnicities have sub ethnicities and differences (evident with the Slavs in Russia and its constituent Republics), it is impossible to keep such diversity into nice, roughly even political voting groups with which to run a stable representative democracy, the system is simply too damn big (there's a monarchism article in that actually, I'll get to it some other time) and it'd be even worse with direct participatory democracy with having the votes of the sparser populated republics simply ignored outright by bigger neighbors, (and country folk and townsfolk ignored outright by city voters). In a centralized European Union, dissent would have to be quashed. Harshly.

We are seeing signs already with Cameron being FORCED by rebels within his party to push for more autonomy from the EU while still having a relationship and Europhilic hardliners playing hardball with the new fiscal deal, how in the hell would Countries such as Hungary which INFAMOUSLY threw off alot of European regulations and reformed its constitution in a most 'unEuropean' fashion fair in a United States of Europe? Pretty damn unfairly and I wouldn't be surprised if Europe 'economically sanctioned' Hungary into starvation to get it to capitulate to European oneness. "Silly Magyars, you aren't a country, you're a province." I am not sure it would get to the point of sanctioning outspoken eurosceptics but I would not be surprised if Nationalists the continent over would be labelled as 'Fascists' or some other politically loaded phrase and ostracized from society somehow for being 'reactionary' and 'anti-unionist'. Europhiles today even predict this and look forward to 'justifiably' calling their euroscpetic counterparts 'throwbacks', fully complicit in the creation of a 'politically unacceptable' underclass. I have no idea where it would go fromt here but I doubt it would lead to some kind of second renaisence or some other explosion of culture and beauty. Because if growing up in a postmodern world has thought me anything is that the modern world is an ugly thing that revels in its own horror, and its kind of hard to have an explosion of culture when you have spent decades destroying any semblance of such a thing by importing immigrants to plug holes in your demographics caused by very ill advised population, abortion and contraception laws, creating multiculturalism to try to stem the backlash at cultural invasion and THEN using said multiculturalism as a social engineering tool that has resulting in absolute disaster and nigh universal condemnation. All to try to create some kind of blank slate with which to build the 'great and noble European' culture which never existed in the first place. The European state will label its opponents as fascist and use fascism to silence them.

And we aren't alone in this. With regards to American politics, with apologies to my American readers, but I say a pox on both their houses for their parties and a further pox on both their houses for those parties' supporters. The American election cycle was bothersome and dominated everything and I saw a good deal of what I hated about America ruining what I love about America. I suppose I should leave it at that before I say something I can't take back. But my point is that some of the extremists in America, of both the right and left, are absolutely correct. America has become a corporate run nightmare state and is 4 out of 5 laws passed before becoming a UN recognized police state, the most recent law of which, asides from the infamous 'Drone assassin' law that allows the US Government to kill US citizens via assassination, it has also recently passed a law that allows for the indefinite military incarceration and detention of US citizens suspected of terrorism without trial. A law suspending Habeas Corpus effectively. The only law America is missing before reaching the magic 5 laws before being seen as UN recognized police state (based on Nazi Germany no less) is a law allowing for the term limit of the presidency or equivalent executive office to become indefinite.

But that is incredibly unlikely right? It'd never happen, why just last century America passed a Constitutional amendment PREVENTING a president from having no limit to the amount of terms he may serve, if a president were popular enough, effectively be tantamount to indefinite term limit, there would never be a law attempting to overrule such an amendment and it would be so unlikely to pass over thirty of the state legislatures it'd need to, why, no one would have the sheer brass ones needed to put it before congress.

Oh. Wait.

Next week: Monarchism, I swear.