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Friday 1 October 2021

A much belated Congratulations to their Royal Highnesses! A much needed reminder that if Russia can still maintain this much, as reduced as it is from its height, from the horrors of the previous century, there is hope for the Monarchist cause across the rest of the world. My apologies for my great leave of absence from my blog these several years, I cannot say I care much for Google and its compatriot corporate entities these days and the changes they have made to Blogger has not all been for the better. Nonetheless, I felt fit to comment on this momentous occasion of the first royal wedding in Russia since the Bolshevik revolution a century ago. Although really, I should have done so much earlier, during the coronation of the new Emperor of Japan upon the Crysanthemum throne and the changing of the eras for the Japanese people. It had been a learning experience watching the quiet dignity of the Imperial coronation and one I was grateful to have been able to watch, even online. Perhaps one day Russia may have one of its own within my lifetime. With that said, I hope you have all been doing well despite the darkness of these days, and I dont mean just the flu from China. In the meantime, God bless you all and keep you. Slan go phoile.