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Friday 16 November 2012

The Hatred of Women

The Maternal death rate in the Republic of Ireland is 6 out of every 100,000 live births. We are among the lowest maternal deaths in the world, being edged out by Estonia at 3 per 100,000. Our next door Neighbour of Britain has 12 per 100,000.

Ireland kills women. Clearly.

Clearly we are murderous gogs and magogs whose backward, dark aged, neanderthals operating on theocratic dogma to enslave and destroy women through the most unholiest of weapons: childbirth.

Clearly we are every bit of the monsters the pro-abortion crowd calls us.

Even though we are not cynically using the tragic death of a talented young woman by septicemia to further our aggressive social engineering goals. Oh no, if we do that we wouldnt be monsters.

We'd be heroes. We'd be paragons of change. It doesn't matter that if abortion on demand where to be legalized the maternal death rate would almost certainly double. It doesn't matter that corrupted crisis pregnancy centers tell women not to inform their doctors that they had an abortion overseas and thus endanger them in future medical operations as their doctors are left ignorant of their full conditions. Why, it doesn't even matter, if women outright die from their abortions, so long as they can have them and less babies are brought into the world. Because that is freedom, we know what women's freedom is, we know what they want, of course we do, afterall we'd tell them what they want, we'd rail against any of them that espouse otherwise and silence their male allies as misogynistic, theocratic, would-be talibans. We'd know what a real woman wants, and those that don't want abortion further legalized, isn't really a woman, and it totally isn't objectifying for us to decide that. That totally wouldn't make us despicable, oppurtunistic, parasitic, misanthropes who would stoop so low to grasp upon the death of this woman with white knuckled fists and demand our agenda before we knew anything about the situation.

Before the inquiries investigate.

Before the Hospital releases a full statement regarding the matter and the doctors involved.

Before the president elect of India's Federation of Obsetetrics and Gyneacologist societies expressed his thoughts acting on the miscarrying baby would have caused Savita to die two days earlier.

Wait, no, that wouldnt matter, as the abortion would have been performed. Then the death of Savita wouldnt have mattered at all even if it did cause her to die earlier.

Fancy that.

I apologise for the poison in this post but the death of Savita and the controversy blown up around me has caused me some introspective pain, and especially in light of my last post had these doctors stated their reasons for refusing the abortion on grounds that Ireland was a Catholic Country, strictly legally, they would have been at fault. But I didn't know enough about the case, no one outside of the operating rooms and the hospital itself does, to give a firm opinion on the matter, legal or personal. So I am not directing this post at Savita's distraught family, or the doctors of Galway University Hospital. I am directing it at the Pro-Abortion, and that's what they really are in the end, savages who are using Savita as so much ammunition to push their despicable designs on Ireland and my previous warnings about the Labour party in the Republic have come to fruition, as they as using this to push their pro-abortion agenda and risking the death of the current coalition government to achieve it.

In the end, they don't really care about Savita, or women in general for that matter, they care about their own sick ideological goals above all else.