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Thursday 23 June 2016

One good night

I never thought it'd be Britain that'd be the first to break the link in the chains binding Europe.

They probably still won't be.

The leave campaign may flag and fail this night. It may succeed and my faith in the fire of mankind's soul will be reignited, to flicker and flame but one day more. Those that pretend to the throne of God over man will likely not honour it, certainly there is no constitutional rule in Britain that they should. Indeed I still suspect some trickery yet to be pulled at the end of the day, or some flat denials of the vote, or some legislative tricks to stymy or halt or stop it altogether. At best it may result in simple a pro-leave future PM, but with a staunchly pro-remain parliament to contend with.

I, for one, do not care.

I have been in despair for months on end, I have suffered years of hopelessness and this night, this one solitary night, as the markets crash, the economists and vampires of the world shuddering in fear, the dreams of the damned teeter and threaten to fall and spill their vileness before they poison us all, I see the enemy tremble.

And that is enough for me to sleep well one night more, damn the consequences.

God bless you all, and slan go phoile.

Sunday 27 March 2016

Irish Men and Irish Women

There is a lot for a monarchist and a nationalist to say about the Easter Rising. Indeed there are even things for them to criticise, analyse, explain and yes, perhaps even to moan about. There is something good to be said for a society where the journalistic class, had they been doing what their vocation demands of them and holding the nation to account and ponder sceptically over its national myths. Perhaps there is even a religious concern about whether or not the Easter Rising and its subsequent rebellion and war was truly a Just War.

But I will not be entertaining such thoughts today.

On this day, the centenary of the Easter Rising, the event is the de facto founding of the Irish State. It is the proof of a hundred years of Irish mastery over the destiny of their own nation. It is the memory of the blood and fire that is the birth pang of nationhood. And it is hated from all quarters.

The Guardian newspaper hates this day. It hates it because it is Christian and Irish, it hates it so, that it dredges up a Jesuit Theologian by the name of Seamus Murphy, who condemns the rising as anti-Christian because it was not a Just War, claiming he is a leading theologian. I had never heard of the man until today and I discovered he had not problem backing unjust wars over ten years ago when the West invaded Iraq to topple Saddam. And at the same time this same said newspaper, eager to convince its readers all the smart and important people were on its side of the debate produced another article condemning the Easter Rising's Catholicity and for bringing in a century of 'Catholic Darkness'. It is telling this newspaper is all too ready to bash Ireland and the Church but does not hesitate to use the Church's men to do damage to one or the other when it suits them. Hypocrites.

The Independent bemoans the celebration and attacks the proclamation as being completely antithetical to the Ireland of today. It is entirely correct. Where this newspaper rages that the proclamation which announced the nation's birth promised equality of opportunity instead of equality of outcome, it is completely correct. Where it hates that the proclamation is not a left wing document because its promise of equal rights to men and women is not a fundamentally left wing idea, it is completely correct. Where it sneers that the proclamation is not socialist, nor even social democratic but rather it is fundamentally nationalist in character, it is entirely correct. The Independent is entirely correct that the proclamation has nothing to do with the modern slave state the Irish Republic has become, how could it be?

The proclamation announces nationhood, it announces the Irish people as distinct among the nations and peoples of the world, it proclaims its glory and right to veneration and promotion, it claims ownership and the loyalty of its sons and daughters and its exiled children and descendants in far off lands, it proclaims the right of its laws and culture its ownership of territory, its sovereignty, it divides the entire human race into its two primary component parts when it says 'Irishmen and Irishwomen', it invokes God the most High and Ireland's honoured ancestors within its first sentence. It announces these things with pride and vigor, written by men who were ready, and did, to draw the sword to defend their words and to die like men.

It announces nationhood, when the 'modern' man hates nations.
It announces pride, when the modern man hates pride in anything other than himself and his filth.
It announces loyalty, the modern man rebels against anything but the tyrant who feeds him his filth.
It announces tradition, and history, the modern man despises the past for he has no future.
It announces kinship, the modern man hates family and children.
It announces manhood and femininity, the modern man is effeminate and hates both.
It announces strength, the modern man is pathetic.
It announces God, the modern man is the devil.

It is everything the Irish nation was, everything the Irish nation should be, and everything the Irish Republic is not. No wonder the West Britons, the Europhiles, the Internationalists, the Socialists, the Traitors and amorphous morlockian dredges of filth masquerading as men hate it so. It is a memory of what once was, and what one day may become so again in a still yet more glorious dawn one fair Easter morn.

I will not countenance such treason, not today, I will hold my peace. Today is a day to be proud, today is a day to remember and never to forget that Ireland was once upon a time proud, rich in heritage where it was poor in the pocket. Strong in the arm when it was not strong in industry. Faithful and unwavering in its vision for the future when all around it stronger powers played their games. Remember that, keep that flame alive and that Ireland will never die so long as you and yours shall live. For more miraculous resurrections have occurred over Eastertide, the revival of a nation is a pittance in comparison to the Empty Tomb, however bleak the night may seem.

For one hundred years the Irish flag has waved, remember that when you watch the military might and splendour of our fair isle on parade through our capital and the flag will yet wave a hundred more. Remember where you come from and damn any man a coward and a traitor this day should he sneer at our country and its pride. Demand satisfaction for their words, they will not dare face you nor chance your wrath, for they are not men. Teach your children the price of blood paid in their name, God's own and that of our forebears so that the Easter fire may burn in their hearts and steel gird their souls. Teach them the language of the Gaels and the language of the Romans, so that Gaelige may again become the language of men's laws and Latin the language of men's souls.

Raise the sunburst banner, the four provinces, the royal blue and gold harp of Ireland, stand at attention for the anthem, salute the flag, march and sing and dance and pray for you are a living people, an Easter people, sons of Heaven, of Mary, of St. Patrick and Mil├ęsia. He is risen, and today is a new day for us all. Slan go phoile.

Monday 21 March 2016

The long night is dark indeed

Christendom died in the Somme with the warrior poets.

It took chivalry with it and though it took a long time to die, it took masculinity as well.

And in its place, Western Civilization was born.

A cruel mockery of its parent, Western Civilization, despite its name, did not have its birth with the Greeks over two thousand years ago, as if Christendom was merely a phase, a guise of what now is. This is nothing but propaganda and a wash of history to get you to accept the current as the norm, accept that what is is better and is always better than what was, that history is always a forward direction. It is one of the more subtle victories of Whig history and one very few people realize.

What the Greeks had was not 'Western Civilization. It was Greek civilization for certainly the Greeks did not consider themselves equal to the Egyptians, the Persians or those Etruscan imposters masquerading in Greek styles called 'Romans'. Though the Romans eventually taught the Greeks the errors of their judgement of Latins as being 'Etruscan' in due course. And the Greeks and all the mediterrenean civilizations were no more 'Western' than that of the Celt, the Teuton or the Iberian.

No what has happened has rather been a succession of civilizations, certainly one could see the succession of Greek Civilization in the might and glory of Rome and its civilization. And certainly Christendom, when came its time in turn, echoed the might and glory of Rome, crystallised as all things were, through Christ. The strength of Christendom, ignoring all theological virtues or what have you, was that it was not, truly 'one' civilization.

It was something altogether different, something more, and something truly human.

Under Christendom the Gael and Gaelic civilization could turn to the Slav in the east of Europe and call him brother, and see in him and his otherwise alien civilization kinship, fellowship and commonality, not in spite of their differences, but because of it. That the converted Norseman could see the Spanish crusader and call him friend and know him though his tongue and his ways was as alien to the Scandic peoples as the East Asian. It was a gathering force, weaving the coloured threads of human civilizations into one cohesive whole, even if in the end the brothers it made of peoples bickered and fought and feuded.

But that is to be expected, is that not what brothers do?

This is, truly, what it means to be a part of Christendom. That one should revel in the fact his neighbour is at once alien and at the same time his brother. And this is why Western Civilization as it is, is such an abomination.

Where Christendom celebrated liberty in service, Western Civilization applauds licentiousness and rebellion. Service, true personal service is slavery, and anonymous slavery is service. Whereas Christendom celebrated and fought and died over issues of legitimacy, Western Civilization will only ever fight and die over tyranny, whether to relieve one man of his tyranny in order to impose its own or to replace one tyranny with another. The question of 'legitimacy' matters not. Where Christendom, unspoken and without coercive or even truly conscious of what it was doing, weaved together peoples and races without destroying them, without diluting them, changing them on their own terms. Western Civilization seeks to ape and mock with multiculturalism and destroy all cultures and races until man is nothing more than a blank slate with which it can mould to suit its perverse ends.

Western Civilization is not dying because Islam is stronger, Western Civilization is dying because it is already a dead thing, a still-birthed horror born from the hell of Paschendale. It is dying because it never truly 'lived', the heroic materialism of tall towers, wildly uncontrollable and corrupted capitalism and existential warring over ideologies is just this lost zombie creature trying desperately to make up for what is lost from the world. Unlike the civilizations that came before, it is not a true successor because it does not echo its forebears, it is not truly the son of Christendom, but some Frankenstein's monster hewn from its corpse. Just as Islam is not a successor of the glories of the Persian empire, nor of the vaunted history of the Egyptians, nor is it even a successor of the Semitic peoples that made up Arabia before the people we now know as Arabs destroyed them. It destroyed them and took its throne, just as Western Civilization took Christendom's.

I talk about this now because it is now obvious to all, not just monarchists or Christians and those sensitive to the dire spiritual warnings we've been getting for well over a decade now, that psychic shroud that entire populations felt that 'something' is coming. I talk now because now more than ever, my fellow faithful Catholics are despairing utterly because of the state of the Church in the world, the genocide of our brethren in the East and other continents, the celebrated holocaust of the unborn, defeat on every front and a Pope who just does not seem to care.

There are worse horrors to come, the problem though, is I don't think people are really aware of the signs, the hints of the spring to come even in the depths of winter, the rays of light hinting at a more glorious dawn awaiting at the end of this long and terribly dark night. They do not see that others are awaking as they do, in the east of Europe, hundreds of thousands at a time are awakening to the danger of the world as it is, the suicide of Western Civilization and casting off the shackles that were disguised as its clothing. Russia's Putin, though there is much wrong with him and what he does, was the earliest indication. He and the New Russia are not 'European'.

Neither am I.

For today the word European means one is a member of this 'New Europe', the Europe of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, sodomy, bureaucracy and multiculturalism, Russia for all its faults and there are many, is slowly getting better, it is not 'European'. Neither is Poland, Hungary or any of the nations opposing this 'New Europe'.

Rather they are the echoes of what was 'Old Europe'. They are not the new Christendom, but rather they are the hints and promises of a Christendom that might one day be. Perhaps, but only after Europe and the rest of the world undergoes a Passion unlike anything seen before.

It is said Saint Patrick, while he was on his deathbed was shown a vision of Ireland, of what would become of the isle after his work, he was shown the island as if alight with fire. Then to his horror he was shown it to dim, and fade into almost nothing, the isle as dark as coal apart from a few places. If that is not what it is like today in Ireland, I know of no other time in our history when our isle was darker, bloodier, yes, but even a bloodied isle is always better than a dark one. Yet even he was shown hope, with the isle becoming brighter, and more fiery than it ever was before. Hope springs eternal, one should not expect that there will not be suffering, only that the suffering will one day end.

It's dark out there, light a candle.