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Monday 7 December 2015


Enough with the lies and propaganda.

Enough I say unto the media of this blighted isle, enough with your dogma, you are false prophets and brigands in the guise of friars and monks. You hate your fellow man. Your neighbor. Your children. Your wives. Yourselves. You are sick, put down the pen and get thee to rest. Your work has done its evil, now do no more.

Enough I say unto the charities that mock the Christian spirit of giving, enough with your chicanery. You take and take and take from Godly men and women, even from those without faith but who subsist on a Christian spirit that permeates their soul to love their fellow man, even if he were a stranger. You take this largesse, willingly and lovingly given, spend it on yourselves and give but pitiful remnants to those for whom we willingly gave of our daily bread so that they might eat. You are the false pan handlers of the Court of Miracles, who cause hearts to grow hard and for good men to hate his homeless brother, suspecting a spy and a thief where one ought to find a comrade.

Enough I say onto the disgraced priests. You who handle the Holy Eucharist, and deliver the very Blood of God onto His sheep that has sustained this nation through all the trails of time immemorial. You disgrace your Master by your lack of belief in Him who is and was and always will be. In your spread of heresy and subtle evils and your covering of crimes that cry out for vengeance, in your silence you who should lead the flock in prayer disgrace your holiest of offices. Repent, and preach the Gospel.

Enough I say onto the one who bears the title of Chieftain, and those under him who bear the titles as his heirs, and all the hangers on of that vile clan that sits upon the high house. You know neither blood nor water, yours is no loyalty, yours is lust and greed. The desiring of base things and hatred of all that is good and love of all that is vain. Cast yourself into exile, for you are not only not Irishmen, you are not men, and should dwell only where soever fit for only beasts to dwell. For even the wicked need a place to live.

Enough, enough, please God enough.

I want to see not a single more news article about gay marriage. I want to see not another artificially explosive scandal over abortion, where tragedy is turned into opportunity for an agenda. I want to see an end to mass migration of strangers who hate us, hate our religion, hate our culture, hate other foreigners who do integrate into our laws and everything that is not them and I know damn well there is more than a million Irishmen out there who will scream the same if they but had the balls to speak. France, Belgium, London and everywhere else can't happen here? Think somehow Ireland is special or exempt from the horrors afflicting the rest of the world? Wake up, we weren't safe when the pirates of the Barbary coast raided coastal villages for slaves, why the hell would we be safe now with the Crescent on the rise?

I do not want to see a single priest willingly preaching heresy and dissension and not get an ecclesiastical slap for it, I don't want to hear of a single Irish bishop tacitly flirting with schism and joyfully tossing letters from Rome into a bin. I don't want a single nun disdain the orders she has willfully taken on for the sake of the poison of feminism. In fact I would much rather each and every single person of the above classes who do hold these evils to heart, to single turn in their rosaries, say they were no longer Catholic, and wander off to join some heresy or found their own. Then, at least, they would be honest men and women. Bad priests are as old as Melchizedek, and will always be with us, but false priests are worse than any sinner. For they take joy in their cloak and abuse it willingly and joyfully.

I do not want to see a single a politician in the dail who is there but hates his own country. Who hates his own people and hates his own heritage. Our two main parties purport to be for Irish nationalism, indeed purport to be for it so much that the slightest of heresy on the matter was what divided them nearly a century ago. And our only serious alternative to them is one party of borderline communists and anticlericalists and a smattering of fractious left wing nothings? You can argue economics till the cow meets the plate, but what else can you call it but hatred when the government sells out its people to the banks, enslaves us to the Troika, charges us more for our life's water and then gives most of that money away to some shyster of a private corporation?

Unrealistic? I don't care. I want these things gone. Am I mad for wanting these things? I'm mad for desiring Irishmen who love Ireland to run our government? Mad to want priests to love God to stand at our altars? Mad to want to control who gets to enter and live in our country? Mad to want the absolute, bat-shit insanity that is homosexuality and every single attendant facet of that perverse ideaology to not be recognised as on par with the Nation Building union that is marriage? I'm mad for wanting more Irishmen in the world by not murdering our own children? What, I'm mad for desiring Sanity?


Enough with that bullshit.

Ireland will not survive the century if we keep hearkening to this. And the absolute insanity of it all is it does not have to be this way. Once upon a time, men were unapologetic about the Truth, one cannot scarcely imagine such a time, one is laughed at for even uttering such fallacy. No one has any idea of what such men even sound like much less look like.

Now you do.

This is the same Poland that suffered a near half century of communist evil. This is the same Poland who, so very like our own Ireland, suffered innumerable hardships and evils from its neighbors. This is the same Poland who once upon a time, in Europe's darkest hour, turned the Turk at Vienna and broke the crescent across the knees of Christian kings. This is a nation who knows, first hand what it is like to pull back from the brink, to snatch miracles from the mouth of despair. This is a nation of Christian men, who charge into the jaws of inevitability and impossibility, spit into the face of kismet and come out time and time again a nation undaunted despite it sufferings.

Ireland was very like Poland in times gone by and, in its example, may it learn that it can be so again. This is what men, tired of evil, sound like. Do you know many men like that? Perhaps you do, perhaps you know men bold enough to denounce the evils besetting the world, but who shy from such a bold declaration of faith. Who burst with pride but refuse to humble themselves so that a prince may be found amongst them. What you see are men of goodwill, led astray and lacking guidance, who want to do good but in their ignorance flail and find they can only do evil instead. How many more men of good will are simply silent because they are so isolated?

And so I say enough with the silence. Enough. I have had it with so much talk of rights of men and women and animals and the environment and this and that and everything else.

I wish to hear more of the rights of God, so I can learn, truly, the rights of Ireland.

Éirinn go Brách