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Tuesday 31 December 2013

Happy New Year, Happy Christmas and other thoughts

I would like to wish all my readers a very happy and safe New Year's and hope you all had a good Christmas.

Its been a rough year for everyone, or so it feels. Abdications left, right and center, modernist self destructive programs running rampant destroying whats left of culture and tradition in all corners of the world and suddenly everyone realizes its ok to be paranoid because your government is almost certainly spying on you. Of course, being raised in the generation of social media, were posting every snippet of your personal life online for all to see is considered a virtue, indeed, a social necessity among the unthinking masses, the majority of the population has been conditioned to accept government monitoring of everything they do as normal.

In fact, it is not. Indeed the revelation of so much spying is only the tip of the iceberg, the logical conclusion of the social ills we have all been suffering from, and I will outline what that actually is.

Not long ago, I posted an article in which I issued a mea culpa for my absence and lack of posting on the blog along with an explanation that I was driven away from my duties because a pall of sheer despair had descended over me. The reason for that despair is obvious and dealt with in that post. What I did not consider is how many of my fellows it also affects. Out of the many blogs I follow, almost all of which are monarchist, only 2 update with anything resembling consistency, most of the other 20 or so have long since died off and I fear for the exact same reason this blog had been put on indefinite hiatus. Indeed, the seeming futility of raging against the world and all its terrors is enough to shake the courage of any of us, were good is rewarded with injustice and injustice is awarded with praise and cheers. The world has become a frightening, mad place.

One source, not the only source but a key enabler of almost all the evils we face in the modern and post-modern era, is democracy itself. Now, it has already been scientifically proven that democracy does not achieve its fundamental purpose: That of having the informed, engaged public consult and vote on issues of import for the day. Indeed, through rigorous practice it has been proven time and time again, all Democracy actually manages to achieve is to divide the public, encourage ideological tribalism and engendering apathy in the majority of the citizenry. It is this apathy that allows the corrupt and morally bankrupt political classes to become more and more degenerate and get away with more and more scandals to the point were now the press and media are tools of a political establishment going through the motions of partisan politics when in reality it is the same machine with interchangeable parts. This was seen spectacularly in America in the wake of the Snowden leaks, (I do not mean to pick on America in this instance, the country merely provides a good case study of what I am trying to point out). Its media immediately started smearing the leaker and trying their damnedest to ignore the content of the actual leaks, certain news websites were banned on American military bases and America started pulling almost every sneaky trick up its sleeve to get a hold of Snowden and put an end to the scandal, even going so far as grounding the plane of a foreign head of state by pressuring its European allies to refuse it landing permission and ordering it to land before it had even reached the Mediterranean.

And the people did not care. Oh certainly, there was some outrage, but where are the riots? Where are the formally recognized demands for impeachment of a president who has bankrupt his country, incites racial hatred for political gain, enables the assassination and detention of his own citizens on the flimsiest of grounds. It is the same elsewhere, the revelations and actions of America this year should have set off a diplomatic firestorm that should have destroyed America on the international stage. It only caused a few grumbles and a half-hearted attempt by the shambling, bloated corpse that is the European Union to shake a stick at America. So now we have hard evidence we all live in police states, and apparently, no one gives a damn. In fact, the courts, which I have an affinity for with my background in law one minute denounced America's spying operations as illegal, only to declare a week later it was, in fact, legal. Which shouldn't matter with all those 'secret courts' the government runs. It really is enough to make one lose faith.

And despite all this, it has only made our political masters all the bolder. The false conservatives in Britain for example, made a recent about-face on their promises to the people on regulating the impending immigration from Bulgaria and Romania, mere days before the restrictions are lifted. Once more the people of the UK are to suffer, unwanted and unconsulted and unlimited immigration straining their welfare services, housing and healthcare to further extents and drastically increase the percentage of unemployed because Britain simply doesn't have the robust economy it needs to absorb this influx. No one does! No matter how many times people say the recession is over, it simply isn't. The Republic doesn't need too much dwelling on it, Enda Kenny has been trying his damnedest to shove through as many reforms and laws as he can. The entire, shameful debacle that was the abortion bill debates and eventual passage, the brushing over of Alan Shatter's criminal threats of using Gardai acquired information against political opponents, the attempts to dissolve the Seanad and concentrate all legislative power in a single house, the Anglo-Irish tapes which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt this country was duped and sold up the river by economic war criminals who effectively convinced our country to sell itself into debt-slavery. I have said enough regarding the Irish government, it needs to be destroyed, for it is a dead thing that cannot be saved and reform would be fruitless.

But even so, in Europe the case is much the same elsewhere. In France, president Hollande blithely ignores MILLIONS of his own citizens protesting his gay marriage bill, race riots in Paris and no-go zones and ghettos throughout France where the French are not welcome and would face violent assault by the Muslim residents for daring to walk freely in their own country. Now he gets the go ahead from France's constitutional court to flat out tax the rich for 75% of their earnings. I do not care how wealthy someone is, it is literally sinful to take three quarters of a man's wages. I do not expect the rich to stay in France for long after this, perhaps not even the companies they work for, France will suffer for this foolishness for the rich will not stay. I do not mean to sound as a defender of the super rich or make the mistake of conservatives in America who shore up corporatism on the misguided belief it will help smaller companies and greater economic growth for the lower classes, it is simply the reality that society needs the rich and rich, being rich, don't have to suffer unduly when they can merely move out.

We now live in a perfect storm of corruption and vileness. The only ray of light I can see is Hungary struggling against all the tremors and tribulations thrown at it to determine its own destiny, for good or for ill, things are so bad that even the Authoritarianism of Putin seems preferable to the moral relativistic yet absolute tyranny of the west. Democracy has only facilitated this downfall of civilization, it is not the only cause, certainly, but everything I have laid out above can be traced back to the effects it has had on society. If nothing else, democracy on the national scale, needs to die as an idea. Which, at this point, can only happen when it falls naturally and violently which is becoming increasingly likely it will if this new economic bubble anyone with sense can see coming miles away bursts. Otherwise we will just stay under the grindstone forever, it is no wonder so many of my peers dedicate their time to other matters these days.

I know I started off this article wishing you all a happy New Year, and I mean it. I wish you all the best, but I would be a liar if I said I honestly think 2014 will be a good year for anyone.