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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hopes and Dreams

I was watching part of the livefeed of the Dail debates for the legalisation of abortion and felt inside myself my country, or perhaps it was my love of country, dying. It is not an unusual feeling, I suppose for monarchists to feel regularly. Traditionalists too as well as just about anyone who has a feeling of just how truly empty this world has become, of meaning and beauty. We bounce back. For we dream. And for this we are denounced.

I have a friend, a good imaginative young man with whom I discuss realpolitik and the twisting turns of the river of history. With him on almost every matter of import I disagree but we get along as anyone should be able to do with those who disagree with them. My arguments with him, from everything to seeking an end to the sword of Damocles hanging above our species' collective heads known as Mutually Assured Destruction, to the Syrian Crisis are almost always matters on which we diverge. He is something of a political 'realist' or more accurately a political pragmatist. I would argue getting rid of MAD, either through a total renunciation of nuclear weapons, or the development of 'nightshade' technology or other means as to render ICBMs and the instantaneousness of nuclear oblivion obsolete. He would argue instead that this would lead to more conventional wars between developed nations with no suicide button to keep us placid and domesticated. I would retort that this is preferable to the potential obliteration of our species hanging on the horizon waiting for some damn fool or tyrant (as they will inevitably occur) gets a hold of ICBM technology and damn us all. He would argue the opposite, the guaranteed peace of MAD is infinitely preferable to the potential horrors of war and the consequences of politics. I would argue that it is not, given the horrors of war would give meaning and weight to politics and help shore up the drive for voter education with regards to who they put on the ballot and would almost certainly not result in total destruction of our race, which I view as a greater evil. He is for the status quo and will believe it always to remain such for it to change would be impossible and unimaginable. I am the radical. He the realist and myself the dreamer. At its heart it is an old argument. Would you rather be a slave whose life hangs on the whim of an unpredictable master or a free man stalked by danger and the potential of random death?

For really, its as relevant now as it ever was, if not moreso, for are we not slaves?

Our entire lives hang upon the value of meaningless pieces of paper and numbers whose monetary value fluctuates on the slightest hiccup in one part of the world. We are a city built upon a spiderweb drowning ourselves in arrogance and delusion believing that one day there will not be a storm which will sunder our firmanent of lies and crush our citadels of deceit.

To distract us from the horrors of our reality, we are given easy access to cheap non-foods that are more artificial chemicals then hearty foodstuffs cut from living and sustaining flesh, enough to fill us and make us lazy, yet never enough to satiate that truly human desire that demands satisfaction. To distract our troubled intellects from the philosophical terrors of nihilism, for almost none of us have truly been fortified in our thinking, we are distracted by constant news of the frivolities of celebrities and the farce they have made out of athleticism and good sports. To ease our troubled souls of the mortifying spiritual damage our sins have caused, we are assured we have done nothing wrong and continue about our way. We believe we are free for we are allowed to do all the wrong things, and damned if we dare to do what is right.

The free man owns himself. He can damage himself with either eating or drinking; he can ruin himself with gambling. If he does he is certainly a damn fool, and he might possibly be a damned soul; but if he may not, he is not a free man any more than a dog.” - G.K. Chesterton

Here Chesterton is denouncing puritanism and moralistic tyranny. I believe we have entered the opposite form of Tyranny, where nothing is true, and all is permitted, bar that which is true. For we are told not to dream, for we will never achieve them. We are educated at younger and younger ages about sex, but not only sex but degenerate sex. People think nothing of children sexting at younger ages and being exposed to graphic pornography as young as 11 or 12. This is our only comfort in this world, or so the people believe, to rail against it is to be as mad as to tell the tide to turn back.

We are told not to dream. To not to dare.

Every age but our own is filled with ignorance superstition and dirt. Only pagan Rome and Greece with their hedonism appeals to our depraved age, and for that we look upon those eras with kindness. Heroes do not exist, there is no such thing as a good king, the wisdom of elders and ancients is nonsense, to pursue anything for any other reason other then material wealth and comfort is a crusade in lies.

We live in an age ruled by the chains of the ephemeral, immaterial and false, yet we are denounced as delusions those who dare to dream of something real. Dead things flow with the current, living things shape it, for only a slave suffers his own ignorance and lack of ambition, a free man dreams.


  1. I don't really know what to say in the comments here, but a great piece Servent. An age of arrogance and ignorance indeed, where everyone is just going along with the flow for the sake of comfort. I used to be easily embarrassed, but I no longer become ashamed by liars. Their strength is in numbers, not substance, after all.

  2. I too like this piece, it rings true in my mind, the degenerate mtv arwards images also popped into my mind but the imgae of the king cast them aside. The foot print on the moon echoes RFK's speech "There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?

    Bravo servant, keep her lit!!!

  3. The only time people are told to dream is when it's fluff meant to boost self esteem. Rather than teaching about virtues that could make a person comfortable with themselves, they congratulate people for not doing anything, and follow it by saying "follow your dreams". Unless, of course, those dreams have to do with God or virtue or authority, no, the dream is to love yourself.

  4. "We live in an age ruled by the chains of the ephemeral, immaterial and false, yet we are denounced as delusions those who dare to dream of something real."

    Stirring stuff ...

    I appreciate your dreams and your _sheer passion_ - and have just said so publicly at my own website:

    And finally, finally, I got my web designer friend to get an Irish blog roll onto the sidebar of my site.

    So you are now listed on every page of my site.

    Thank you very much for including me.

    If you were able to change it to the title Cor Jesu Sactatissimum rather than the url at some point, I should be grateful.

  5. Hey Servent, what do you think about the upcoming vote on the Seanad?

    1. Terrible. The Seanad, for all its faults should not be abolished on the simple basis that a bicameral legislature makes it harder for a majority party to rule independently in government, which is my greatest fear when it comes to legislation, and given our corrupt majority parties that is very likely to be one of the main desires behind this motion.

      The 'feudal' nature of the Seanad electoral structure is ideal in ensuring at least one house has a high percent chance of being markedly different then the other and preventing majority dominance. The ostensible reason of abolishing the Seanad because its not democratic enough is not only a smokescreen, but its also nonsense, Ireland is a republic and not a democracy so democratization shouldn't be the dominant value but so is the way of the world nowadays. In truth, the Seanad is the least of the government's problems in terms of corruption, I will be curious as to how the conservative Irish public (in terms relating to constitutional changes at least) will react to the government's rhetoric. Dissolving the Seanad will create a constitutional NIGHTMARE scenario, the house is mentioned innumerable times all throughout the constitution, getting rid of it requires a massive redraft of the constitution which likely is one of the reasons its being pushed. Sooner or later the west Britons will get their 'new republic'

  6. The next referendum will be to get rid of the Dáil for cost savings reasons and of course we'll have less corrupt politicians in power....only we'll be left with the intended benevolent dictator.

    1. Or perhaps a benevolent king, eh?

    2. Wishful thinking Antaine. What are the chances of an irish christian monarchy do you think?

    3. Yeah, I know. Just kidding.