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Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Republic is dead, Excommunicate An Taoiseach Enda Kenny

Enda Kenny has officially introduced the thin edge of the wedge into Ireland that will inevitably lead the way to greater abortion and the industrialization thereof. Followed immediately by Gay Marriage, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research and the death of the nation. He has betrayed the people of Ireland and our uncounted progeny to come by sacrificing them upon the altars of the false gods of secularism, convenience, modernism and liberalism. I curse his name and swear enmity to him and those who he calls friends.

The Republic is dead, is constitution torn, its proclamation dust upon the air, its heroes and martyrs dead in vain and slavery, degradation, and a final destruction of our identity and culture is to be our inheritence and that of our children. Those children who survive the vetting process of the modern world and/or the world of commercial genetics in designer babies. (Its already coming in other countries, do not delude yourselves it isn't coming here.)

Let the West Britons and liberals design their 'New Republic' they so desperately want, this one is dead, and so are they and so will be the bastard offspring of their poisoned minds. As for me I swear enmity and advocate counter-revolution. Peaceful restoration is beyond us now unless we desire a bastardized monarchy as bad as this republic short of an intervention by God, the Saints and His angels.

"I am a politician who happens to be Catholic, not a Catholic Politician." No, an Taoiseach, you are simply not a Catholic at all, and I call on the Bishops of Ireland to gird themselves manfully and follow through on their most apostolic duty and, in charity, chastise those politicians who have signed into law this intrinsic evil by excommunicating them from the Church Catholic and deny them the title they crave for their votes. We are beyond politics in this matter.

This is now war.


  1. Whats the flag you have there?

    Enda is shameful by the way.

  2. Servent,

    Never mind. It seems I can publish my comments again.

    The thing that annoys me most about Enda Kenny is that he's not being called out for not being "catholic", he's being called out for supporting infanticide (or whatever the fetus equivalent is).

    I find it darkly amusing that we Catholics are under the impression that we are supposed to leave our faiths at the door, so to speak, as I very much doubt atheists leave their atheism at the door. Apparently, it is completely disgraceful to make a decision based on the teachings of the Church, but it's perfectly fine to make a decision based on inhumane greed and selfishness.

    We are not allowed oppose abortion because the Lord commands it, but you may support abortion because it suits your own cause of wanting to sleep around with whoever you like, like a shameless harlot.

    I whole-heartedly agree Servent, the time for action is overdue, but I'm not sure what exactly we should do.

    I love your flag by the way. I'm curious as to why there is no green in it, not that that really bothers me as that shade of blue is one of my favourite colours.

    1. My apologies Antaine, I was unaware there was difficulty in publishing comments on my blog. This plus the comment you left on my Wolves Among Us article are the only comments of yours I have seen in some time.

      The flag was originally belonging to a fictional nation I had on the Nationstates forum game website called The Irish Marchlands, an Imperial Irish successor state (of which there are apparently a great many on that site). I deliberately left out green because I wanted to emphasis blue which is a royal colour in Ireland (still is, despite the president's use of it) that and putting green on the flag would clash with the blue and be aesthetically displeasing. Currently adopting it as another of my monarchist flags, (the other is at the base of this blog and is based off of a friend's design which I altered.)

      'Political Catholicism' of the JFK brand has dominated the political scene and after Vatican II, the Bishop's suppression of genuinely Catholic parties vying for Catholic interests led us to this conclusion.

      I am not sure myself what to do, but it begins with denouncing the validity and legitimacy of the Republic's government and its attendant system, otherwise we'll just fall into the democratic pitfall of ousting one government, installing another one, and thinking things will change because democracy promised us it would.

  3. are one crazy Irishman. Cheers.

  4. Waaaaaah! Gay marriage and assisted suicide are going to destroy the country somehow!!

    Typical illogical fearmongering from the religious right.

    1. Typical illogical name-calling from those opposed to the Faith.

    2. From your response, I take it you also can't provide a logical reason gays shouldn't be allowed to marry and those who wish to die with dignity should be denied their wish.

    3. Gay "marriage" is a farce. It's a simple case of "the heterosexuals have something I don't, and I want it". Homosexual couples will never be equal to heterosexual couples - that much is common sense. A couple of 2 people of the same gender will never be equal to a couple of 2 people of different genders.

      Homosexuals can cry and whinge all they want, but even if gay "marriage" is legalised it will be nothing more than a vain attempt at trying to impersonate a proper married couple. If you think that there is anything logical about homosexual marriage then it's you that has the problem, friend.

      Assisted suicide is an awful thing. What is so logical or dignified about a country that kills its own people? Assisted suicide. Makes it sound slightly nicer. All it amounts to is turning people into murderers for the convenience of one.

    4. So relieving the suffering of someone with a terminal illness is a bad thing? .. And gay Irish people don't deserve the same rights as a straight Irishman/Irishwoman?
      Get over yourself mate, it's the feckin' 21st century, you've got ideals from the fifteen hundreds.

    5. What does the year have to do with it? Just because it's the 21st century doesn't mean we automatically switch to an atheist mentality.

      Yes, allowing other people to have a hand in the death of someone else is murder.

      Gay men and women have the same rights as other people. They are not, or should not be, discriminated against when it comes to getting jobs or being served somewhere in public, etc. Marriage is not the same thing. As I said, gay marriage is a desperate attempt to try and force people to accept your way of life by creating a poor impersonation of a proper family.

  5. Don't sugar coat is say what you really believe. No wait don't, I trust I can figure it out. Keep up the good work. An Amarican Monarchist.

  6. Ireland needs a king. The Taoiseach and the entire Dail are nothing but grubby ward healers that would feel at home in Tammany Hall. As an American of Irish descent I find the government and politics of Ireland to be sad in the extreme. A great country saddled with a third rate political class. Any future king should come from the Irish diaspora as to be as divorced from the current mess as possible and to escape the clannishness of Fine Gael and Fianna Fail.

  7. Ireland will have a king, but no ordinary king will suffice, to beat away the evil of the UN, the overbearing presence of Germany, the evil of the financial markets, and the lurking shadow of Obamas regime. The world seems to be against decency and honesty, Christianity. The Brits are embracing Islam, when the queen should be denouncing it. As regards Enda, who I once met at an airport, he is a leader of the dail, but a follower of the troika and the eu, meek and mild like a poor quality cheddar from a cheap german supermarket. Its the 3 amigos by his side, Shatter, Howlin and Gilmore that need watching closely. Shatter - a jew - does he agree with the Talmud and its derogatory views on Christians. Howlin well questions remain on his agenda, and Gilmore has let down 1500 years of dead irish catholics with his perverted push for gay marriage

  8. go to :

  9. You're fuckin' nuts!

  10. Why does Ireland need a king? Would a dictator not suffice?