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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Dear Republicans, please keep your own mess to yourselves

Hello, you may know me as a stupid fool, and I am ok with that.

However today I have come to you with a request.

Please stop referring to republican leaders, be they presidents, premiers, communist, capitalists, freely elected or doubtfully elected, good, bad as kings, just because you do not like them. For they are not kings, you yourselves do not want them to be kings and they frequently wish to promote their images as being anything other then a king.

I know it may be a bit much to ask, a monarchist requesting those who subscribe to a group of ideologies predicated on rebellion against tyranny, real or supposed, and the manipulation of the popular masses with lies, deceit and propaganda, admittedly honestly or not, to consider our sensibilities. But I feel I must request that you cease and desist. Because you see, your leaders are not kings.

In fact they are presidents and premiers. They have always been presidents and premiers. That's all they have ever been.

Yet whenever a politician, who gets himself into power through means of whitewashed lies, broken promises, fooled populaces and handshakes made in smokey rooms with poor lighting and does something that falls out of popular favor, or runs roughshod over perceived ideals and necessary conduct of law or stately behavior, he is almost always, compared to a king, by means of condemnation.

Now I could be here all day and say in precise terms why, exactly such a president is incomparable to a king, even a poor king who acts in similar manners, but you don't care about that in the slightest. My words already have little value in your eyes anyway so why waste them.

No, I am here to ask you to stop, not because it is inaccurate, but because you are putting the blame on us Monarchist for messes that are fundamentally your fault. Indeed, I wish you to stop so that your own manhood and integrity do not come further into question, though I fear I am fifty years of republican domination of the world too late for that, nonetheless it must be stated.

Monarchists are willing to own up to every atrocity, every poor ruler in our long histories, every bad royal decision, every ounce of blood on our hands, every betrayal of world history that you believe to be our fault.

If you would but own up to yours. Your tyrants and dictators and scheming colleges of politicians and hotbeds of political intrigue and corruption are your own, every atrocity of the twentieth century past the first world war has been the result of revolution, every promise broken, every stupid mistake, every betrayal every ounce of blood is on your hands and those of your leaders.

But you will not because your not only hate history you also hate any besmirching of your systems that are slowly and assuredly crushing the soul and life out of entire civilizations and you refuse to accept the fact that your presidents are not acting like kings when they are tyrannically going against the values of your ideology. Far from that.

They are acting like presidents. And always have.

So please, own up to your own messes, if you can.

Yours sincerely
Servant of the Chief


  1. Have you been having trouble with republicans lately Servent?

    1. Fortunately no, not personally. This article is largely in response to republicans, particularly americans comparing their politicians to acting like monarchs whenever their horse is not the one in power and/or whenever they do something they did not like.

  2. Have you read, "Liberty: The God That Failed" by Christopher A. Ferrara? It is a fantastic work that shows how "presidents and premiers" are far more tyrannical than the kings they replaced.

    1. I have not heard of Liberty: The God that failed but I'll have a look for it on amazon. Are you sure you don't mean Democracy: The God that failed? I know that book exists.