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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy St.Patrick's Day

Happy St.Patrick's day to one and all, is féidir leat beo fada agus go leor leanaí a bheith acu!

But I have not been a happy man lately, too wired to the news, every time I seek to write about monarchical theory something happens on the news that enrages me to the point where I feel like writing about it instead, but withhold myself because I do not wish this to become a blog merely of rants on current affairs and end up getting nothing done.

But this once I shall share with you the various causes of my unhappiness in these times.

We have a Pope, a very humble man of which I am grateful, but rumblings and whispers of him setting out to destroy the good and beautiful liturgical reforms of Benedict in the name of 'humility' and, due to that, wreck our relations with the Orthodox when a reunion after nearly a millenia of division seems so close to hand, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople will attend the installation mass for the first time since 1054, I pray the Franciscans His Holiness has put in charge of liturgy will do well. I love the man but I have my fears, I want reform but not of the Holy Mass.

Across the waters in Britain the Queen who is in ill health, may she receive a speedy recovery, pledged to sign a charter promoting equal rights and especially emphasizing the rights of homosexuals within the commonwealth. Now we can all argue about the motivations as to why she would do this, including speculate who in Britain's ossified government pushed this forward for her to sign but at the end of the day the pledge was nothing more the rubber-stamping the laws already in place in the commonwealth and in Britain in particular. Its a shame that the Sovereing of England has been reduced to such a puppet status, but then again Ireland can't really talk, our President is in the exact same position in terms of power and ability to wield it.

And of course the wars and rumors of wars, Syria, Korea, Algeria and other parts of Africa and the petty and shamelessly public bickering between diplomatic giants over these issues.

But of course, the majority of my Ire is always reserved for my own country. Our government is a den of snakes and liars and troglodytes. From the shameless pre-arranged propaganda campaign of the Salvia Halapanivar scandal by pro-abortion groups to try to strong arm Abortion legislation unto the Irish Population and the diplomatic shame-talking down to us by India who right now should be busy trying to clean its own house to save what's left of its face all the way to the political kowtowing and scraping at the feet of a foreign institution in Brussels and Strasbourg and holding out the foodbasket for crumbs from the tables of the Troika and IMF. Shame, shame on our institutions of power, shame on our politicians, shame upon our willingness to 'admit' we voted wrong with our referendums, the history of Ireland after joining the European Union is one of scandal, waste, cowardice and shame.

And even after all this and all the evidence and pressure, (and I am pleased, threats of excommunication) our TDs are still going to try to vote to enforce legislation on the X case and enforce party whips on TDs who are apprehensive of going against the people's will on this matter, and here in the north when finally, FINALLY the party's move to put an injunction on that horrible horrible abortion clinic, which seeks to exploit Northern Ireland's strict conditions for legal abortion for profit. Sinn Fein, the 'party of nationalists' who are 'opposed to Abortion' yet 'do not seek to limit a woman's choice' allied with the greens to prevent the move to limit abortions to only be carried out by the NHS when they meet the criteria.

I demand their heads on pikes! I demand their blood! Traitors and vipers, the ones who made me turn from republicanism in disgust and dismay continue to show their marxist colors by favoring the murder of children in favour of ideology, let history and God judge them as they are, for how they have acted shall now echo in terrifying halls of eternity.

People who read this blog regular know I am rarely this openly violent in my attitudes but this is violence worthy, this is anger worthy.

And even after all this, not even the simple joy of St.Patrick's day can lift my spirits just a tad.

Slan go phoile.


  1. A merry St. Patrick's Day to you Servent.
    So many of these things you have summed up also annoy me. One thing that has bothered me about Pope Francis, though admittedly through no fault of his own, is how everyone is using him to show complete disrespect to the Vatican and Pope Benedict XVI (and yes, I still call him Pope as I would refer to any dead Pope as Pope). According to a Sky story, somebody praising Pope Francis referred to him as "not so Vatican". They were supposed to be Catholic too. The very treachery within the ranks of our own Church, laity and clergy alike, burns my blood.

    I am also disgusted by the British trying to get involved in Syria. Are Cameron and Hague really that dense that they're willing to arm terrorists? Disgusting. Leave Syria to the Syrians.

    Yes, the abortionists are shamelessly using someone to push their whore-mongering, murder-glorifying agenda; but what's new? They're a group that calls themselves Pro-Choice while, ironically, they support the destruction of fetuses and thus the eradication of a life-time of choices. The abortionists are a selfish, shameless group of lecherous animals; and that's being insulting to animals.

    As for India, with all these rape-stories suddenly dawning, I am shocked that these are the same people who had the gall to question Ireland's concern for women. The Indians have something to hide.

    As for the government here in the Republic, I wouldn't put anything past them. If they start allowing abortion clinics here then the only thing to do is send out the wreckers to sabotage them.

    And your violence is justified. The Irish government has done nothing for its people. The politicians are sitting comfortable while meanwhile there are people committing suicide from financial pressure. Then the bankers are getting it easy, and murderers and rapists are on the streets with little to no punishment. The whole lot of them should be violently purged from the land.

    Deus Vult

  2. Oh, and I just realised Mac an Ri's blog is missing for some reason.

    1. I have noticed too, I am not sure what happened. He may have closed it to focus on his family as I know recently he had a new child.

  3. Well, the murderers and rapists should be purged. The rest should beaten into a prison cell.

  4. Having now moved at last to my beloved Ireland, I find myself thinking of you still more. (I have been reading this site for two-three years now and occasionally had interchanges with you, as you may recall).

    I find myself wanting to contact you privately about Ireland, about the situation in the six counties about Christendom ...

    And wish I could find an e-mail address for you.

    If you were wiling to let me have your email at .. I should be grateful.

    I've mentioned this before, but at my own blog and site Cor Jesu Sacratissimum, I have a label for pieces on Catholic Ireland that may interest or tell you more about myself an why I hope to contact you.