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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Habemus Papam!

Pope Francis I was not what I was expecting, I don't think anyone expected him.

I will take this opportunity to pray for His Holiness and swear my obedience to him.


  1. A lot of people on Rorate Caeli were acting quite upset about him becoming upset. I won't say anything until I know more, but either way he has been chosen. According to Sky News he's more interested in social justice issues than doctrine though...

    1. The media says alot of things, he has distanced himself considerably from the liberation theology running rampent in South America and has drawn criticism from liberal members of the Jesuits, his interest in social justice not withstanding I don't think we have much to fear.

    2. Just visited Roate Caeli

      I am not liking what I am hearing.

  2. papal conclaves can be very hard to predict, only half of the last 6 popes were people the press saw as papable, there is a saying amoung italian journalists on the vatican "he who enters the conclave as a pope-elect leaves as a cardinal." we will have to see how he does in office before we form any opinions on the new pope, after all we should give him some time to do his job before we can develop possitive or neggative views on how he does it. with a new person you have more reason to be optimistic then you would otherwise in the same situation because he has no bad record from the past. the new pope took on a name no pope has ever used before (evidently after a favorite saint) (everything must be done for a first time if it is to be done at all)i must add that the conclave finished faster then i thought it would (I did not even think it would start until 7 days after i posted this.) (mind you i put this comment up within 24 hours of the post going online)so the latest papal election was done before the date i thought it was going to start on. i must thank you for being the person who first allerted me to this news
    the saint he has chosen to name himself in homage to is this person:

  3. True, we should probably wait until a little longer before making our minds up about him, but I don't suppose it really matters what we think. He is the Pope given to us.
    My biggest concern is that he will hide behind his charitable works and "humility", while ruining everything good and traditional about the faith. Traditional Catholics get a bad enough time off the press. Do we need the Pope to help them?