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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Wolves among us

This morning in the Sunday Independent I saw a sprawling front page spread detailing a brave Pro-Life activist's sting on two Labour TDs regarding their stance on abortion.

The anonymous pro-lifer masqueraded as a pro-choice supporter when confronting these two TDs and led the conversation towards the topic of abortion, asking the TDs about the impending vote on legislating on the X Case, (abortion available on psychological health grounds, such as suicide).

Now we all know how wondrously effective abortion on psychological health grounds has been in virtually every country it has been introduce. That is to say, not at all in terms of proving genuine psychological relief to the persons involved and how it totally avoids radical abuse of the law and further liberalization of abortion. But that is besides the point, the point here is we now have tapes of two Labour TDs admitting to an incremental approach to getting abortion on demand in Ireland, which has been successful in England (where abortion is still technically illegal but in all ways that actually matter its effectively abortion on demand because of the realities of the restrictions imposed by the Abortion Act).

The two TDs; Ms Anne Ferris and Aodhan O'Riordain, essentially admitted on tape that they are trying to use legislation on the X case as a wedge and a 'first step' from which they can go further on the issue. They reiterate it is within the Labour party's manifesto to legislate on the x case and they would not give up on it, they would pass it in order to comply with the European Court of Human Rights on the issue (who only want clarification on Ireland's current law for Doctors' sake and nothing more) but they will go further.

In fact the duplicity involved here is as sickening as it was foreseeable.

They intentionally pushed for the expert panel not for any genuine concerns, (and apparently hinted that they somehow knew the expert panel would push for more abortion liberalization), but to give cover to the 70+ Fine Gael TDs who oppose abortion strongly, thinking it would give them political cover to vote on a bill they would view as political suicide to vote yes to. From a real politik standpoint you can see the logic here, political cover is the holy grail of all politicians, but it is a trojan horse, as they revealed if they get into government next term they would continue pushing.

In fact Mr. O'Riordain went so far as to say if he was interviewed on a radio and someone asked him if he would push for more abortion he would say 'no of course not, it is what it is.' While fully admitted this would be a lie. Meanwhile Anne Ferris claimed that Labour leader an Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore had told an Taoiseach, Enda Kenny of the Fine Gael party to whip Fine Gael TDs into line on the x case, and whether or not this is true, Enda Kenny has indeed been trying to whip his party into line and faced strenuous resistance from his TDs. Aodhan even went so far as to all but call Fine Gael pro-life TDs country bumpkins, saying that if you are a rural TD then you are a good Catholic, who goes to mass and opposes abortion, said with disdain as he went on to say as he visited county Monaghan, he scratched his head, accused the people of the county of having latent homophobia and 'thought Irish society moved on.

I warned of wolves such as these getting into power when Fine Gael was looking for partners to form a government with and now we are witnessing the truth of the matter, TDs willing to sacrifice Irish babies on the altar of Baal for the sake of their ambitions and mad dreams at the expense of the damnation of Ireland.

The thing that gives me good heart is the bravery of some Fine Gael TDs and senators, some of whom have, against party wishes, visited pro life groups in America, openly opposed party whips as well as Brian Walsh, TD, who is the first to categorically state he would not be voting for abortion legislation on suicide grounds.

I can only vote more follow him.

Ireland has had its diplomatic reputation ruined, its ruling class reduced to muleing fools, its standing among nations shattered, its wealth robbed and its people taxed into literal bondage. Yet we are to believe we have more to lose if we do not compromise on our values?

Labour believes we are slaves and as good slaves we should do as we are commanded and obey, to make abortion legal and seal our damnation. Even though in doing so we will lose the last scrap of manfulness our nation can claim, the 21st century has not been kind to Ireland, nor will it ever be, if we do not stand strong now and hold to our souls we will not last the impending winter that will descend upon us all.

TDs, I back you in the name of God and Country, do not vote for this bill.

Slan go Phoile
Servant of the Chief


  1. Ireland has already become too "liberal" for my liking. It is a country that has been shedding its morals a piece at a time. It seems to be following a twisted concept of "progression" that is all too common in secular places like the US. Anyone who holds proper religious beliefs is passed off as a nutty zealot, while immoral secularists are considered rational and progressive - because apparently that's where being loud and arrogant can get you.

    I see abortion as Ireland's most important moral battle. There are plenty of other perverted morals that people would like to spread in this country, but none really carry the same weight as abortion, I don't think. If Ireland loses that moral battle, and abortion becomes legal, this country is basically damned; not that I would have much sympathy for whatever befalls this country at that point.

    Anyway, excuse the pessimism. Pray God has mercy on our unborn, and allows enough of us to see sense to prevent this filth from becoming a reality here.

    1. Hi Antaine,
      I agree with you...however I am fairly pessimistic about the situation, most people I know with the exception of my parents believe gay marriage should be legalised and abortion allowed in limited circumstances. It really depresses me as I find my thoughts and beliefs are an extreme minority in my social circles. I long to find like minded people. I pray for a change of heart in people but they all seem so far gone now.

      God help us all,


    2. Hi Josey,

      I am currently in college at the moment, so I know what you are talking about. There are plenty of cheap paper posters in different parts of the college promoting LGBT, and I think the college has some sort of gay week where one of the buildings hangs up gay flags everywhere. I'm not sure where most students stand on the issue, but I assume it's probably pro-gay.

      At least you have your parents. My family isn't religious, so my parents are pretty liberal, unfortunately. All like-minded people I know are from the internet, on blogs like this for example.

      It definitely annoys me being surrounded by people who try to justify these things or just don't care to oppose them, sometimes to the point where it can put me in a bad mood for the day (not that I show it). I don't tend to talk about these things out of nowhere, and the issues have never come up for me, but if they ever do I will say what's right.

      The whole thing can be very annoying, but I suppose it's just one of those things where we have to rise to the occasion.

      God Bless,

  2. testing

    Servent, it doesn't seem I am able to write on any of your new stories. My comments never seem to publish.