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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The State of the Republic and is St.Patrick's Day worth it?

This has been a long time coming, but it doesn't matter now, for I should've seen it coming. But count me for a fool for believing Fine Gael would keep some of its integrity and not coalition with Labour for the Dail.

Now before I go off on a tangent, let me make a few points clear:
- No. I fully expected Fine Gael to break most of its promises when it got into power. I expect
all parties to do this by default, its up to them to prove me wrong. We are in a Republic afterall, why do we lie to ourselves when we think our parties will be truthful with us? Or honest with themselves?
-Yes. I am well aware that Fine Gael went into coalition with Labour many times in the past, but thats why its so outrageous now.

Want to know why? Because in all of those time Fine Gael went into coalition with Labour, they were not the second largest single unified party in the Republic.

When you look at it that way, suddenly Labour being in coalition doesn't seem so samey now does it?

It was obvious from the start they were going to have to toe the EU/IMF line economically, but the biggest betrayal of this coalition is giving Labour control fo the Public Sector.

Thanks for standing up to the bullying Public Unions and unrealistic expectations in a time of global economic downturn.

I am no fool, I know politics involves a shameful amount of compromise, but when compromise is the expected rather evil rather then the necessary evil, your system is dead. I am fully prepared as to right now, declare that the Republic of Ireland is dead on its feet as a Sovereign power and as a viable model of government for anyone with a conscience, for within twenty years we will be little more then a back water province full of dependent unless something miraculous, or disastrous, occurs.

While we're on the Republic, good news is Her Majesty the Queen will make
a State visit to Ireland soon. No I am not an advocate of Ireland rejoining the commonwealth, that is ABUNDENTLY clear to anyone. What I am in favour of is treating our closest neighbour's Sovereign with the respect a foreign Head of State deserves, despite the grovelling of traitorous knaves who consider themselves 'west Britons' and moaning of Republicans who could not give a damn about the North of Ireland most days but suddenly do when the Queen shows up.

As Well as this, joyously, His Holiness Pope Benedict
XVI is expected to visit Ireland in June, it is not sure if this visit will be Formal or ecclesiastical, either way by that point, Motu Proprio, (and whatever document he is currently writing, according to Roman whispers, that reinforces Motu Proprio and forbids Bishops from interfering with
traditional Latin masses and their practice), will have been in effect since Advent 2011, and will be a delightful display of traditionalism. As you know I have been concerned over the loyalty of Irish Bishops to his Holiness and the rebellion of Liberal clergy against Motu Proprio, I am of the opinion this
visit will be an attempt by His Holiness to not only repair the damage done to the Church of Ireland and the Irish people by clerical abuse scandals, but also to reinforce His Authority in the Church to quash rebellion by his Holiness' presence.

The News of His Holiness, the Dali Llama's abdication is, to this Monarchist's ears, unwelcome and saddening and unexpected, you can read more here at the Mad One's Blog. Equally unexpected, but definitely welcome, is the announcement of a visit visit by His Holiness planned for April Next year. The small Buddhist community in Ireland will doubtlessly be overjoyed.

Speaking of Joy, now onto my distinct lack of it this day.

St.Patrick's Day is not a Holy Day of Obligation, but it is a first class Feast day allowing people to abstain from their, er, abstaining or fasting during the Lenten Period.

Nobody knows this. Most do not even care.

Nothing gets my goat more then my countrymen actively promoting the horrible stereotypes about themselves as something positive (and most of them do this) and reveling in the mediocrity that defines this island with its pre-industrial level population (a meagre 8 million if you include the North, most CITIES have more people then us. I do not care what anyone's arguments are, Ireland is not a modern first world nation by objective standards) There are scoundrels decrying the Irish Language as a dead thing and wishing for its removal fromt he curriculum, all the while certain backtrackers int he Irish times openly argue for Ireland's rejoining of the Commonwealth.

Doubtless some of you think thats a good idea, but most of you arent an Irishman, this is symbolic suicide for us and our culture, given the anglo-american culture Ireland has been suffering under in the modern age, how would rejoining the commonwealth benefit us beyond materialism? We'd only become slightly less indebted servants then we are to Europe.

But this is getting off track, this St.Patrick's day, I will not go out to the parades, for there is nothing Irish about them any more, nor will become a drunken wreck, for not only do I not drink but it would be adverse to the spirit of the celebration to begin with. St.Patrick's day is now an 'International' celebration where everyone is 'a little Irish'.

Oh alright then, so Thanksgiving is an International holiday, where we all gourge ourselves on food and are all 'a little American' and giving thanks to... God only knows who. Ironically enough some scoundrels in the Irish Times actively suggest we take on a thanksgiving-esque holiday as a 'meaningless' holiday as if it was a good thing.

I am not adverse to St.Patrick's day being celebrated outside Ireland, there are MILLIONS of people with Irish Descent, with full right to feel Irish on this day. What I am adverse to is the downplaying of Irishness to being little more then plastic bloody shamrocks blue-tacked everywhere and nothing else while the carnival dancers go about their merry way. Why the hell do we have to borrow cultural staples from Latin American countries? Are we that bankrupt? Yes or no doesn't matter, we just can't be Irish.

I am not about to Argue against Drinking, for I see nothing intrinsically wrong with it, or the practise of drinking during celebrations, its a practice older then recorded history, nor will I deny drinking is not part of our Culture, because for better or for worse it definitely is. But By God in Heaven and all of the Saints and Angels! If the Bavarians can control themselves during Octoberfest and still keep it recognisably Bavarian and German why can we not!?
Also it doesn't help that Raidió Teilifís Éireann has gone out of its way to cartoonise this Holiday

Is St.Patrick's Day even worth it anymore? I am so utterly disheartened that this day has been so actively maligned and parodied and cartoonised by the culture often associated with, that my very blood boils every time I turn on the news and see the intensely pathetic false patriotism and pride on display around this country, all the while the ignorent go about in their alcohol induced, vomit ridden hangovers and the evil who know exactly what they are doing, deconstructing the very meaning of being Irish with this holiday, smiling from behind their keyboards.

For what its worth, I am of course your very unhappy Servant of the Chief, and I wish you all a Happy and Holy St.Patrick's Day. Slan go Phoile


  1. Happy St Patrick's Day.

    I completely agree with you that St Patrick's Day has been destroyed. I can't even look at the parades any more. Horrible stuff.

    Our Catholic hierarchy are still living in a cosy post-war/Vatican II time warp. They can't face up to the fact that their beloved ecclesiastical revolution has destroyed the Church and instead babble interminably about what to do.

    The Second Vatican Council got it horribly wrong, and we are reeping the whirlwind. The social consequences of that disastrous Council on Irish society are simply enormous.

  2. Hi, did you get my other comment? Did it get stuck in spam filter (because of the links?)

  3. Yes I got them, my spamfilter is being silly again. Ah, the give up yer aul sins cartoons, I remember these, thank you for these links.

  4. Happy Saint Patricks all the same. Its good to recall the Holy Man who made Ireland what it is, Freed the slaves, and Freed the most Enslaved of all, those enslaved to their Sins.

  5. A belated Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! I may be more Scottish than Irish in my descent, but even we Scots once came from Ireland. And, living in another republic-obsessed country, the so-called United States of America, I empathize with your lonely situation as a monarchist voice.

    The state of Irish politics is indeed saddening. And Ireland is indeed in my prayers. Always remember, than even in their darkest hours, God never stopped watching over Israel. He will never abandon His people. And ever since the time of St. Patrick, the Irish have been among God's people. He will protect and preserve Ireland. Brian Boruma (forgive me if I mis-spelled his name) must be interceding on the Emerald Isle's behalf. I know the Lord has a plan in mind for Ireland. And in His timing, it shall be revealed.

    God's blessings go with you!

  6. St Patrick's day is a Holiday of Obligation in Ireland

  7. I must have been misinformed then. Thank you for the correction Father.