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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Rebellion in the Irish Church

Just when you think you've hit rock bottom...

The New translation of the Roman Missal is set to hit Ireland From Advent onwards, this missal, to sum it up simply if somewhat inaccurately, would enforce a stricter interpretation of the Second Vatican Council, slight reforms in the procedures and layouts in Novus Ordo Mass, and a greater liberalization of the Latin Extraordinary form (or so I'm led to believe, I welcome people to correct me in the comments if they feel I am in err).

This new Missal has got alot of liberal Catholics everywhere worried, which is what originally made me so interested in it, and I am rather shocked to learn that organizations of priests in America are advocating outright rebellion against Rome should this be implemented. The sad thing is there is an element of this rebellious spirit in the Irish Church too but I am ignorant as to its full extent, as I am fairly certain my own parish priests would submit to Rome is push comes to shove. But this element of rebellion is troublesome.

Outside of the obvious religious and social concerns I have over these developments, regular readers will recall I have previously stressed a renewal and strengthening of the Catholic Church in Ireland is needed to institute traditional conservative mentalities among the Irish from which any movement to re-establish a Gaelic monarchy can possibly be facilitated, and my own support of what I viewed as an Inquisition into the Irish clergy in the Apostolic Visitation, (again inaccurate but I liked viewing it as such), from which we have learned one of the Bishops say the Irish Church has less then ten years to avert disaster. Which when you think about it is a generous portion of time compared to the rest of Europe. Without a Strong degree of Religious Unity Ireland will sink that much faster into the pit of secularism and I do not need to point out the intrepid dangers of such a path.

Keep in mind, it was Ireland's conversion to Christianity that gave Gaelic civilization a desperate revival it needed when the rest of Europe was in its dark age, it didn't fix the problem of Irish Society being so stagnantly conservative that we were using armour and weapons designs in the 1400s that dated back to La Tene Celtic culture. If the Church can revitalize and consolidate itself, we will have a real chance to start the counter revolution properly in Ireland. Otherwise Apathy and death await the country.

I am under no illusion about these schismatics, should they as a group split from communion with Rome and go full liberal backwater, they will die out incredibly faster then the Protestant movements are. I honestly believe these to be hollow threats to scare Rome from putting its foot down as it inevitably will, sooner or later.


  1. Leaving aside the sheer awfulness of the Novus Ordo, perhaps this might be an improvement?

  2. My issue is not with the missal itself, I have no qualms about it, in fact I support it. What I am enraged about is the heresy these priests advocate in splitting from Rome should this missal be implemented. Their actions are damaging in the extreme. Thank you for supplying the enlightening link however.

    However if you meant these priest leaving the Church might be an improvement, well, I may find myself in agreement with you on that. While it is our duty to convince our disillusioned brethren to refrain from splitting and submit to the ruling of the Magisterium and the Holy Father, I feel if they do leave, they'll be taking their poison with them. Whats more is they know it, they dont want to leave, they want to stay in the Church and change it to their liking like they have done since the council.

  3. Could you explain what the Novus Ordo is please? I am a Protestant American who has learned all that he knows about the Catholic Church since joining the Navy two years ago. I think I know what the rest is. There are not many Catholics where I am from. Thanks.

  4. Novus Ordo is Latin for "The New Way/Order", and basically, it was the form of Mass that emerged from the Second Vatican Council, promulgated by Paul VI (Wikipedia entry).

    And frankly, I don't quite understand why there is such rebellion. I mean, the media wants to drum it up as something dramatic (nothing will happen, I'm sure, but it will help them sell papers and get their ratings), but the priests seem to fail to trust the Church they are part of.

    "Oh ye of little faith..."

  5. Thanks. It seems plain to me that if you are a member of a Church, and you do not like to follow the teachings, you should leave. No one is making you stay. All these liberals are always trying to get everyone to forsake the basic tenets of Christianity and still call themselves Christian. I am sorry, but that is not the way it works. If you want to call yourself a Catholic, you should follow the teachings of the Church. Don't even get me started on the Protestant Churches. It is very frustrating.I apologize for ranting on your blog, Servant of the Cheif, and feel free to correct me on anything I got wrong, but I had to get this out.

  6. No need to apologise Chris, you have managed to keep a civil tongue and I keep an open policy to the views of commenters on my blog. But your viewpoint I will have to say is shared by a great many in the Catholic Church, especially amongst conservatives, if they refuse to obey the Church on matters pertaining to faith, morals and religious practice, they should not remain in the Church trying to poison it with their false theologies. This is a huge problem in Latin American countries with Liberation Theology, a godless socialist corruption of Catholic teaching, I suspect once the Church is done with the liberalism in the west, the liberation theologians will be next.

  7. If a man does not work, then neither shall he eat.

  8. I think the overall problem is the general rebelliousness of our culture, which Ironically rebels only against Traditional Authority, but is slavishly devout to the Humanist Philosophies they now espouse... as if parroting these idea makes them Free Thinkers.