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Thursday, 20 August 2009

CFTHF - The Irish Monarchist is not a total idiot afterall...

CFTHF titled posts from now on are for posts not directly related to Monarchy, Politics, Ireland or other events of import and apply directly to the Servent of the Cheif directly, (AKA me), to alert readers ahead of time to skip these posts in search of more important ones.

I have reported this in more candid and teenage language in some other places, but because I want to keep this blog half way respectable in light of parties interested, I'll be breif and to the point. I have hence received results from ym A Level examinations I had completed earlier this summer and can now inform Ladies and Gentlemen present that I have passed with a degree of satisfaction, the results where not as great as one could dream, but most certainly better then my cynical mind was expecting. With regards to my university choices, I have gained an unconditional offer for my back up choice, which I do not neccesarily want, but my first choice is still undecided. So I am taking it upon myself to go straight up to Belfast, Kindly knock on the university's proverbial door, and request to sort out my University ills in a kindly and gentle manner.

All else fails I'll boot the door down and take the class anyway. I jest of course. But don't think I hadn't considered it.

Scratch that last part, turns out I checked, through the mystical power of the aethernet, that I have been granted an unconditional offer from the University for my first Chocie which was Law with politics.

As I have always believed, God has a wonderful sense of Humour, and laughs at the cynicism I have been veiwing through my mind with by answering my prayers in such a spectacular fashion.

And I have learned that, via my friend MadMonarchist, that his Serene Highness, Prince Albert II of Monacco is making plans for a visit to Ireland. I shall do some research into this myself and have a newer, more revelant post then this current one you are hurting your eyes to read, up later on tonight.

Till then,

Slan go Phoile.


  1. A visit by the Sovereign Prince of Monaco is most welcome !!

  2. I remember when HRH Caroline The Princess of Hanover came her in 2001 for a funeral she was mobbed by well wishers .(Her Irish Butler I think was killed & she came over for the funeral )