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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Monarchist Propaganda: Le Monarchiste Militant

A piece of Monarchist propaganda I had completed today. I pointedly decided to make the soldier figure wear a gasmask, whereas in popular culture the gasmask is a symbol of decay and disease, I use it here to symbolise it , in conjunction with Monarchy, as breath of fresh air from the poisonous clouds of Republicanism, Socialism and the ills of today's normal society. You are free to determine what interpretations you like from this piece, as well as this you are free to use this piece without my permission or even with Credit to whatever end you wish, even to alter it if it suits you, this is a propaganda piece, not something I own.

Slan go Phoile


  1. I like it sir, comes off as slightly mad! If only things were as simple as military action these days. Any moral benefit seems lost on the masses that the militants are all anti-monarchial republicans; Marxists and the like. I'd like to see that spray painted on a wall in Belfast -no one would know how to take it! lol

  2. Thats a good point this WOULD confuse everyone.

  3. This is really good - aside from a small problem I'd have with The Lord's crown being cut-off a bit on the top.

    That aside: you should truly consider making more propaganda images - art (like music) has the power of capturing and inspiring the human spirit to do great things!