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Monday, 17 October 2011

State of the Republic: The Race for the Aras

Well, no two ways about it, welcome to the all Irish make-a-damn-fool-of-yourself-a-thon. I can safely say none of the candidates rub me the right way. And even with the very limited powers of the Presidency, I still don't want any of these people representing my Country as its head, regardless of how popular. Well, lets have an overview of the candidates:

David Norris, Independent:
I am no friend of Norris, he is easily the most socially liberal of the entire lot, and thats saying something. While I despise republican politics for its focus on smear campaigns and scandal hunts, I am glad his entire campaign imploded over the legal advice issue. I honestly don't expect him to win and I am glad for it.

Mary Davis, Independent:
"inclusion, empowerment and respect" Well hot damn, that sure tells us alot about your intricate oscio-political views doesn't it? Not to diminish her work with the disadvanataged, but she is not political leader, she is at best a social organizer a leader in 'change'. Basically an Obama Wannabe, only more intelligent and MAYBE a little less ego-centric. Although you wouldn't know that from her campaign site.

Sean Gallagher, Independent:
I will admit, I am not familiar with this business man. How ever his catch phrase of "I believe three things are vital for our country: self-belief, self-confidence and self-determination." is something that appeals to me on the face but I know he doesn't mean it the way I'd like it to mean. Another proponent for the ever vague 'Inclusiveness' platform that really REALLY offers us nothing for Ireland's current predicament. I'll keep an eye on him and see where he goes.

Michael D. HIggins, Labour:
I am tempted to write this fellow off from the get go, but you never know these days. He's currently a Senator. He promises to be a neutral president, (What, like the past two we have? I am calling Bull. Wolf in sheep's clothing), and not be a handmaiden of the governemnt. Which he'll conveniently forget if Labour ever gets a majority I'd wager.

Martin McGuinness, Sinn Fein:
I must admit, I was REALLY surprised how well he is being taken down south. He wouldn't be the candidate I would put forward if I ran Sinn Fein, (and not for the reason you might suppose. Martin McGuinness is a famously bad speaker), I cant say much about his policies, but knowing sinn fein they'd at least keep up with the tradition of speaking gaelige as the traditional language of government. Hardly important in comparison to other nation threatening issues, but still a small mercy.

Gay Mitchell, Fine Gael:
Who? Yeah I don't think much about this guy.

Well thats the line up of prospective hopefuls. Although I won't hold my breath. This is the same nation who voted Bono as one of the top ten greatest Irishmen ever lived instead of small, insignificent people who contributed little to world cultural heritege like Yeats or something, so I would not hold my breath for them to pick any decent president to save their lives.

Now if you'll excuse me I have a few headache tablets to take.


  1. Norris won't win but a certain part of me wises he would. I disagree with him on most things but I still think he's a very bubbly person, and is really the only one in the race (apart from Dana) who's got any real character. The rest are bores.

  2. What about that singer lady I keep reading about on the SPUC blog?

  3. i propose this, if an independent monarchy is established in ireland, the aras should remeign as the residence of the head of state but be renamed from Áras an Uachtaráin to Áras an Ard Rí, what do you think of that idea