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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Blogger tales

You can find some weird things in the Statistics section of one's blog, and when bored I often check on it to see what shenanigens has occured. No I am not ego-centric, why do you ask?

I kid of course, but it does lead to amusement.

Sometimes I find that most of my readers that week have dwell in Iran, other times I find myself being argued over on the board between feaces flinging wannabe political columnists. Truely the Internet is a strange place and i'd like to take an off-topic post exploring some of the more strange and wonderful places the statistics has lead me to:

1) A German Imageboard.
Don't know what imageboards are? No? Well, they are basically forum-like sites where one creates a thread with an image on the first post, and people respond, often with images, they are usually humorous or pornographic in nature, they are several famous ones on the internet, and almost all of them will give you Cancer. Trust me, i've been there. They're also commonly referred to as the gateway to internet hell and the name is deserved. (real internet hell is something much harder to get to and NOBODY goes there and comes back from it mentally unscathed. Those who know what I'm talking about can relate. Lets just say those black screens with green letters you see hackers in movies tap into to get under the radar of the CIA? That's real.) Anyway I found this strange purely out of novelty that a bunch of Germans on an imageboard had posted a link to this blog in one of their topics.

I cannot stress the strangeness of finding a link to one's blog in the same image thread that features various images of living dolls from some Japanese Anime doing silly things. And everything is written in a language you can't understand to boot.

2) A fascistic Polish Imageboard.
Same deal as above only more politically orientated, also Polish. Never did find which threads I was being linked to on these boards, but almost all of them that I did see dealt with History, militarism and politics. So its easy to reason some monarchist on those boards linked to one of my articles or something. I'm no fascist myself but I am flattered some people of a third-way persuasion had deigned to give my blog a once over. It makes a delightful change from rabid communists lamblasting me as a living anachronism. (Several of my readers have seen my thread on the internet game Nationstates where I went fishing for fellow monarchists, and have ended up taking part in the game itself with imaginary nations, and can share my pain with the over-presence of leftists there)

3) A Korean culinary forum
I have no words. There's just... what?

4) Gothise, risingtaste and other fashion or alternative fashion related sites and social networks.
I must have a few readers with considerably different dress sense then myself due to the amount of constant traffic I seem to be getting from these kinds of sites. Good to know I have such broad appeal, what with me being a Absolutist Nationalist Monarchist with just a tad bit of Papism on the side.

I joke of course. Its good to know I can tap into such a broad spectrum of people. Its just kind of surprising.

4) Multiple facebook and Deviantart comment threads I can never seem to find.
Seriously, there must be one hell of a debate over this blog on some facebook topic I cant get into due to facebook's back tracking system. There was a two month period where I got a metric tonne of traffic from the site. Hardly the strangest nor most amusing source of traffic, but one of the most mysterious.

5) Several Feminist blogs and forums.
Its good to know I can inspire rabid hatred in these sexists by my mere existence. Even though I have never actually made a post addressing feminism yet.

6) Numerous Monarchist links from various countries.
Check out Promonarchii sometime, they do a good coverage as a news source for most European Monarchies and Monarchy in general, just make sure google translate is on. That goes for the rest of my fellow Monarchosphere bloggers. Keep up the good fight!

7) A Neo-Druid forum.
Yeah they kinda sorta just linked to my blog out of the blue. I couldn't understand half of what was being said in the thread itself. And they were typing in English too so that was saying something.

8) A Russian porn site.
Yeah. I was completely unprepared for this. Sometimes its better not to click a link with a questionable name in your traffic sources. Who knew?

9) Software and Hardware enthusiasts
Apparently alot of people who like to tinker around with machinery and computers are very interested in Monarchism or something.

10) Equestriadaily
Well, I can honestly say this was a surprise. For those who dont know My Little Pony got an animated reboot and its kinda taken popular culture by storm. Being something of a connesuir for popular media I of course have my own opinions on the show, the franchise's legacy and the ABSURD popularity it has garnered among adults as a result of veteran cartoon creator Lauren Faust creative vision.

Apparently a few of the guys who frequent Equestriadaily, something like a news source for My Little Pony fans, (don't ask, it takes too long to explain and even longer to accept as real) also visit my blog straight afterwards, as is often the case with traffic sources. They'll be checking something of their interests then rewrite their URL bar to visit my blog straight afterwords.

And my little pony is the LEAST embarrassing things I find out about the interest of anonymous readers of my blog. Seriously fellas, just use a new tab or something.

Well there's a top ten list of the wierdest traffic sources I've garnered over the past two months. Seriously this is really entertaining sometimes. Has anyone else had some funny stories to share about their traffic sources?


  1. My blog's new, so no stories from me.
    But I was on NationStates on and off for a while as Albaron.
    I tried once to discuss monarchy, but everyone thought I was being satirical.

  2. Your referrers are more exotic than mine. However I did get linked to by a website monitoring anti-semitism (I put up an old pamphlet on Judaism).

  3. Thanks for mentioning our website
    Unfortunately when I tried to google-translate it to English myself, I found the translation... well, not flawless. So if you read some realy weird stuff there, it may not be my fault. :-)
    I'd like however to make some kind of an English version, but it's already quite time-consuming, so I don't know. But I'm glad to have readers in Ireland and elsewhere.

  4. Matej Cadil - I had visited your website once, and was very pleased. Having lived in the Czech Republic, it is a country dear to me, and it's a good thing that at least some Czechs want a King. I know of at least a couple of Czechs that are monarchists myself.

    Sorry for hijacking the comments section, Irish Monarchist, haha.

  5. Bricks, bricks everywhere after this entry. Apart from the fact that there is no completely fascist polish chan (I can recall two single fascist boards) probably I'm the one who linked here or used the phrase "Irish Monarchist" in an attempt to educate some people.

    Best Regards,
    mr Chlodny