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Thursday, 29 September 2011

CFTHF: Settling in

Well, my third year of University has just finished its first week and boy what a ride.

Anyone who's been to college or even just moving in general is well acquainted with the usual shenanigens such an operation involves, doubly so after having to rearrange some modules in order to qualify for practice. So far however, nothing in my current apartment is broken, flooded and/or on fire so I have to say moving has been a success.

The real prize is of course the classes, my legal studies have been about as thick and heavy as one might expect only doubly so this year but horrors of horrors my political minor this year happens to be politics of Identity and I am stuck with the same feminist teacher who took us for an ideology lecture some two years past and failed to impress anybody, the women of the class included, when explaining how modern feminism rejects scientific studies into the differences of the genders as 'sexist'.

Predictably with a class entitled 'Politics of Identity' its extremely contemporary focusing heavily on feminism and LGBT rights. It failed to impress me that our first lecture was specifically about questioning whether or not failing to question what we think as per what society informs us (about all things mind) means we dont count as human and more count as 'dancers (As per the Killers song which was an ironic joke in itself) I could write an essay on why her approach at getting us to question ourselves was wrong alone and briefly considered swapping out modules.

I think however I shall stay with this class and give my poor, unsuspecting lecturer some ever living hell with philosophical queries and identity speculation. I am myself of course, a living paradox (as my own studies advisor called me when he learned of my monarchism and my roots and wondering what the hell happened) so when she inevitably questions me directly about how I ''dont question'' society's standards I can pull out one hell of a wild card.

That annoyance aside I need to resolve myself to be more attentive to my religious duties and get myself to Mass more often since I live right beside a railway with a cheap ride straight to Belfast city, been a bit negligent as of late.

Oh dont worry I wont be spending too many other posts on my personal status, usually never do and will resume regular blogging once my head stops spinning.

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  1. With the right material, you should be able to pretty much make her head explode.

    Be warned, though. When presented with a critique of feminism based on logic and, where possible, by citing credible research, feminists tend to explode with outrage and attempt to use shaming language to make their opponents stop talking.

    Just don't stop talking.

    Some resources:

    Good luck. So glad I'm no longer compelled to pass much time with such odious ideologues. I don't envy you.