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Thursday, 17 February 2011

SOTR: A One Party Government?

Further development in polls in the Republic have seen a steady decline of support for the other parties in the Republic and a relative increase of support for the Fine Gael Party.

This development, while not unexpected, have raised speculators concerns at the possibility of Fine Gael forming the overwhelming majority in the Dail.

Out of practicality and sound political strategy, Fine Gael is still expected to adopt several like minded Independents as their coalition partners, ejecting any hope that Labour or Sinn Fein TDs have an easy road to shared power and if nothing else, God bless FG for that.

Oh yeah and apparently there's various candidates for the leader for the United Left Alliance, rather miniscule alliance of left wing parties in the Irish Republic. These are expected to get nowhere as you might imagine.

I can only thank the Irish Catholic Blogosphere for strongly doing what they can to expose Labour's pro-abortion tendencies to practicing Catholic voters in the Republic. My gripes with Abortion being a disaster, morally, socially and economically for Ireland being more then obvious, this further illustrates the point of keeping that hideous mutant of an ideology Labour Represents out of power. Especially since they have stated to actively seek abortion legislation in Ireland.

Back to Fine Gael however, what this change in attitudes means that, while I dont believe the majority of the Irish Republic are having an upsurge in Right wing conservative pride (although that'd be a decidedly delightful change to the rather liberal half century we just finished), it does mean that our future Government will most definitely be quite Conservative, which is good news for potential Senead Reform if any. Bringing a scalpal to the operating table where Labour would bring the Bulldozer. This doesn't mean I trust Fine Gael completely, I trust no party in any Republic to be fair, I am afterall, a Monarchist for a reason.

Fine Gael, generally though of as the most center right wing of the Irish Political spectrum (with Fine Fail being only slightly more right wing then Labour, consider that for a moment), has done something counter intuitive and that was to promise to stop the practice of candidates for the Dail knowing Basic Irish Gaelige. This, as Mac an RI points out in his blog, is mind boggling, not only is it something that no one, Right or Left, in Ireland actually wants, it goes against their own bloody history as being one of the strongest supporters of the resurrection of the Irish Language in the Nation. If I were a generous man, (and depending on my mood, I am), I would say it is a false sense of egalitarianism that is driving this promise, not to exclude the non native Irish Citizens. Which again is ridiculous when we have heard no complaints from the Immigrant community about Irish Language being thought in schools as a non-elective, or complaints about an Gaelteacht.

However this does raise the possibility that other legislation, such as the currently highly restrictive birth control and Abortion Legislation will not be exacerbated as Labour would have it. Which is good news for the Future of Ireland as the average Irish Family is just over the limit needed to sustain a viable culture without importing immigrants by the boatload to replace labour forces. There is just too much to fix and we cannot fix it all now, and this is putting to one side the Restoration I've been promoting, Ireland is still in deep trouble, and Fine Gael becoming the dominant party wont fix all these things magically, but at the very least, it will stave off the problems becoming disastrously worse.

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  1. the government should have the right to deport anyone who advocates the roling back of the use of the irish language, if you're a person who would be deported under that, we don't hate you, we just think you are so against our culture that you would be happier in some other country, if you do not resist, we will even allow you to choose the foreign country you will be deported to