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Monday, 11 February 2013

Abdication most Holy

So there I was coming home from a successful job interview ont he train, coffee in my hand, another one of my 'blood and thunder' novels that I shamelessly enjoy upon the table. I open up my phone and go to a news app that came with it, (I have always hated phones until I found I could check my emails and news sources on it, otherwise they can go to hell), and see the Pope has decided to abdicate.

I promptly spit up my coffee in shock, luckily no one was sitting across from me.

Yes two abdications at the start of 2013, not a good beginning in my book, and I certainly wasn't expecting to see another Papal conclave in my life so soon. But so it is.

I have to admit, I adored His Holiness and his dedication to tradition and orthodoxy and, most prominently, his steadfastness when dealing with those within the Church,t he Careerists and the outright heretics and I'd be lying if I didn't suspect dealing with these elements where part of the reason he decided to abdicate, breaking 600 years of Popes dying while in Office.

I will be looking forward to the doubtless tirade of questions, speculation and outright, tinfoil hat wearing, lunacy conspiracies surrounding the lead up to the Papal conclave. If anyone has any information on who might be considered 'papable' I'd be glad to hear it.

Slan go phoile.


  1. In a way I'm glad he has resigned as he was getting old and obviously very weak. I'm not sure if it's bad for me to say that. There may also be another reason for the Holy Father resigning, but I'm not going down the path of conspiracy theories.

  2. this came as a surprise whatever else you think of it. there were several conditional resignations issued over the corse of history by the pope. that was where he gave someone else a letter where he resigned in writing and told them to read it out if he was incapable of excercizing his office (something that could happen, especial given how old most popes are), it is a rare thing but it is not the first time a pope has resigned, it is the first time it was done for health reasons, but everything must be done for a first time if it is to be done for a second time (i wonder who will succeed benedict)