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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Stop Labour subverting Fine Gael's pro-life commitments. Take a minute to send an online postcard

Dear Friend
Strong elements in Government, particularly in the Labour Party, are
pressing hard to have abortion legalised. They are doing everything
to create the impression that Ireland is obliged to legislate for
abortion following the recent European court ruling in A, B and C v.
Ireland. The judgment, however, in no way forces Ireland to legalise
abortion. In fact, it respects the entitlement of the Irish people to
determine legal policy on protecting the lives of unborn children.
Before the General Election, Fine Gael gave written commitments to
oppose abortion legislation and destructive research on living human
embryos. Labour, however, is pressuring them to renege on these
promises. To ensure Fine Gael holds steadfast to its commitments,
your FG Oireachtas representatives need to hear from you.
You can do this quickly and easily. Your online message will also
automatically go to An Taoiseach and the Minister for Health. Efforts
like this are vitally important from time to time and can make all the
difference. Please encourage all your family and friends to also
participate in this initiative.
Send your online postcard here
Thank you for your continued support.
Ruth Cullen
Pro Life Campaign

I cannot post a postcard as I reside north of the border and have no
representitive in the Oireachtas, therefore I urge any honest Irish
Man and woman, whether you voted or not in the past election to
engage in this campaign, we must stop this subversive movement
by the labour party to pressure Ireland into a Pro-Abortion state
COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS. This same court declared it was a
violation of human rights to deny prisoners in the UK the vote, but
the United Kingdom Parliament was well within its rights to
disregard the ruling AND HAS NOT SUFFERED AS A RESULT OF
THEIR ACTIONS. Neither will we, this will not affect our relations
to Europe and will not effect us economically. You have NO EXCUSE
for ignoring this vile subversion on the part of labour to utilise this
non binding decision to push their anti-Life agenda, I urge each and
everyone of you, if you do value the continuation of Irish life on this
island, to do all in your power to oppose this. Send your online
postcard via the link provided in the letter to urge Fine Gael to be
mindful of their pro-life promises.

Once again I curse the day FG decided to take labour into power
instead of a co-coalition of indos, and now my cynicism and anger is
once again justified.

My thanks go out to Fr. Gabriel Burke and his blog for also sharing
this letter.

If any of you know of a way for me, a resident in the north of Ireland
to support the Pro-Life movement in the south (or even to help this particular campaign along) Mindful I AM a citizen of the Irish Republic,
my family just live north.

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