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Friday, 31 December 2010

Monarchists as Revolutionaries

Bear with me here for a moment Gentlemen and Ladies

Again, like some other posts before, me and my good friend, the Gent named Mars, have as we almost always do, discuss the nature of monarchism, statecraft, ideology, history and other sorts of meta-social tripe of little and great consequence. It was during such rambling discussions that he prepositioned to me that Monarchists, and by extension all Counter-Revolutionaries are, in and of themselves, Radical Revolutionaries. His logic behind this was solid and I shall promulgation it here for viewing.

The reasoning was thus, the old order of not only Europe, but the world has been destroyed, old concepts regarding civility, conduct, proper politics, government, as well as art, literature, education. Language itself is deterioriating whereas the languages of Europe were as pronounced in their complexity as any other in the world, so much so that the average lout of east London 90 years past would sound more sophisticated then whatever nonsense the local slang has devolved to nowadays. Our princes and Sovereigns are expected 'to do without' and become more and more like the common man because it is viewed as being 'right'. (for those of you who have not read the Mad One's post on the Prince not having servants at his marital cottage should go do so) A fair-weather friend of the British Monarchy though I may be, I am not at peace with this trend. It is because of this profound deconstruction of 'culture' and all that is notable about western civilization, or hell, civilization as a whole world wide that rebelling against such a profoundly popular movement is what makes us, counter revolutionaries, Monarchists, old worlders, Oligarchists whatever you identify yourself as, we are all Rebels and Revolutionaries in this sense.

We are going against what has become the established order of things in the world. We advocate radical change from what is considered the norm, (which itself, Ironically, is that radical change is good), we are standing up and telling the world that everything they believe now, literally, everything, is wrong. That the Democratist is a fool, the Republican is a liar and a thief, that the Communist is a murderer, that the Socialist is a coward and that the Secularist is a vandal and a squatter.

When viewed in this light and not in the usual centuries long span Monarchists are used to viewing in order to justify what they believe in. Suddenly it comes into perspective that we have taken the place of being the loathed, disliked degenerates that the Revolutionaries themselves once held. And when you think about this can work to be advantageous of the Monarchist movement as a whole despite our horrible lack of communication and idea sharing worldwide (I'll address this in another post), because we have largely taking to being an 'underground' movement who are not seen as a threat to the established order despite there being millions more of us now then there were when the revolutionary gangs usurped the world, and a significant portion of us are young men and women, often educated men and women too. The crumbling of the Wilsonian order of things are a sign of the failed experiemnt of the Revolution and sooner or later the old order will be resurrected, like the glorious phoenix that the Eagle is akin to.


  1. And you know that's basically why I heaved harder on my course to conservatism at university? I was certainly convinced that I would vote for the Australian Labor Party (an early sign of the decay is evident in their choice of the American rather than British spelling) when I was 15, but now as I approach 23, I find even the Liberals too (ahem!) liberal for my taste.

    Basically, everyone joins the socialists or Young Labor at Uni (and by everyone I actually don't mean absolutely everyone, but rather those who are active politically). I joined the Catholic society (and while I favoured the Young Liberals, never really joined them. Hey, go easy, I was doing Science!).

    And time in the Wilderness is good - it lets us think, and it lets them try their theories and prove our points. Most people are attracted by the superficial glamour of the republicans and the deconstructionists, and they'll never know what hits them when our counter-revolution gets underway.

    And with the internet... well, there goes all that effort in the Long March through the institutions of the West.

  2. Indeed. It'll be for the best in the long run should we make it through this long night. The Monarchies of the future shall have this 'Great age of Revolution' to look back upon and learn from and show others the fruitlessness of these endeavours.

  3. I translated your article into Czech and published on my Monarchist website -
    I hope you don't mind.

  4. It is alright, I am quite pleased that other monarchists would go to the trouble. =]