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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Secret Monarchists

Something I have noticed, and something I am sure we are all familiar with is that when we decide to be monarchists, we usually hide our true sentiments, both in public and even on the internet for fear of social exclusion. This is a normal human reaction, and even those who wear their monarchism on their sleeves are somewhat wary of being overly vocal, for obvious reasons. That is until we find other monarchists and suddenly we find ourselves not so utterly alien and alone. In fact Prior to this blog I was unaware of any patriotic Monarchists in Ireland, so it was an entire shot in the dark, and I've been pleased to see a few Irish monarchists and be made aware of other monarchists on my island and elsewhere. But this DOES raise a noticeable fact, it usually takes a shot in the dark to raise the awareness of monarchists anywhere.

To test this I tried out my theory on the webgame NationStates, I had created a country of my own and a backstory, then one day on the forums I revealed myself as a Monarchist and Asked if anyone else was there. The result was graciously varied, from immediate and inevitable shout downs by the communists and liberals who until recently assumed they had dominated those forums, to individuals who would tolerate certain degrees of monarchy, those who wouldn't mind, those who liked to but did not think it'd work, to proper monarchists and royalists of different stripes. You can read about this escapade here.

So what does this mean? All monarchists are in fact cowards when we're caught on our own? Most certainly not, there's plenty historical examples otherwise and even modern examples, if anything monarchists are usually brazen yet seemly people. So what does this mean essentially? This means, both in real life and on the aether, Monarchist are essentially everywhere, we are outnumbered no doubt, but there is more of us then even we are aware, and I assure you we can be found anywhere from intellectual and artistic heights to the depths of scum and villainy, (on such respectable sites, and I use that term HIGHLY in jest, such as the chans, [don't ask], and Something-Awful forums)

We just need to look for them.


  1. Well thought out. if you think you are alone you are not. Monarchist abound. It is ecven more lonely being a monarchist in the US, where you are either a Jacobin or a Girondin, (Democrat or republican) both parties are the same side of the coin, and the opnly diffeence is how they take your money. Ireland the home of my Grandfather (he was baptised in Gweedore just across the border from you has a tradition of monarchy far more recent than mine.

    I am often bewildered by the number fo Irish Catholics who lived under a monarchy hateful to Catholics, who fought against the other religion are so accepting of those aspects of that religion in this country.

    Keep up the good work.

    Erin go brah.

  2. Wow, I think I've found the leader of "monarchist coup" on /k/, few months ago...

    In my opinion, monarchists
    stay in the dark because they enjoy peace and quiet (just to mention Tolkien). Some of them advanced ideologically from the nationalist movements etc. and denounced revolutionary methods (which include intense propaganda or persuading all the peopole around).

    Some (like myself)do not share thoughts and beliefs with today's world and being unable to wage war just wait quietly.

    I looked at the link you provided and I'm laughing at those democrats with royal crest of their imaginary countries as avatars. Kind of a paradox.

    Regards from Poland

  3. Like every Irish American, I KNOW I'm descended from kings. That's an old joke of sorts but it's the truth I believe. The holder of the royal clan name of my parents names live in Spain and Zimbabwe but I know I'm just one of the descendants of one of the other siblings for whom there was no land and no title. But royalty none the less. One day I'll get one of those DNA tests done to confirm what I already know. Deo Gratias.

  4. With regards to my Mr.Choldny, I am pleased to hear your thoughts on the matter and I will concede there is a certain truth to what you say. I myself evolved from blind nationalism into a Monarchist, (but I will be the first to admit heavy patriotism layers over my ideology, a natural consequence), I suppose we do like our peace and quiet but I must say that this is a bad thing for us, if we remain quiet all the time we will, well, go quietly into the night. Oh yes I do believe monarchism will resurface eventually, it is our natural government and we are drawn to it, but still, it often feels like waiting around is almost like waiting to die.

    To my Anonymous Irish American friend, yes it is an old joke that all Irish are descended from kings, largely because its true. I myself had a High king in my family who commissioned the bell of Saint Patrick, other then him their was this other minor king who got beaten and dethroned in a war with Brian Boru. But I will never claim royal lineage from such an ancient line, I am too far removed from it by blood and time, traditionally my family were servant warriors to the O'Neils of Ulster, which is all the nobility I can claim. (other then a ridiculously small link to House Windsor, but for obvious reasons we don't often speak of that), if fortune finds you well with links to these Chieftains of the Name, I would certainly like to hear of it.

    To Brantigny, I agree and sympathise, I can only hope a monarchist movement in Ireland would turn the heads of the diaspora elsewhere.

  5. How funny what you wrote "but for obvious reasons we don't often speak of that", I know exactly what you mean, one grandmother had English blood which we didn't talk too much about. It's not easy to admit that Engl blood when you have O'C as your last name and a mother from the O'D (O'Neill rival/ally) clan. As I've said, I've never done one of the DNA tests and my known family tree ends in County Mayo in 1846. One day I'll have the time to trace it further and to look up the O'D side of my mother. I assume I''ll at least find Niall of the Nine's blood in there. The man did spread his seed.

  6. "Some (like myself)do not share thoughts and beliefs with today's world and being unable to wage war just wait quietly."

    Indeed. I find I oscillate between wishing to work actively to restore the fundamentals necessary to a Gaelic aristocratic and royal culture..and simply withdrawing to observe this world fall asunder, as I believe it must, given the age in which we live. I suppose, to some extent, I believe both approaches to be necessary and appropriate - but it's striking the balance that's difficult.

  7. (Wasn't sure how to directly contact you, so feel free to delete this comment once you've read it, as it does not relate to your post.) I picked up a copy of "Vanishing Kingdoms, The Irish Chiefs and their Families" (Lilliput Press, 2004) by Walter J.P. Curley, former US Ambassador to Ireland and France.

    I haven't read it in its entirety yet, but if you haven't already got a copy and are interested, I'd be happy to pick up another and forward it on. Naturally, I'll be reading it in conjunction with this:

    Beir bua!

  8. I like the Fellows who berate monachy who have "Empires" they need to come "out of the closet." But seriously they have no idea what a monarchy is. This thing that britons have and the danes and the belgians and the Spanish have is not monarchy it is anarchy, which always leads to tyrany. Dieu Sauvez le Roy!

  9. Sorry for posting so late, but I just realised that I commented on that forum post of yours too - I'm 'The Harrowlands' ... I didn't know it was you since I only just found out about this blog

  10. I consider myself to be Irish and a Monarchist. I wouldn't stand at the top of the High Street and shout it out though, just yet! Having had successive incompetent governments in the 'Republic' of Ireland, it has been easier to conclude that Ireland should have been a Kingdom in alliance with United Kingdom and mutually establishing a shared Empire. A lot of mistakes were self-made in Irish history. Timeline: Lack of unity across the country to establish one united Kingdom - united in strength; instead warring clans for centuries - divided and defeated. Lack of adopting and evolving the Anglo-Norman ways; instead subsuming the Anglo-Normans making then 'more Gaelic than the Gaels themselves' as the school history books say. Lack of reforming with the Reformation; instead thoughtless deference and devotion to a distant Vatican and suffering greatly and disproportionally for it, also in the Famine. Lack of Industrial Revolution, except in Ulster where Protestants were the majority. And more. We made a balls of it basically.