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Monday, 7 June 2010

Nobody likes the EU

Personally, I think its about time it dawned upon the lefty Europhiles that nobody likes it, let them delude themselves into thinking more 'openness', more 'integration', more 'softness' and more ethnic diversity of the European Commission will solve the problem of making everyone else in the world hating europe for being the ghost of what it used to be, Europe.

I dont know if my fellow Europeans agree or not, but I really am foreseeing a catastrophe of WWIII proportions sometime in the future if a Miracle doesn't happen to fix this mess of a continent.


  1. What today is called "multiculturalism" will not make Europe more respected -just less European. The frightening thing, and Ireland is a prime example, is that no matter how much of a failure the Europhiles make of things, the EU has taken on a life of its own and despite their rhetoric do not seem to actually care what the people think, at least until they can be manipulated and propagandized to "think correctly".

  2. That is regretibly true, I still think the one thing a passerby in brussels once said to a news reporter when given her opinion on the Irish no vote for the first lisbon referendum. 'They voted wrong'

    This is more then a farce, its a plague.

  3. Ah, but that lady's comment is what democracy actually signifies for the demos, no?

    Still, one can't help feeling the European project has accomplished all it has not alone through left-wing propagandising and scare-mongering..but through its implicit appeal to the glory of Europe's past. Its past of imperial grandeur and national monarchy. Its traditions of fealty and fidelity. Perhaps it might yet be (re)turned to that tradition.

    This, by the way, is at least the third Irish monarchist you now are aware of..rugadh is tógadh mé anseo in Éirinn - agus táim fós im'chónaí anseo freisin. I'd be interested in helping out/participating in/contributing to any forum discussion or research work you've got in hand regarding Irish/Gaelic monarchism

  4. 3 Irish Monarchists (including myself)

  5. And I am glad to have made the acquiantence of you both fine sirs.

  6. And likewise Sirs .

    I'm thinking of changing my online name to An Leasrí...its less French ;)

  7. Hahaha, either's good really. A better idea would be if you called one of your own blogs An Leasrí or something similar