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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Pobal na hEireann, and why I dont know a damn thing about it

Pobal na hEireann was, is, or could be a serious monarchist movement within Ireland that I have heard rumours of but the only proof I have of them is a few pages on the net written in a mix of Irish Gaelige and English. All I know of it particularly is that it has some serious policies and possible reforms planned to change the Irish Constitution to allow a Monarchy of Ireland styled in the old High Kingship with other social reform policies as outlawing abortion completely and encouraging population growth to increase the population of Ireland to a 10 Million minimum for industrial and economic growth reasons. Both such reforms I have little problem with, put another 2 mil on that estimate and i'm game.

Any way all the information I had on the group is sketchy or missing as a few geo-cites which they registered are now defunct or moved, and this post is a general plea to the community for any such links regarding information of the group, or even the remnants of the group should they have been disbanded over the years.

Hell even if you don't have information on the group, if you have any links relevant to the topic at hand feel free to post them anyway. Everything helps.


  1. I have long wondered why Ireland did not establish its own monarchy after independence. As an American studying Irish history in college in the late 70s, Irish history was a passion for a time. Since 2006 I have become more involved in traditional and genetic genealogy, and have since learned I have more than a merely academic interest in things Irish. I am apparently descended, on my mother's side, from one James Moore, the provincial governor of the Carolinas, whom historians believe was the son of Ruarigh O Mordha, one of the principals of the 1641 Irish Rebellion. Conlan Abu! Kenneth Smith, Monroe, LA USA

  2. I am pleased to have made your acquaintance Cionaodh, I am glad my blog has reached as far as the likes of yourself.