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Friday, 25 September 2009

A long overdue update - Not dead yet

My sincere apologies for disappearing there, with sorting out my University affairs and several other private troubles I will not bother you all with I am back.

If any of you feel inclined to contact with me in a more direct manner, you may do so either via Instant messenger or humble email with this address irishmonarchist 'at'

It would be the wiser option, I do not believe I'll be able to keep track with this blog regularly till at least All Hollow's eve


  1. All very interesting ...

    I have not engaged with you, have I, at a forum where you go by a different name?

    If not, then there is another young Irishman from the North with similar concerns to you ...

    I am glad indeed to discover this blog and wonder when you may return ...

  2. There's also another Irishman...down South !!

  3. First order of business: My sincere apologies for taking so long to respond to you both

    Secondly, again, I am compelled to apologise for the utterly filthy comment that was just posted on this post, it has since been removed.

    Thirdly, in response to you Roger Buck, I do believe we have engaged at Theodore's monarchy forum, although I can't for the life fo me remember what we discussed, please enlighten me at a later time. The name I go by there is Inquisitor_Galloglasses, which is by far my more commonly used and favourite pseudonym on the internet, google Galloglasses you'll likely come across a few profiles of mine.

    And Le Prince Regent, good to see you!

  4. I am glad to see you active here again, Irish Monarchist and Galloglasses.

    Yes we spoke a little there of Ireland and I pointed you to something at my own site on which you commented ...

    I am interested in not only your Irish monarchism, but in the indications I believe you gave in calling for a high and Catholic culture on the Blessed Isle ...

    Ireland where I have lived before and hope to return permanently soon is very, very, very precious to me and I do not want to see her go further down the sorry road of a lower and lower secularised culture ...

    And thus am interested in your efforts.

    My own humble beginnings at such things can be found under the label of Catholic Ireland at my site:

  5. With regards to a High Catholic culture I am of course referring to High Culture in general,one strongly influenced by the Catholic faith, such a culture will naturally apply to such things as the Arts, especially Architecture, which in the nature of being a facade is usually the most immediate distinction of culture one notices in cities. I am for the restoration of all the glorious architectures we are familiar with but also the advancement of architecture as a whole, away from the ugly utilitarian architecture this so called post-modern society is obsessed with. It's all very hard to explain the who's how's and why's of this, but I do believe architecture to be of significant importance in the restoration of culture and the creation of a unique Irish High Culture. This is not to mention the salvation of music and its continuance, art, opera dance and innumerable other things High culture entails. For a high culture we need the reaffirmation of the Church in Ireland, a High King upon a throne to solidify its existence and most importantly, God's Grace and Will for its future.

    How this is to be done I have no idea, but it wont be done if no one decry's its absence.

    I shall indeed read your site.

  6. Thank you Servent of the Cheif .

    God Bless Ireland

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